Small inch and half seperation on one of the rear seats was like that when we bought it has not gotten bigger other than that all seats and sunbathing bed are in good condition. We installed an extra auxiliary battery so you could listen to the radio without running the engine battery down. We bought new snap in carpet last year that removes for easy cleaning.The new EX2100 gives you the best of everything in a sportboat.
Brandon De NatalePolaris has been on the forefront of personal watercrafts from the beginning. Their new MSX line is a testament to the company’s commitment to the evolution of the sport. It was only natural then for the company to team up with engine manufacturer Mercury to produce their first line of sport boats. New for 2004 is the EX2100 a 21-foot open bow jet propelled sport boat that the entire family will enjoy.Hull DesignPolaris has engineered the hull with a medium-V bottom and hard chines that help the boat grab the water in turning. I would like to have seen a slightly deeper hull, which would improve handling in choppier conditions, but the philosophy behind the design is for a family boat that can go anywhere.
This enables the boat to be easily beached and also makes running in shallow water possible. This feature allows you and your family to run the boat up onto the beach and enjoy the day at your favorite destination without having to worry about anchoring the boat.
They use ?” thick balsa-core construction which helps in noise suppression and beefs up strength. And the high-quality gel coat and fiberglass is hand-laid for superior workmanship. Comfortable Seating The sporty lines on the EX2100 make her a real head turner and there are even more great features once inside.

Up in the bow there’s comfortable seating for two and you will find storage under both seats.
And unlike other boats that only offer a small seat, Polaris has made theirs large enough for the passenger to kick their legs up and relax. To port and starboard of the helm are custom bucket seats which provide a comfortable ride. In front of the passenger is a built-in handrail and the glove box which houses the CD stereo.
Over at the helm all the gauges are well placed and I really liked the use of the extra large displays. These are some of the largest displays I’ve seen on a sport boat and they really make it easy to see the numbers without distracting the driver. On the floor under the helm station is a built in footrest that provides a comfortable seating position for the driver and the single lever engine control is well placed for ease of operation. In the floor behind the helm is a large storage compartment that is ideal for storing waterskis or other items.
There’s seating for three and each seat is contoured to cradle each passenger, which helps keep everyone securely in when carving tight turns. This is the perfect spot for relaxing when at anchor and provides good support for getting to and from the swim platform.Back on the swim platform there’s a ski hook that is built in for strength and an attachment for a ski pylon is also available.
It’s not as deep as I would like for getting out in deep water but it is convenient and always within reach.
Another great feature I noticed on this boat was the use of high-quality stainless steel hardware. From custom cleats to the fuel cap everything is done right. EngineThe engine is accessed by lifting up the sun pad with one simple latch.

The lifts and the use of the stainless steel hinges are a sign of the commitment to quality that Polaris has pushed for. Both are great engines and provide excellent performance when placed into the EX2100’s hull. The 250-hp OptiMax is my choice between the two because of the extra horsepower and better pulling power and because it meets 2006 EPA emission requirements and gets better fuel economy. The boat that we tested was the first off the line and featured an engine sound-deadening box that encased the engine. I found this as an effective way to lessen the noise, but the use of several screws to hold the two halves together was awkward when trying to access the engine for maintenance. My hope is that they add a few hooks or clamps to the box to make access easier and faster. Ron Svobota has tested the LE 2100 and we have included his findings on the Test Results page. However I had plenty of time to drive the boat around during the test and was impressed with the boat’s handling and functional layout.
I mentioned earlier that I would like a deeper-V in the hull, but that’s only because up on the Long Island sound there’s deep water close to shore and I’d prefer the extra stability it would provide. One design feature I would like to see rethought is the downward sloping bow. When pushing the boat off the beach it’s a little tricky when trying to jump back onboard, you have to be careful you don’t slip back down as there’s not much to hold onto. Also, I would like to see a cleat positioned up here for convenience when docking or anchoring. Please see your local dealer or visit the builder's website for the latest information available on this boat model.Polaris EX 2100 Engine optionsStd.

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