This freshwater 340 Sundancer is in excellent condition, and is located on Lake Norman, near Charlotte, NC. Lake Norman was created by Duke Energy in 1963 when it dammed the Catawba River and built the massive Cowans Ford Dam at the border between Mecklenburg and Lincoln Counties along NC Highway 73 in Huntersville.
Lake Norman supplies water to Lincoln County, Davidson, Mooresville, Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Huntersville. Be Weather-Wise – Before you leave your home to head for the water, be sure to check your local weather station for any dangerous weather predictions. Follow Pre-Departure Checklist – In the event of an emergency, sometimes you have no time to seek assistance.
Make Proper Use of Lifejackets  – Nine of ten drowning victims may have survived a capsizing or fall overboard if they had been wearing a life jacket. Develop a Float Plan – If you are spending an extended amount of time onboard a boat or plan on traveling a far distance, document who is with you, everyone’s contact information, and an of indication of the planned boating route.
Dress for the Water Temperature – Regardless of the air temperature, the water may still be very cold. Designate an Assistant Skipper – Have another person who is familiar with boating safety tips, as well as all aspects of your boat. Learn To Swim – If you’re going to be around water, we strongly advised that you are familiar with how to swim.

Take a Boating Course – For anyone from a beginner to an expert, boating courses can be a great help for sharpening your boating service and navigation skills. Use A Carbon Monoxide Detector – Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas that can make you sick and even kill. To learn more about safe boating rules, or if you have any other questions, contact the Coast Guard Auxiliary, or the Lake Norman Power Squadron. It is used to power the generators at Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station and by Marshall Steam Station and McGuire Nuclear Station to cool the steam that drives the turbines. Taking the time to understand maritime safety can prevent injury, damaged equipment, or save someone’s life. In the event you notice dark clouds, choppy water, or any drops in the temperature, we advise you stay off the water. Have a list of items that you can confirm are stored on deck in case they are needed before departing. With these materials onboard, you are prepared for any possibility while on the water. Make sure your family and friends do not become apart of this statistic by assigning them a lifejacket upon them boarding the boat. In times of emergency, float plans serve as an information source about whomever is involved in an accident. In the event something happens to the boat’s operator, they can step in, easily take control of the vessel, and get everyone back to shore safely.

It’s important to be educated and aware of all aspects of boating in case an emergency is to arise.
We look forward to helping you have a safer, more enjoyable boating experience on the gorgeous Lake Norman! This steam is condensed back to water so it can be pumped back through the plants and used again.  The Cowans Ford Hydro Station has a 350 megawatt capacity and is the largest conventional hydro station owned by Duke Energy.
It take a good couple days to really get a feel for all the different aspects of what the lake has to offer. By practicing safe boating habits you not only protect your family and friends but everyone who is boating.
Keeping a carbon monoxide detector on your boat can notify you before levels rise too high, putting you and your passengers at risk of inhaling the lethal gas.
Avoid consumption for the safety of yourself, your family, friends and other boaters on the water.

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