GT Pro is a Sportsman class created by the Twin City Powerboat Association (TCPBA) and is raced in TCPBA events.
TCPBA conducts races in Minnesota (and sometimes surrounding states) featuring most of the national OPC classes, plus two local classes: Mini GT and GT Pro. GT Pro is open to tunnel, v-bottom and modified vee boats, built of any material, production-built, home-built or custom-made, powered by 35 hp, 31.8 cubic inch, two cylinder OMC motors with hydraulic trim and stainless steel propellers.
Local powerboat racing is a family-oriented motorsport where friends get together to share a passion. If you are interested in becoming a GT Pro (or Mini GT) racer, or want to know more about powerboat racing in general, please feel free to contact me with your questions, or go to the TCPBA website.

New For 2013: Blue text represents Rules changes, approved at the 2013 APBA National Meeting. Jeff Talcott has been pouring over parts lists and picking the brains of some people in the know, trying to figure out how these 32 cubic inch OMCs differ.
It would appear that the blocks for all these motors, 20, 25, 30 and 35 hp, are fundamentally the same, with the same port timing and specs.
As far as we know there is no performance difference between the oval and round port motors. It has also been suggested that reed stops may differ with horsepower, but the parts lists I've seen don't reflect that -- they show the same reeds and stops for the entire hp range.

Seventies vintage 35 hp models differ in some ways with later ones, particularly in the lower unit.

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