Used Commercial boat 40m Steel Motor Barge,out of trade ready for conv for sale named Martine, located in Maldon,Essex,United Kingdom, founded in 1956. Used Power boat Steel motor vessel,conversion project,live aboar for sale named Sigfjell, located in Maldon,Essex,United Kingdom, founded in 1914.
Resetting those body clocks back to pre-sunrise hours has meant a week consisting mainly of jeans and stripy tees (I've learned to never ever trust sartorial decisions made in the early hours), coffee and maybe a treat - or two!

With its high street of tea rooms and charity shops, there's no better place to while away an afternoon, before taking shelter from the biting winds in a cosy pub overlooking the river Blackwater. Thanks for all your well-wishes on last week's post about my cold, it's so nearly gone right now, so things are already looking up, and making plans with friends for the next few months is definitely giving me an extra incentive to boil the kettle for another lemsip. It was as different a day as possible to my last blog post there, but I managed to hold onto my hat and see in the weekend with the golden hour.

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