Marsh Harbour is the largest town on Great Abacos Island (third largest in the Bahamas island chain).
If you need repairs done to your boat, the Marsh Harbour Boatyards have an 85-ton lift to facilitate haul-outs and repair service.
As visible in the image above, Marsh Harbour has a long, dredged cut that leads from the Sea of Abaco into the harbor itself. On approach from the Sea of Abaco, Outer and Inner points must be given a wide berth to avoid accidental grounding. Within the marked passage into the harbor (visible as darker water on the left [east] side of Marsh Harbour), you will find generally good depths of 6 to 8 feet. Once inside the main harbor, you will find depths of 8 to 10 feet, a sand bottom, excellent holding, and great protection from just about every direction.

Here you will find a great variety of shopping, dining, marine and provisioning opportunities, along with the deepest and best-protected harbor in the Abacos. A multitude of other marine facilities, including marine electronics repairs, line the harbor at every corner. There are three excellent supermarkets in Marsh Harbour, each offering a different variety of produce, meats and dry goods. While this passage is specifically designed for the cruise ships and ferry boats that dock at the commercial wharf on the west side of town, it is not the specific channel into Marsh Harbour. Outer Point comes first if you are approaching from the north and is marked by a flashing green light. If you do drop the hook, do try and keep clear of the main passageways into the harbor and leave adequate swinging room between your boat and the other guy’s.

Marinas are especially well set up to handle transient guests with laundry facilities, showers, pools, restrooms and other conveniences. For restaurants, you will have about 50 to pick from with dishes that range from locally famous conch fritters to more upscale continental seafood and prepared meat dishes.

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