More than 1,400 marine vessels, from Jet Skis to 40-foot yachts, littered the coastline in the wake of the storm, carried from their docks by a record-breaking storm surge and deposited wherever Sandy saw fit — often hundreds of yards away from where they began.
Sandy caused record-breaking damage to nearly every facet of life along the coast — and the maritime industry was no different. The cleanup will be an unprecedented effort, according to the New Jersey State Police and Department of Environmental Protection, one not expected to be completed for months or perhaps years. State Police data show about 350 boats remain where Sandy deposited them, and dozens more remain missing.
And Larry Ragonese, a spokesman for the DEP, said cleaning up boats and other debris is only the beginning. After participating in flyovers in the early days after Sandy, Capiak and the State Police Marine Services Bureau knew they had a tall task ahead.
The DEP has retained the services of AshBritt, a Florida-based disaster recovery firm that hopes to remove the remaining boats to staging areas in Brick and Tuckerton by early next month. A day after Sandy struck, the Christie administration gave AshBritt a no-bid contract worth up to $100 million to clean up the state, including removing boats from inland waterways. For example, the state paid AshBritt $481 per linear foot to recover and haul a boat less than 15 miles, according to the contract. AshBritt later was awarded the contract through a competitive bid, but the rates are essentially the same.

Once boat owners began the salvage process, other complications emerged, according to Smith.
But Croft said several boaters with insurance found it covered the damage to the vessel itself, but not the cost to salvage it, which can run several thousand dollars. Officials and experts say tons of debris, from boats to boardwalks, was washed into New Jersey’s critical coastal waterways, creating new hazards for mariners traversing them as boating season approaches.
The DEP is reviewing bids to hire contractors to search for and then remove the debris, but it is a process expected to take months and no one is quite sure how large of an undertaking it will be. Capiak said Sandy has rendered local knowledge of the waterways useless and urged boaters to use extreme caution when traveling through Sandy-affected regions. The Army Corps of Engineers has started surveys of the region and has already started the process of clearing the Intracoastal Waterway, a heavily trafficked 3,000-mile federal waterway that parallels the entire East Coast.
Much of the initial surveys and quick fixes have been made, such as a stretch near Mantoloking where the bay was reduced to just 2 feet of depth, but projects in other areas historically prone to accumulating sand lack funding, and have for years.
Melissa Danko, executive director of the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey, said marinas and other maritime businesses are reeling as well. While each of the coverages below can be important, which coverage do you find most necessary for your "emerging affluent" (e.g.
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Well cared for Sea Ray 330 DA - More photos will be uploaded in the Spring once the vessel is de-winterized.Please submit any and ALL offers - your offer may be accepted! BoatUS, an insurer and the nation’s largest boat-owners association, estimates 25,000 boats were damaged in New Jersey at a cost of $242 million. Satellite photos showed boats piled high in marshes several football fields from the marinas they were once docked at, many of which had been heavily damaged as well.
Boat insurance is not mandated in New Jersey as auto insurance is, but many banks require it for financing and some marinas do as well. Without federal, state and private assistance in short order, Danko said businesses could stand to suffer even more if they cannot get back on their feet by the summer season. Perry Capiak, of the State Police Marine Services Bureau, which has been collecting data on displaced and missing boats and helping reconnect owners. And at least 85 vessels remain missing, while others were likely swept away and not reported.

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