Tell what I WAS going to do with my old 28 foot Bayliner: It had the usual canvas top, bimini deal that had to be taken down and stored every winter, put up every spring, leaked water, needed repair, etc. If you dont want to take the time to make a mold then do what warthog did as thats the second easiest way and it will come out nice. I am getting a custom hardtop built, but I am concerned about how to run wires on a hardtop? Fishing boats - Hardtop aluminium New Zealand boats with a soft dry ride, economical, stability. The smallest of our production hard top aluminium boats, this slightly stretched 590 provides complete protection from all the elements with a fully lined cabin and hardtop. Hard top aluminium boat slightly larger than our 610HT with another 250mm beam and 400mm in length.
Mid range in the hard top aluminium boat series with just that little bit extra in cockpit room and room for the extra fish bin. Hard top aluminium boat as per the 750HT but with extended cockpit for an extra few crew or fish bins. We talk a lot about what one can do with an upper deck and why every pontoon boat owner should invest in one. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. I'm talking a real fiberglass encapsulated marine grade plywood custom top to go onto the windshiled area and form a cabin that can be enclosed with the thick clear vinyl.
Still economical and sleek enough to run all day loaded with a mere 150hp the 610HT is a very affordable complete package on the water. Ideal with a 150hp or 200hp, the 650HT is the chosen one for Crimpy (The Fishing Paper) and many other keen fisho's, for all the wow factors, space, shelter, soft and dry ride, and uncompromised stability and safety. Many 700HT's have 'custom' fitouts with toilet, cooker and bunk extensions for comfortable weekend trips.

Pontoon boats with an upper deck not only look great, are a lot of fun, but are in high demand.
With hurricanes in the east and monsoon storms in the southwest, the rain will threaten to rot the wood on your deck. I got the layout of the side pentagram yesterday, and am concentrating on uper dimensions next week. You can go anywhere in these hard top boats knowing they are going to be stable and give a fantastic ride. Perfect size for the couple wanting an overnighter or 4 fishing buddies on day trips off shore. The majority of our 750HT's are fitted out with davits and line haulers for Groper fishing and lifting the scallop dredges with ease. These aluminium boats are the perfect fishing boat and are praised for their soft dry ride, stability, and load carrying. The absolute perfect excuse to take your pontoon boat out on the lake and watch the fireworks. Yeah, weight is a consideration relating to it being top heavy, but I think my hull center of gravity will not be thrown off enough to make a difference. The list of options available is long, and of course, having a hard top, this includes the option of whether to get a suntan or not.
The load carrying capacity of these boats is unsurpassed, and fitted with a 225hp you'll also experience awesome economy. The 650 HardTop boat is the chosen one for Crimpy (The Fishing Paper) and many other keen fisho's, for all the wow factors, space, shelter, soft and dry ride, and uncompromised stability and safety.
A bimini canopy can help protect from rain but is it good at protecting against rotting wood? Because our upper deck kits are not just coverage, but are designed to create a second story on a pontoon boat; it makes the perfect hard top tent. The interesting thing about the balsa is that it comes in sheets that are fastened on one side, so it seems like you could lay the sheets over a curved form and glass them up.

You will save lots of time in sanding and fairing and probably be suprised how easy it really is. To seal the first deck in, you can always pin tarps and other tent like fabric to create the perfect tent out on your boat. It is like a roof for the pontoon boat, and is designed to keep the boat and passengers protected from weather damage with full coverage from the sun. If you want your pontoon boat to maintain it's value throughout it's life, add an upper deck (or sun deck.) CASE STUDY! We are not only offering a DIY Upper deck kit, but we are offering a product that will expand the possibilities and excitement of your boat. Simple, get up on an upper deck.  Invest in a do it yourself upper deck kit by J's Upper Deck and it'll get you up! Adding an upper level to your pontoon boat will give you the height you need to see over any crowd or boat.
The upper decks are built with a thicker aluminum to handle multiple passengers and actually increase the size of your boat. Also, getting rid of the bimini canopy and replacing it with an upper deck will save you time. The upper deck will give you shade until the sun goes down, then create the perfect place to have your fourth of July picnic on. If you are looking at adding an upper deck for your pontoon boat and have a question, feel free to drop us a line and ask. An upper deck is truly a roof that will protect any pontoon boat deck from rain, sun, or any random weather disaster this summer like hail.

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