Complete your jetty, pontoon boat, floating platform or house boat with accessories from the PEREBO accessory-assortment. Becoming a WSF Member is Free, you can also sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or Google Account to make life even easier. The only downside was if we were launching when the tide was a fair way out, I would have to trek back with the trolley and put it back in the car due to lack of space for two to fish comfortably.
Sometimes I have to drag the whole thing a few hundred yards to get to the water which I can do on my own, and thats with a 10hp, 12 litres of fuel, loads of gear (safety and fishing) all in it. That golf cart thing on Davids link is handy though for moving a motor about on land though? I have never been very good with a set of golf bats so never got round to having a trolley for them.
I did however have a roof hook for my ladder (until I got a proper one) so with bits laying about plus a couple of wheels and tyres bought of a well known auction site I set to work. I will say at this point I had looked for a set of transom wheels and as they were over ?100 for anything decent and me being tight prompted the design and build of my own. I found a bit of aluminium channel just the right size to fit the old ladder hook so a few holes and some more stainless bolts etc and they were made.
One tip I have is to put a bit of foam under the seat bag (between the seat and the flap on the bag) as sitting on one of those plastic seats for up to 5 hours can numb the butt somewhat.

Still, being out in it is much better than trying to drive an uncontrollable sphere into an inacessable hole with instruments ill adapted to the purpose. And many extras (including 6HP Suzuki outboard) - for little extra $ for interesting buyer!!! Versatility is the name of the game with the Concept 27' CC, which is dually suited for relaxing family outings or extreme tournament fishing.
Unique build including ability to convert props to outboard jets (included), diesel cooktop and heater. The OD16 was first designed as an 18' hull then shrunk in length to 16' at the request of the first builder.
The plans include separate instructions and plans for the center console and for the side console. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I tucked everything away nicely for my own use but bring a boat partner with a Snap On tools garage workshop size tackle box and allied sundries, and suddenly the usable deck space disappears!
However you may want to "re-do" custom made cockpit seat hatch on port side sometime in the future. Generous interior space allows for 360-degree movement around the center console and bow and rear seating for 8 passengers.

It has flares, extingusher, first aid kit, tools, horn, torch, bottles of water and anything else we might need. For the more serious angler, the rear seating can be eliminated to provide more space for fishing or the addition of a live-bait well. The only difference is the slanted chine: while we prefer the stepped chine of the OD16, this slanted chine was requested by potential builders. With 250 HP, it can take you to a top speed of 59 MPH in 15 seconds with super handling and maximum comfort.
As I didn't have any M16 ones I just got a hole saw and cut two holes in a bit of 6mm ally plate.
It would be very easy and legal to calculate a tag for 8 persons but the boat would be crowded.

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