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Once I had that image in my mind of a streamlined area where I had plenty of mental energy to write and plenty of physical space to make messy art projects, I knew exactly what I had to do to start getting my things in order. If you know why you are homeschooling and you know what you hope to get out of it for yourself and your kids, then the rest of it gets to be a lot easier.
When I do group presentations to help homeschoolers plan, I like to use the image of the solar system as a symbol of values. I’ve written an entire section about this in my book Blueprint Homeschooling, and it includes several exercises you can do to discover your values.
Your answers will help you start to visualize what you want your homeschool experience to look like.
Real learning is a process of discovery, and if we want it to happen we must create the kinds of conditions in which discoveries are made. I still have some work to do to discover if our values might be different for this coming year.
If you need more examples, I have a Pinterest board devoted to Homeschool Values quotes and images. Write them on post-it notes that you hang on the fridge, bathroom mirror, or by your computer. I hope that you’ll take the time to really chew on your family values and figure out what your vision is for your year. If you have values set for your upcoming homeschool year, would you share them here in the comments? Then I design an assessment that will let my students show me that they have learned those skills and knowledge.
For the past several years, backward planning has moved from a behind-the-scenes process that I used to design my lessons. Today, I realize that not only is backward planning a good way for me to think about my lessons, it’s also a good way for my students to think about their own work. As the students talked, I sat at the front of the room, writing down the myriad questions they had. I could have launched with a series of lectures and activities designed to give them the knowledge they would need for their presentation. Starting with the end in mind lets my students hold the answer to that question throughout the unit. My kids stayed motivated and energized throughout the weeks as they prepared their presentations. If you’re interested in how their projects turned out, you can check out my students’ school-reform proposals here, here, and here.
Love the quote - and how terrific to encourage teachers to keep their students in the "loop" with their own plans and wise thinking! Thanks for the mention, Dave, but you should also mention my co-author and colleague Jay McTighe. I find discusstions of Backwards Planning fascinating because I did not realize, for the longest time, that there was any other way to plan a lesson.
It was a lot later that I got around to asking myself "How will I know whether or not they learned it?"  I taught for years before discovering the power of rubrics. Thank you so much, Dave for this great look into "the end." Like Susan, I too never thought about planning any other way. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
How might we help colleagues in teacher-powered schools measure each other’s impact on peer and student learning?
I need to get down there to detail the boat and get the batteries charged prior to them bottom painting and whatever else. That guy named Murphy said you'll get 18" of wet, heavy snow the week after you uncover it. The major issue you want to avoid is having snow fill the cockpit, melt a little, then refreeze; clogging the scuppers. Tarps or the semi-custom carver covers are easy to get in and out to do work without officially uncovering.
Add a zipper door to the shrink wrap then you can come and go, leaving it covered until it absolutely has to come off.
Hey OP: I'd say that since you're in New Jersey you have a slight geographical advantage over us Mass guys.

Not the greatest thing to have snow melting finding its way into nooks and crannies and re freezing, plus leaves, bird jiz, and an extra 5 months of u.v.
Well its finally finished.For those who did not see the information posted previously - here is a little synopsis. That is just too kewl PJ.What is the cost for something like that?And your plane is over the top!!!
Paul Taylor Just outside of Memphis, Tn.AMA 842917IF YOU DON'T STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS, FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM! I just noticed that you what looks like two adjustable lead out guides?Can you explain your thoughts around that please? I like that it focuses on the longer term, and prioritizes motivation and passion instead of tasks. I read it because some friends were reading it, but there was a powerful moment in the beginning that got me hooked on the process. It’s easier to see what curriculum you need, or how to manage your activities, or how to schedule those daily events. When we plan for a year, we’re actually planning for one orbit of the earth around the sun.
I was having a mid-year freak out about whether or not my kids measured up to whatever random level I thought they should measure up to. I include several pages of quotes and possible values in the values section of Blueprint Homeschooling, so feel free to check it out if you feel like you want to learn more about this! Sometimes called "Backward Planning,” or “Lesson Design,” this technique is being exposed to teachers in professional development sessions for years.
Before, I would backward plan, then guide my students through the lesson from start to finish.
We developed 'backward' planning in Understanding by Design (UbD) and continue to improve the work as a team. This was probably the result of beginning my career teaching an elective in a system where I was an "only" in my content area. I was dropped into an ELA classroom during the middle of first semester 17 years ago, and tried to teach the way I had been taught in high school. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. The marina lot where I keep mine gets dusty as people drive in and out in April and May, so I keep the cover on as long as possible (also to keep the bird crap off!).
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Design Concept :The design of the model is my own set of numbers - however I knew early on that this was going to be the model I was bringing over to compete in the US Nats. He may not have problems getting to the international gateway airport in the states from down under. But without that image in my mind of my ideal space, I don’t think I would have started. My husband is an incredibly patient man who listens to me when I have an existential crisis like this, but after several days of it, he was getting tired. Having that quote there helped me see the sun again and remember why I was doing this thing. Finally, I think about how I will introduce the information, teach the skills, and write the lesson plan.
The idea that they would present to an audience that wasn’t comprised of their classmates or me was scary.
They started to realize that they could accomplish this project, but there were a lot of things that they were going to have to learn first.
We’ve got a lot of knowledge we need to get, we’ve got some skills we need to learn, and we’ve got some work that we need to do. I spent the first semester trying to teach everything I learn in college and I was a hideous failure and a physical, intellectual, and emtional wreck from the effort. Of course, that was a miserable failure and my students and I were bored to tears by the end of the semester. Store it and re fit it next year.on most boats the only cut you'll need to make will be the twine at the skirt bottom. Does anyone have plans for one of those canoe Beaver State row gravy boat shaped bookshelf units My wife saw unitary atomic number 85 Gander Mountain and liked it.
There were so many designs I liked the look of - Especially that Thunder gazer It just spoke to me - I couldnt explain why, asthetics are very impressive and it looks very nice in the air. There is a company who are about 45 mins from my house who make custom Flight cases for airline travel. My mind keeps trying to get me to nail down curriculum and start scribbling notes on a calendar, but I know I’m not ready yet.

We’d be floating randomly out in space, which is what some of my homeschool years have felt like. Tomorrow, we’ll map out time over the next several weeks how we’ll get the knowledge and learn the skills we’ll need to be awesome when you present. Cramer, the host of CNBC's "Mad Money," appeared on "The Daily Show" on March 13, 2009, right near the stock market bottom.
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You can add in Bobs 04 Bear to that list - Looking you can see the design cues everywhere I also tossed around the idea of going towards a Jet style ship much like Pauls Electric American eagle - a very modern take and another design style I love Retro Modern..
Also getting out of the US may be whole other story, as in recent months Airport security for domestic and international flights within and leaving the US have tightened significantely. What are the main reasons you’re homeschooling rather than going with other public or private education options? It helps me appreciate all our different strengths and abilities in the homeschool community.
They didn’t know how they might organize their presentation, or how they would convince their audience to take their reform idea seriously.
In a 2011 interview with The New York Times Magazine, Cramer said that for six months afterward, his appearance on Stewart's show was on his mind all the time. These guys make flight cases out of 7mm Polypropylene which is honey comb - incredible light - and incredible strong.They CNC Hi density foam to the exact dimensions of whatever is it to be transported.
I can say that he is going to incur a pretty heafty baggage charge for any connecting flights and upon departure.
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Vietnamese refugee who started the brand, has only received small royalties from his invention, reports David Pierson at The Los Angeles Times.
That is a minimum of 5 lbs over the maximum that most domestic airlines will accept for a single piece of baggage. Wing Area 640 SqTailplane design is similar to what I had built for my last few models but just refining the design .
What the final charge will come depends on the airline.The checked baggage fee requirements and security measures have mostly been implemented within the past 6 to 8 months. Best to triple check the rules and charges for the American airports and Airlines to avoid any surprises. Not good enough to check only with travel agents and Airlines down under.We have people travelling all over the world at our company.
Recently we had people who upon returning from extended deployments overseass, were charged $50.00 for each checked bag when transfering to a domestic flight. One fellow ended up not being able to board the plane because he had to wait until the company made arrangements with the airline to pay the baggage fees.
When they left the country the rules were not yet in place, so no one figured the cost into the travel advances.Checked baggage fees are not included in the ticket price, they are assessed and payment made during checkin or when clearing through customs and checking in for the domestic legs. Its one of those design features that I have run now for the last few ships - I like how it feels - and how it looks. As you can see by one of the photo's its only marginally larger that a normal take apart box - What I mean is - its taller - Usually the Take apart boxes with full wing would be the same as the center section of mine - Ive got a tiny jut out for the nose - and only a foot and a bit for the tail to sit in, Not that much bigger 0 you can see one of thes working on it.
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I found I didnt like the feeling of full span flaps I never have - there are various threads about the merits of Full Span. Its interesting looking at the photo's it does change from Dark orange to a vibrant orange depending on light avaliable. But Jon Slangerup, chief executive of Port of Long Beach, told TheStreet TV that the contract negotiations with the West Coast port workers' union is "very, very close" to being completed. Must Read: Warren Buffett's Top 10 Dividend Stocks It could be finished by Wednesday or this weekend, he said, acknowledging that the situation has been tense for a few months.
3 more days - Wouldn't have mattered if I finished it 4 weeks ago - Its been awful unflyable weather.

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