With its long, elegant bow, towering twin masts, streamlined wooden hull and billowing seven sails, the traditional Indonesian sailing boat known as a phinisi evokes a bygone era.
When sailing in the Indonesian seas one invariably meets one of these majestic traditional schooners at full sail. Phinisi boats – a masterpiece of traditional Bugis-Makassar design – are exceptionally strong, and are famous for their ability to break through high waves and sail vast distances.
The Bugis Phinisi Schooner When sailing in the Indonesian seas one invariably meets one of these majestic traditional schooners at full sail.
By Horst Liebner* Since the earliest times of human settlement of Indonesia, her seas have been the natural lanes of migration, communication and commerce. Pinisi, The Toughest Ship from Indonesia The pinisi is a traditional Indonesian two masted sailing ship.
One day a pilolog Bugis, Doctoral Nurhayati Rahman, opened the library closet and grabbed a book of ancient literature Bugis La Galigo. SOLD This luxury Phinisi 24 Meter was built in Bira of South Sulawesi, Finished all the works on 2014 and its just 1 + year old luxury phinisi. THE PHINISI : INDONESIA BEST YATCH EVER What have we done to change these craft for a newly defined purpose as a yacht or charter vessel…? BOAT BUILDING PROJECT IN KAMPUNG MANDAR OF LABUAN LOMBOK IN LOMBOK ISLAND INDONESIA PHINISI NUSA TROPIKA MANUFACTURE Jl.
PROJECT IN MANDALA RIA BEACH OF ARA VILLAGE – BULUKUMBA SOUTH SULAWESI FOR PASSENGER BOAT. PROJECT IN TANA BERU – BULUKUMBA SOUTH SULAWESI FOR DIVING LIVEABOARD CRUISES PHINISI NUSA TROPIKA MANUFACTURE Jl. PROJECT IN SANGIANG VILLAGE OF EAST SUMBAWA FOR CARGO BOAT PHINISI NUSA TROPIKA MANUFACTURE Jl. Location: clearwater, fl the boat I want to build (a sailing dinghy design) Here is the starting thoughts on a sailing dinghy I would like to design and build. Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada Lots of folk want to design their own boat, for some reason, more than want to design their own car or house. Location: clearwater, fl The fact is I really don,t want to design the boat. I suppose that if I get enough opposition to the project that I will pretend to give up and continue my mad experiment in the lonely seclusion of the shop with only my insanity to keep me company. Location: maine They actually have house design software that figures all your framing if you simply draw the plan. It's fun to design your own boat but it's closer to designing an airplane than a house or a car.
Location: Lakeland Fl USA Phil Bolger wrote some remarks with philosophical wisdom. If you must design your own, then there are many of us who will offer some input, including the math if needed. I draw my boats in carene then transfer to freeship ,adjust he bow and then develop the plates and print out the dimentions for transfer to ply.
Location: clearwater, fl I would like a balance of performance and simplicity.
The sketch implies a sealed hull but I was thinking of some removable hatches that would stay open when stored. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida I think ,with guidance, you may be able to pull this off.
Location: Oriental, NC Your boat looks a lot like John Welsford's latest, the AWOL.
Drawing a boat that has the look you like is only a small part of the design process and is not the most important part.

Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada If you want to go ahead with FreeShip or DelftShip feel free to post questions and problems and we?ll do our best to guide you through the first steps. DelftShip does not as far as I know provide the plank developments needed for stitch and glue work.
There are many good designs out there: if what you want can?t be got by slightly modifying a similar design, chances are there?s a good reason why you should not proceed with it, but your design does not seem outside the range of existing boat concepts. I suggest you consider investing a few dozen hours searching the net rather than the many hundreds needed to learn the art and science of boat design, use of several design applications (they each offer different advantages) and then go through the complex and reiterative process of producing the detailed set of engineering and build drawings needed to proceed with procurement, planning and construction. Messabout gives some of the reasons why the design is a much longer process than you might expect; there are lots more. Doug mentioned Paul Ricelli: I second that based on my own pleasant experience of building one of his designs, which I shamelessly customized with his support. Tom has a point: any reputable designer will tell you how many of each of his designs have actually been built. As well as detailed drawings meant for actual construction, many sources provide much cheaper ?study plans? that show an overview of lines and accommodations so you can compare several designs when you are zeroing in on your final decision. Location: clearwater, fl Well I want to stay focused on just the shape and dimensions right now. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. WoodenBoat Store Logo My accounting Wish List We are a plans agent for type A miscellanea of designers of soundly small boats.
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It was mainly built by the Konjo of South Sulawesi but was and is largely used by the Bugis and Makassar. I now need to learn how to get this sketch into a hull design program of some sort and start hammering out the math, that's where I hope to find some help from the members.
I will start with the customary cautionary note that for an amateur a lot more $$ and effort goes into the build than the design, and success is more likely using a design from a professional. I think the stitch and glue method would suit you well given your recent successful bird''s mouth mast build including glass and epoxy. Carene generates the bottom shape and then you add the planks: less choice here, just height and flare angle at 3 locations.
Among them, here loosly quoted : People want their boat to look like they want their boat to look more than they want a boat that works well.
But just in case you want to consider other options here is a 14 footer(RYD 14.6) by Paul Ricelli. If you?re looking for a balance between ease of build and performance you are clearly not trying to slide down the razor blade of extreme design (ugh) so what you want has almost certainly been done several times already.
Note that this is not necessarily the same as the hull number, since not all sets of drawings sold result in an actual build. You live in Clearwater, there ae plenty of boats in you home town to look at and discuss with the owners.
This is said to be worlds largest gathering of small boats and almost none are power boats. Then you have to take into account that the sketch represents a larger boat than the original as it is scaled up to 16 foot LOA The forec 5 is 13'10”.
Storage for wooden gravy boat owners and builders focusing on materials design and construction techniques and restore solutions. Learn more about The WoodenBoat wooden boat store plans wooden boat wooden boat store plans wooden gravy holder kits wooden gravy holder school Mrs.

Many of our plans are designed with the first time sauceboat builder atomic number 49 mind.
We bid hundreds of books boatbuilding plans fairly hard to find tools mannikin kits and Click wooden boat store plans on whatsoever of the in a higher place images plus you can apply the left sidebar. I wont lie, I am not an engineer and I would really appreciate some help on the math necessary to make this vessel a success. The force 5 was the first boat I ever sailed and after many years of sailing catamarans I have learned the value of minimalist sailing. You can also expect to get detailed construction, possibly full-up instructions and, if the designer is alive, valuable support. I am more familiar with FreeShip which will provide plank developments whereas the free version of DeftShip does not.
This is all very well but it will be heavier than you want it to be on account of all that detail stuff. Some weekend soon, bop on down to Sarasota Sailing Squadron and hang around their boatyard and clubhouse for a while. He is in the phone directory.) A bunch of amateur builders hang out there and they always have two or three boats in progress. I saw a recapitulation of the blueprint in WoodenBoat Magazine No.82 and lay to Issues 179 clxxx 181 & 182 get through the WoodenBoat Store for these retiring issues. Both are based on control points that you move around to control the hull shape, which behaves something like an elastic membrane being pulled into shape. Built with ply, it will be much more subject to deterioration because of all that non ventilated air space. He is an extremely knowledgeble guy and would probably work with you on the 14 footer design or any of his designs. Three sheets of plans with full sized patterns for totally parts plus the building jig are included American Samoa well atomic number 33 an option to build inwards lapstrake. There is no Of you want to build type A boat you've cum to the right point because you gotta accept group A We are plans agents for quite If you are angstrom unit interior decorator who offers plans or a manufacturing. Now while I may not be an engineer I am a good builder of many things including a very successful 16' stitch and glue power dory. There is a learning process to this and tutorials are also available to help you learn; the effort IMHO is worth it. I completely agree that I am not qualified to design something that would compare to a professional but none of those plans really inspire me. For the most part we have crap wind but a great environment to sail, lots of beautiful little keys and fantastic beaches to explore. The ease of that project makes me lean towards the plywood construction but my initial sketch dose not favor it. I also want the boat to be simple, good control over the mainsail but nothing else, no stays, halyards, jib, spinnaker. The Gougeon Brothers usually show up there with whatever far out design they have done over the past year.
The mail parliamentary procedure catalog line from WoodenBoat Publications offering boatbuilding plans books.
The Manatee Maritime Museum, at Cortez, has a boat shop where there are some very seasoned old pro boat builders.

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