Where do you go to buy a basic houseboat pontoon frame in order to start building my own houseboat?
I am again researching and planning a new custom 40'-50' houseboat build using Wilson Plastic Pontoon modules.
I have contacted a company in Hudson, Florida for the reason of building a custom houseboat. Google "Pontoon Logs", as we had to add a 3rd pontoon to the front of our boat since we overbuilt for the existing pontoons. I'm going to get started building my houseboat but my pontoons are 25' and I'm wanting to put a 26' 1977 gmc motorhome palm beach on them but I need some room at each end to set out side the houseboat.I live in Carson, NV and know a lady friend at Lake Shasta that can help, she runs the marina. Location: pittsburgh Building My Own Pontoons First time posting, but I have been viewing for some time. I would put limber holes along the bottom pontoon partions at center & each side of all mid-ship panels. It would make it easier to read your post, I didn't because it is too hard to read, if you used paragraphs. Location: pittsburgh Thanks For The Feedback Alan and Tim, thanks for the input.
I am very sorry for the rambiling posting, but I found myself caught up describing details. I could engage you in pointless vollys of postings that will show you how silly you really are, but I do not entertain myself with such childish pleasures.
Location: Australia Thanks Jimith, it would be a waste of time indeed as I am sillier beyond your wildest dreams.
Then again, if you don't fill with foam, water pressure at speed or in a turn may collapse the pontoon walls in. I've not seen or heard of this being done before, but I've never seen this aircraft like pontoon construction either. Location: pittsburgh Take a piece of 1?x12? sheeting and cut it so it will cover 2 bulkheads. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

Hand crafted Nylon Fabric over Cedar Frame, One of my favorite boats that I build, Less than 22 Lbs.
That is the question- I know what I want to do- as always, getting started is the difficult part.Tell me if this makes sense- I want to buy a medium size (end product is 32-36 ft) pontoon house boat that I can "build out" to the houseboat I want (by the way, I think that's a good business idea in of itself).
I have been wanting to build a small pontoon boat that will fit into the back of my Ford Explorer. Measure in an inch (left and right) on each side and make a 90 degree bend the length of the side. That in conjunction with a drain plug at the aft end of each pontoon will allow any water out. From about ?? down, from the top of the angle on the side, drill and install screws threw the angle, aluminum, and into the sheeting to hold everything together.
These ads may list smaller boats generally suited for fishing, or larger, luxury brands which can be used for boating holidays.
I would prefer that the pontoon sections would fit in to each other to get the size I want. I've only found 1 review from back in 2006 regarding flexing in choppy waters and other issues detailed in their forums.I like the idea of using this foam filled MDPE product for salt water use and it's cost even if modification are needed.
Used to guide the Ohiopyle section and other area whitewater, so I should be able to keep everything dry on the gentle waters of the bottom. I was hoping for a better draft, but I checked the numbers first and just needed to be sure.
The by product of these colonies is acidic sludge which corrode tank and engine components. I figure the plastic would be light weight and easy to maintain, and being able to easily connect them together would simplify the construction process.
You can use the foam that you mix to fill the chambers, but you better know what you are doing, and it is expensive. It looks more balanced and allows you to get out of trouble as fast as you got into it (almost).
The deck will be removable so I can take it apart quickly and slide the pontoons into my Explorer, then the deck slides on top of the pontoons so I don?t have to use a trailer.

This Steam Bent Cedar Frame, Fabric Covered Boat That You can Build In A 60 Hour Class, Price Includes Materials, Shop Fees, and Instructor Fees.
Maybe you are just looking for a simple fishing boat that you can use at a nearby lake with family or friends at the summer weekends. Luxury boats may include a number of special features, such as Jacuzzis, saunas and luxury outdoor dining areas.
One exceedingly vocal person bought 2nd or 3rd hand pontoons and they appear to have been home modified by him or someone before him.
You can also screw 1" aluminum angle under the deck and on top of the pontoon to keep the deck from moving. That is why I am filling the compartments between the bulkheads with the blue foam sheet insulation at Lowes. Shelby offered to help him in anyway he could and even offered to buy these used pontoons as well but he has not received any man to man communication from this person who prefers to bad mouth a distinguished businessman whom he has not bought any product from.
He may have little or no education in nautical matters and this failure may be affecting his self esteem. The foam will not be exposed, and I just need to displace any water that is going to leak in.
Like I previously said, I can't help but wonder why he would rather attack than accept a really professional offer to reconcile this matter.
You could use ping pong balls, plastic bottles, anything to displace water then fill in the voids. I can only conclude that if Shelby's products are bought new and used as they are intended to be used there should be little or no problem with them. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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