Pogo you must be a flexible young mani don't know if i could get out of those after an hour of paddling how do you get out? I built the canoe 'cuz I had a couple friends ragging on me to try one, and two things finally convinced me to give it a go: one was watching my fishing buddy keep pace with my sea yak while paddling his Swift Shearwater solo canoe. So the canoe was to be my winter fishing boat experiment.I built 'er in fall '07, and absolutely love it!

They're direct descendants of Eskimo skin boats, designed and built specifically to cover lots of miles over open water. Nothing's more fun the bashing big waves in one of these babies, and covering ten to twenty miles in a day is no big deal. If you don't want or need to use a spray skirt, you simply build in a larger cockpit opening as Darrell shows.

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