The Balmain Boat Company has devised the perfect gift for a fun weekend project for anyone who loves to be on or around the water.
The DIY project comes with a kit that contains everything you need to make your boat, complete with easy-to-use instructions.
That’s two weekends of hard work, and then the rest of the summer for some quality fun in the sun.
Two architects that were  rowing for the Blakeney team from Norfolk at the 2013 skiffie worlds are keen to help skiff groups build their own boat houses. Through their work on the Boathouse, they have devised a kit of parts for  building the boathouse that can be supplied to community groups who might be looking to construction a  workshop and storage space for  boats. Welcome to Fyne Boat Kits, makers and suppliers of wooden boat kits, boat plans and boating equipment. We also offer supervised boat-building and surfboard-building courses and we have workshop space available to hire.
Building a boat is made stress-free by our step-by-step manuals and free expert support by phone and email. We use only the highest-quality materials, so that your boat will last decades, not just years. For a lot of reasons, Devlin kits are the way to get started if you’ve never built a boat before. At this point, they do not include dimensional lumber needed to finish the boat, so there will be some woodworking involved.

Kits are developed from a variety of Devlin designs and can take you up to some very full featured boats.
Study plans are detailed enough to understand the form and features of a design, but would need a great deal of work to convert into something buildable. The beautifully designed Balmain boat sailboat kit makes building your own boat simple and fun.
Lifejackets can be bought at Whitworths, Sturrock’s, Target or any store with an outdoors section. Our range of recreational and performance watercraft includes rowing, sailing and motor boats, canoes and kayaks as well as surfboards and paddleboards.
We make some of the most advanced kits available, with pre-cut joints and pre-drilled tie holes. Look into the endless expanse of the sea and dream of building a way to find the other side. This opens the possibilities up to a wide range of Devlin designs, including larger boats that would take one heck of a shop to build. These plans are inexpensive and intended to help you make detailed decisions about Devlin boat designs. All our boat designs are proven by a series of prototypes – the kits go together well and the boats perform well. These items are available on our store right now, but we are working hard to match materials to the kits to make it simpler to put together everything you need.

They represent a serious commitment of time, but nothing compared to a similar design in traditional boat building. Please do not use anything on this site without proper attribution and links to the source material. That being the case, we’ve worked on quite a few ways for you to live the same ancient dream. Our kits include precision CNC-cut plywood hull panels and all the information you need to complete a successful build. Angling Authority's 16Xterminator Review 29 Foot Walkaround Fishing Boat by Striper Boats Best ever boat loading made easy free Fishing Video by WillCFish Tips and Tricks.
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This kit is great for new boat owners or just to have everything you need to wash clean and protect your boat.

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