It is hard to imagine searching for something on the Web without modern search engines like Bing or Google.
A perfect project for the beginner and the seasoned woodworker alike, the BYODS kit includes a unique camphor branch* seat, four poplar legs, and assorted hardwood wedges for easy at-home assembly.
Thanks to the Los Angeles Times for featuring my Build Your Own Damn Stool Kit as part of their 2015 holiday gift guide.
The featured “fox wedge” joint requires no glue and conveniently gets stronger with each sitting.
Height ranges from 17”-18” max—cut legs shorter if you desire a milking stool, footstool, or hobbit throne.

For end users, even the standard SQL LIKE operator is not powerful enough for approximate searches. Choose either the pre-turned spindle legs, or, for the more ambitious woodchuck, square leg blanks to shape to your own liking using the OWS Spokeshave Kit.  You can leave your stool rough and rustic, or sand and finish it to perfection. In addition, many documents are stored in modern databases; end users would probably like to get powerful search inside document contents as well. Microsoft SQL Server in versions 2012 and 2014 enhances full-text search support that was substantially available in previous editions. Semantic Search, a new component in Full-Text Search, can help you understand the meaning of documents.

Finally, the Term Extraction and Term Lookup components from SQL Server Integration Services also helps with text analysis.

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