Paintball Bunkers are expensive and becoming more difficult to find at typical paintball retailers.
Having inflatable bunkers to practice with will make a big difference in how effectively your team can run drills.
Pigro Felice has created a line of modular inflatable furniture that will let you build your own tiny private island in the center of your pool.
The Real Deal Obstacle Course measures an incredible 330ft of unlimited fun, which includes slides, Biff Bash, letterboxes, X and O and loads of bouncing space. The Real Deal Obstacle parts can be hired in any combination so that you can order an Ostacle Course with any combination of 1 to 6 parts varying from 55 ft up to the full 330ft!
Please contact us or complete our online booking form for availability of our great inflatable bouncy castles.
Lir Entertainment inflatables are available for hire throughout the year, what ever the occasion.

When searching for bunkers you're usually going to find $15,000 inflatable arenas or a large set for a professional field. These will most likely be used, but you can often find more expensive models and a variety of shapes. Called Modul’Air, the blow-up armchairs, sofas, and loungers can be set up poolside or used as floats. Not only can the furniture function in water and on land, but each piece folds into multiple shapes. It's also something that can be build up with more bunkers and combining bunkers into larger obstacles.
Keeping the bunkers out of the sun and wind when not in use will greatly extend their lifespan. Each piece works solo, but they can also be connected to others to form floating islands for the ultimate pool party.

There’s an armchair that flips out to become a floating pool lounger, and a sofa that transforms into a buoyant bed. Commonly these are from the events run by the major paintball organizations and were sold after the tournament.
The company also offers a series of add-ons to let you fully customize your miniature island, like magnetic pillows, backrests, and drink trays.

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