If you have never gone through the process of designing a boat at the factory it's fun, especially when it's your own boat. Step 2 a€“ Once you are at the page that you see above, which is the COLOR page of the BUILD A BOAT section of the 2014 Nitro Z7 Series. Once you have saved your SCREEN CAPTURE of your BUILD OUR BOAT selection.A  Go to the SUMMARY section at the top of the Nitro page that you were just on. Step 4 a€“ Once you have finished the SCREEN CAPTURE file save process, press on the SUMMARY button at the top of the page as you see above.
Step 6 a€“ Go to the FILE selection at the top of your browser (orange button seen in image above) and left click on it with your mouse or key pad. Step 8 a€“ Attach the saved a€?SCREEN CAPTUREa€? of your color selected NITRO Z7 to the e-mail above and youa€™re set to go.

Once the deadline of the contest has been reached (March 28th, 2014), our team of judges will select a color selection of choice and a winner will be chosen.A  If multiple people have selected the same design, then those people will be subject to a raffle until one person is picked as the a€?WINNERa€? of the $250 BPS gift card.
Thanks for your interest in the a€?BUILD OUR BOATa€? Contest and we look forward to seeing you all at the event when the winner is handed over the brand new rig designed by you. And picking your new boat colors is arguably the most difficult and creative part of the entire buying process. Open our Nitro prize boat has a red, white and blue color scheme (with a black Mercury Optimax). The rules are fairly simple, just send us a screen shot on your design from the Nitro website, and our panel of judges will pick a winner.
If you want to include any additional comments about your color scheme and why these colors are the perfect choice for the California Open Prize boat include them in your email.

Follow the steps below and when you email Billy your screenshot, and feel free to explain in your email why you picked this color scheme for the California Open prize boat. With a No Haggle, Real Deal price including the trailer, the 21 Sport's style is captivating, but it's appeal is more than skin deep. Stainless steel hardware, Starlite seat bases, a cockpit drainage system, Extended V-Plane running surface and a molded fiberglass dash are in keeping with the Chaparral DNA.
It's a tougher task to build a California Open prize boat, and we need your input so we can build a great boat for the California Open too.

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