While the price may seem high at first glance, it doesn't seem that out of line with the work required. The truth is, I bought a boat new to me last fall that needs tons of canvas work, probably as much or more than ten grand.
I have a 42' sloop and have replaced dodger (in 2004) and built a new bimini frame and top (1994) while in the BVI. As can be seen in the pic, they're both still in good condition after 14 years and 4 years, respectively.

I can cut that to about one third by making my own, and since I'm retired, I have the time.
They have sewing machines, instructional videos and kits as well as all the other materials needed for canvas work. Called some ads I saw in Lat 38 and a few numbers the harbor master gave me for a quote and STICKER SHOCK!
I'm sure it won't be easy, and the sewing machine costs $850 up front, but I should recover that on the bimini alone.

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