DetailsSet in the heart of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, on the River Thurne, Martham is on one of the quietest stretches of the river between Potter Heigham and Hickling Broad. Besiktas Shipyard is one of the best established ship building and ship repair yards of Turkey with proven experience in building specialised ships such as workboats, offshore vessels. Besiktas Shipyard with its state-of-art facilities, experienced human resources and service oriented company culture, aims to be one of the most reliable ship building and ship repair yards in Europe.
Being an operator of vessels teach us many thing to increase our service quality and response time. Archive for Over the Gate Join in for a friendly chat over the gate about home and country matters.
I'm taking a bit of a liberty here, as the great boat building weekend is still eight weeks away, and is scheduled for the weekend of 11th-14th of May.
A discussion continues and Gareth volunteers to drive the 250+ miles from Norwich to Stourhead to help Fish build a boat during a spring weekend in 07. Gareth and Elaine have one of those tiddly, pissed and playful weekends, and with the exception of one last remaining bottle of home-made mead, consume the lot.
The predator group, and Usual suspects pay tribute, and honour the life of their friend Gerry Castles, who died in december. Gareth starts another 4 gallon batch of home-made mead, this time using proper mead making yeast instead of cheap bread making yeast. The lofted drawings are still on the side in Gareth's room, and he remembers that he should get around to the vilage post office and post them to Fish. Today, I have been working out the quanities of srews, nails, and glue required for Kingfisher. I have choosen this product because it is specified as resistant to sea water, the grab time, the open joint time, and it suitability for use on other materials, such as plastics and metals. I've not done much this week regarding 'Kingfisher,' apart from look at the specifications of stainless steel screws.
I have also ordered and received my Ryobi One + 18 volt cordless tool set from Machinemart, and so we now have 14 different cordless tools, 5 batteries, and 3 chargers to play with over the boat building weekend.
This morning, I eventully got around to walking the 400 meters to the village post office and posting off the lofted to full size stem, transom and frame drawings.
Look under the underpants on the floor if not try under the breakfast plate from last wednesday. Work is extremely busy with the start of the holiday season, and I am spending most of my time on hire fleet duties.
Have you got your plots sorted yet, last I heard you were thinking of Carrots and Parsnip, and installing the netting for all those yard of Peas you are planting.
So as you can see I'm working my way through the Alphabet; A= American (Californian), B= Brazilian, C= Chinese, D= Danish, E= Eurasian, F= French, G= Gothic, (I just need to fill the gap H for Hispanic), I= Indian, J= Jock (the Caledonian).
For those of you who are interested, here is a link to the Barnes Brinkcraft holidays afloat web site. During the last 24 hours Fish and myself have exchanged quiet a few PM's regarding the boat building weekend, and we have decided not to build Kingfisher the 9 foot plywood pram. Other advantages are; the plans also show you how to optimise the plywood sheets with a pre cut component layout. As you will have already read, we are no longer gong to build the Plywood pram, and are now going to build a plywood Jonboat. I have nearly finished organising the quantity of Glue, screws and nails required, again leave this to me. One or two of you from on here, watched me make the Birch sap toffee live on webcam last thursday evening.
I have become lazy again, and so rather than typing up a few paragraphs to bring this diary up to date.
I will be leaving home very early on Friday the 11th, hoping to arrive about lunchtime, and do not have to return to work until the Wednesday, I thought that leaving on tuesday morning would be good for a leisurely drive home.
I'm collecting two sheets of Plywood on Tuesday to cut down into the fiddly components to bring with me, and will also order the glue, etc. This evening I will be bottling off the 10 gallons of mead that I have made especially for this weekend. 12 days away mate, I just can't wait, I think that I am more excited than a kid at Christmas time. My computer got hacked and this caused all sorts of problems, mainly being offline for 3 days. Flat packed, ready to load next thursday and deliver to Fish for the great boatbuilding weekend.
This week, and continuing up until this coming Thursday lunchtime, I am the duty call out engineer for the hire fleet. A call out to a boat that had run out of diesel being the turn around point for my day, as I dropped a very expensive Snap-on spanner over the side, and into about 6 feet of water. Fish mate, You are now the proud owner of a 25 feet long, 10mm blue nylon mooring rope, and Rhond anchor. Good stuff Gareth, this has been a really interesting thread, I think a lot of us cant wait to see the finished product.
Fish mate, the other stuff in the parcel is for me, and was placed with this order to get the free shipping. Just got to have you sort out the timber for the frame & battens and the galvanized nails. The chippy at work has let me down, by inconsiderately going away on holiday today before making me a pair of hardwood Oars for your boat.
Fish mate, you now have another mooring rope complete with two eye splices, and I bet you can't guess what colour the steel work (if I get it finished) is going to be? I should also mention, that on one of the callouts that I attended today, Albeit in our own boat yard. Only one toilet blocked with a wet wipe today, and that was unblocked and sorted before 9am. Crow wing wrote: Nice work Gareth, looks like the tin of Hammerite smooth Dark blue paint came in handy. I cheated for a quick photo for this evening there, that is Nanni marine, mettalic blue from an aerosol. I promise to finish the pencil case soon, and get them in the post, as I have already received requests to make two more, and I am sure that Nogard's son Dylan would also like one. You and fish could start your own cottage industry with the things that you both make and I'm sure other members would add to to craft item produced.
My 1500 matchstick poster tube, Graphite stick sketch of my health care worker, My Cardboard Rampant stallion statuette, and my naturaly twisted hazel walking stick. So far today, we have been up to the timber merchants to purhase the additional material required to build the boat. Of course, on the way home with the timber we had to stop of at the local council tip, and we did a bit of tatting. I am up and about at 7am this morning, and I could hear the boys up and about and playing already. Returning back to Fish HQ a little after dark, the evening was kicked off by Sarah lighting the fire and putting on a couple of those Ash logs that Justin has been processing and transporting from the other end of the village.
This morning, whilst sneeking a roll-up and an extra cuppa I have surveyed all of yesterdays endevours. The wind has shifted from yesterday's westerly around to an easterly this morning and the rain looks like it has set in for the day. I have brought with me; 1 litre of birch sap, 500g of butter, 500ml of single cream, brown and white sugar, and my confectioners thermometer. I only hope that Sarah and Justin will forgive me for the sugary, sticky mess that their boys and me are going to make.
As mentioned earlier, little in the way of boat building achieved today, but we have all enjoyed a pleasurable, no stress, chillout day.
I don't really periceve a problem making up for lost time, I am already staying an extra day above what we had agreed, so that we can go fishing. I have heeded the advice about three very active young boys receiving a sugar rush just before bedtime. The longest job today was cutting 8 compound angles by hand for the frame to to fit into the stem and transom frames. We packed up earlyish at 5pm and spent an hour plinking at empty beer cans with the air rifle. It was the conversation that was held by the boys as they were sat inside the boat frame that cracked me up with laughter..
Hopefully Im writting on the right place or at least I have finally managed to join in (for free), thank you Gareth. After reading about Gareth's breekie I wont be needing food for a few days, gives a whole new light to my views on cyber (I did not just wrote that). Forgive me then but I'm sooooooo envious or maybe just jealous, sounds less sinful doesnt it.
I'm loving the thread as I'm sure lots of other people are as well, its like going back in time and watching one of those movies we watched as kids about people who got together and made all these wonderful things and had this almost magical life we could only dream of. This evening I will be bacon making, and splicing whipping and possibly plaiting some of the ropes required for the boat. A lot of things spring to mind as a reason (or excuse), to make you come over here, none involves building anything for under ?100, though. I think this has been a really interesting thread, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished thing.
For the benefit of Mica the P, and others who do not know what whipping and splicing is, here is a link to tying an eye splice.
All of the hard work anyway, there are still the joiners for the sides and bottom to make, 2 rub strips, 2 bilgebords, and keel.
Boating Hardware Prosail has supplied timber and composite materials for a number of vessels from 4 to 20 metres. We stock over 20 varieties of fibreglass, carbon and Aramid fabrics and 10 types of glass fibre tapes, all sold per metre or by the roll. Boating Hardware Prosail is the Western Australian agent for the Australian made Bote Cote epoxy range. In addition to the blended Bote Cote filler powders we carry Q cell, Cabosil and cotton flox. When your project progresses to the painting stage, we stock a basic range of International and a larger selection of Jotun marine paint. Through the Bote Cote supply chain we also carry an expanding range of UK & US traditional fasteners, silicon bronze screws, bolts and nuts was well as copper fastenings and traditional bronze fittings.
About UsBoating Hardware Prosail is a traditional chandlery focusing on equipment for pleasure boats, both power and sail. Jean-Luc Desreumaux grabbed the tiller of the seafoam-green boat and carefully set the sail for a brief tour of the waters around the Cape Fear Community College dock.

Measuring 15 feet with one small sail, the red Cortez Melonseed design took him and three other students about nine months to build, Desmreumaux said. After spending so many class hours working on each project, getting it ready to sell can be bittersweet.
This year, the programs turned out four wooden boats and two fiberglass vessels, said Mark Bayne, lead instructor. Most of them will be available for public sale — the program may hold onto one as a demonstration model, said David Hardin, CFCC spokesman.
Some students come in with the goal of going into boat building or repair, but others simply want to learn a new skill, Bayne said. Money raised through the auction, which is via the state surplus property website, goes back into the boat program. The fiberglass program only completes one to two boats per year, instructor John Olsen said. Kasey Schwartz, a student in the boat service and manufacturing program, said he eventually wants to go into custom building.
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Our newly refurbished Quay Heading and river bank is a magnificant place for those who are seeking a tranquil place to moor their craft whether it be a day launch, yacht or cruiser.
Gareth chokes on his tea, reading that Fish is willing to part with his hard earned, and that the Autumn's brew of rough Zider has totally unhinged Fish.
Three as child with his father, and then the two that Gareth built as an adult with his own son during 2002.
Gareth needs another project completing that Fish is eminently qualified to execute, and so an exchange of labour deal ensues.
With a home-made Mead exchange and comparison now featuring as a major part of the boat building weekend.
Giving the Fish clan the opportunity to have and enjoy the pleasure of a utility, come fishing, come sailing dingy. By fixing a wreath at one of Gerry's favourite fishing spots on Oulton Broad, Near Lowesoft, Suffolk.
Hopefully it will be ready in time for the up and coming great event (and hopefully go better than 11% ABV this time).
I have decided to go for stainless steel wood screws for corrosion resitance, and durabiltity, and because they will not be as easily damaged as Brass screws during the build. We will require approx 1400g of ahesive , so I have also taken into account the quanity in the bottles (2 X 750g bottles), the price and its availability. Again after searching the internet Screwfix looks to be the best supplier for the quantity of screws that we require for this project. I really do have to drag my ass around to the local village post office 400 metres away and get them in the post to Fish.
The cordless plane, and orbital sander are not released in the United Kingdom by Ryobi until mid April, so these two items are now on order. Jonboat is easier and cheaper to build but will need care to convert it to a sailing version. She is now a part of the company's hire fleet, and as I write this, a family is enjoying a holiday upon her. The Jonboat is; longer and wider and so more roomy, is more stable, is a simpler design, using less materials, quicker to build, lighter in weight, and less expensive. This makes things easier as I can process the more complex pieces at work using the bandsaw, saw table, thicknesser, planers and detail sanders in the timber mill. I am also trying to encourage him to participate in this thread, giving his own thoughts, views and perspective. I will go through the list again one evening this week, and will send you a corrected list of timber that we will need. It can record for over 9 hours continuously, and if I figure out how to play it simultaneously through my lap top, we should be able to use as a constant live feed webcam at the sametime. It was supposed to only be two gallons, but I had the buckets available, and being impulsive I got carried away, so what the hey! Tuesday I went out and purchased 2 sheets of 6mm thick exterior plywood and cut them down into the major components for the sides, stem and transom of the Jonboat. Especially when I needed to PM Fish, about the boat and the other on going projects we have, order the bits 'N' bobs from screwfix, and everything else that I do online. Out came my magnet on a string, and 2 minutes later not only do I have my spanner back, but I also dragged up a lost Rhond anchor. One end already has an eye splice in it, so when I get a bit of Gareth chillout time this weekend, I will eye splice the Rhond anchor to the other end of the rope for you. The message that screwfix sent me as order confirmation, informs me that the stuff will arrive at Fish's on Monday morning.
The clamps we will use on the Jonboat, the cordless Ryobi screwdriver will also be used, can you charge it up for me?
No promises, but I will try and make a pair of Gull wing profile plywood Oar blades to bring with me. Straight onto fleet duties, which for me means checking engine and hydraulic oils, coolants, freshwater systems, electrical systems, helm and controls, undertaking and completing any required mechanical repairs before the clients arrive to take the boats out. They would not let us have half a sheet of 12mm thick plywood, so we had to buy the full sheet. Ending up with a couple of those solar powered garden lights, a dark brown demi-jar, and a handful of kilner jars. Yes, we could have done more, possibly a lot more and a lot faster, but today has been about Sarah, Justin and me getting to know each other. Venison pie with pastry to die for, home grown veg, and a couple of mugs of the local scrumpy.
This morning Justin will be concentrating on finishing the transome, while I will be working on the longitudual sections of the frame. However the rain has started again, hopefully clearing for the whole day after that extra bacon sarnie and cuppa. Justin and I have have just driven the 20 odd miles to the closest piece of civilization in these parts, Yeovil to buy a tarpauline from the B&Q there. Staying an extra day or two should be no problem, as Sarah and I have already discussed this. However, Justin will be helping me with the two man bits, and I will keep him informed of how to mark out and cut the more intricate parts. Sarah has gotten the boys off to bed and settled down, and now the two us will embark upon the toffee making. The frame is made, the transom and the stem are fitted, and are fully screwed and glued down in final position. Can't think of how you will manage after all that food but, Im sure you'll have lots of fun trying. I have got the temporary frame made and in, then we spent most of the rest of the time putting the side skins on. But Justin has all the wood, and it has all been marked out for him, and there is hours and hours of sanding, priming, and painting to do. We have had a great time Boatbuilding, Glass engraving, Guesting on an ornamental lake, Necking Scrumpy and home-brew, Fishing at Nunnies pond, Bacon making, down the allotment, plinking at tin cans with an air rifle, and everything else that the Fish family has shared with me. We also have a full range of polyester resins, gel coats and flow coats and carry a basic range of fibreglass tints. Jotun has a comprehensive range of commercial strength marine paint at really competitive prices and is the first choice of trade and DIY builders. This range has increased in popularity as the Australian manufactured product becomes scarcer and scarcer. The Cape Fear Community College boat building program exhibited finished projects Wednesday, July 22 before the boats were auctioned on the state surplus website. He wasn’t going far; the purpose was to show off the handmade wooden craft, one of several creations that soon will be for sale to the public — all products of the college’s boat-building programs. Different tracks focus on either wooden or fiberglass boats, with the latter also including sections on electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems for larger vessels.
The first things one notices about the craftsmanship are the sturdy-looking mast and the intricate deck work of cypress, red grandis and other fine-grained woods.
This year’s students ranged in age from 18 to 72, he said, and they have come a long way in a short period of time. But back in the shop, several were in various stages of completion, including a 23-foot model.
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Members of three forums (Over the Gate, GWBT, and Predator fishing UK) are now aware of this pending escapade, but I thought that I would blog it on this forum. In 2002 Gareth and his son built a plywood pram utility rowing boat 'Kingfisher' and a plywood jonboat. Gareth suggests that the Plywood 'Kingfisher' would be a more viable boat for fish and his family to use, and a lot less complicated and a quicker to build. Gareth has recently had to give up, and retire his beloved engineering industry standard air powered tools, because the boat yard no longer has the compressor to power them.
I have had a look around some internet sites regarding suitable glues and adhesives and have choosen the following from screwfix. So it should be more than capable of handling freshwater and man handling, during launching and roof racking, etc. Nothing too serious, but hurdles that had to be crossed nonetheless, resulting in a friendship strengthened. However I am your typical single 40 something male, and so hunt the CD may turn into a major undertaking. So rather than type out an entry for this week, I am cheating by copying and pasting an earlier message to Fish. Since breaking up with Elaine, I have got back on the dating horse again and I'm back out there. These bits will also fit into my car along with all my other stuff, and so I can transport them with me.
Hopefully I can set up a host site, with a link from here for all Over Tthe Gate, and Predator-fishing UK users to watch us in action. However the camcorder and digial camera will be with us, and the plan is to post lots of photos, and some video footage on Youtube.

I'll also be bringing the free screws that I obtained with me, but we will need some galvanised nails, and the rest of the wood of course. Baby and wet wipes, an unopened packet of peanuts, and a sanaitry towel causing the blockages, complete with you know whats further up the pipe work. Returning back up the river to the boat yard, I came across a nylon rope floating down the river. A Rhond anchor is designed to be fixed into the soil on the bank, etc to securely moor a boat. With all the tearing about that I have done lately, I have forgotton to finish making the Pencil cases that I promised to do. However, we reduce the amount of planking that was required for the Chines, keel and bilge boards. We didn't start work on the boat properly until about 13.30 and have spent couple of hours so far making the framework.
We have had many tea breaks, lots of chat, and lots of laughs, and a friendship has been forged, probably a life long friendship.
The fish were a little finnicky and although we both experienced bites, neither Fish or I could land one.
As you can imagine, I have learnt to respect the home-made, and the scrumpy now, resulting in a clear head and a lot of enthusism for what today will bring. Without a doubt, at 45 years old I can honestly say that this is the best bacon that I have ever eaten, and I love a bit of bacon so that is high praise indeed. Yesterday it was sufficent to keep the worst of the weather off of us, but today we are going to start assembling the frame properly.
It has not stopped raining at all, and if it carries on like this I will need the boat to go home in. The plan for tomorrow is for me to get on doing the more difficult parts of the boat, while Justin continues with glass engraving. He will return that favour, showing me the techniques used on the fiddly bits with the glass engraving.
Hopefully using it as bribe tomorrow when they do start to get under my feet when I am wielding the power tools. That will widen the centre section by 10 inches and give the curve for the ply wood skin to be fitted too. The curve to the hull is now in, and tomorrow the final pull down of the skin onto the stem will be completed.
I went at it like a mad man with the cordless tools today, to lessen Justin's burden, and only at 3pm did I get ahead of my 5 Ryobi batteries and two X 1 hour chargers. He was sailing a 13-foot Barto Melonseed design on this day, but his handiwork was more visible on a nearby docked craft. Hopefully we will capture all of the events, elation's, trials and tribulations as they arise during the weekend on Digital stills photographs and digital video. So he goes out and purchases 14 different cordless power tools, two main's chargers, five batteries and quiet a few accessories from the Ryobi one plus, professional 18 volt range. This time I have followed the instructions from my little home-brew book, and so an extremely good brew is expected. Having dated and Indian nurse, a Chinese health care worker, a Brazilian dance teacher (I got a slap from her, for asking if a real Brazilian, has a real Brazilian), an Eurasian shop worker, a Californian female Professor of Chemistry, a red haired Caledonian (Scottish to you) teacher, a French I.
Tonight, I will make a special effort to find the CD rom with plans on and get it copied and posted to you. The advantage there being the time on the ground at Fish's, allowing for some serious Zider and Mead drinking. However, Fish is of substantial proportions and 6mm just did not look the part, so I have cut the seat supororts from offcuts of 12mm thick plywood taken from the skip at work. You always pick up odd bits of rope in the river as these may become entangled in a propeller. I had just bent up a bit of reinforcing bar to make the towing eye, and cut the flat steel to make the cleats when my mobile rang.
Couldn't take a photo of the finished items today, as the batteries in my digi-cam are flat, and also because I was called out to a breakdown at 4.30pm, and I left them on the bench.
Each one of the pencil cases requires about 3 more hours to completely finish them, and I just do not have that time. Have completed the halving joints on the first four peices of the frame, and now we have a finished stem (front). Justin and Sarah have let me in on the secret recipe, which I am not to divulge on pain of death.
The Jonboat is 12 feet long, and 4' 10 at its widest, so there is not going to be a lot of covered working room. So we now have a substancial covered working area, but it is going to take at least a couple of hours for the wet planking and battens to dry out enough to cut.
All we have done today is permently glue and srcew the parts for the stem and transom that we completed yesterday. This is the kind of rain that soaks through all of of your clothing, including rain-proofs making you cold, wet and miserible. The male Jackdaw even gaining height over the Buzzard, and then diving in, wings folded like a Falcon.
We now have a lorry ratchet tie strap on the front section of the boat, pulling the timbers in, to stretch the fibres, etc. Some already have jobs lined up, while others may work for a few years honing their skills before specializing. For personal reasons, I have been really looking forward to this weekend, ever since I first suggested it.
It may be a little young, but cheeky brew of mead when the great weekend arrives, hopefully standing up in good stead against Fish's more experienced mead brewing efforts.
T mangeress, a Danish artist, and the local Gothic Vampiress complete with tattoos and piercings (she was lots of fun). I would like you to take a look at the plans on t'internet, bearing in mind that we are making the sailing version. I have spoken to my Boss, and can process most of it in the timber mill at work, during lunchtimes. 1 X caulking gun & marine sealant, and not forgetting 5 batteries and 2 X 1 hour chargers. I also broke one of my Ryobi cordless drills last week, a drop of about 15 feet onto the concrete floor. As I am the duty callout engineer for the next few days, Sod's Law will dictate that it would have become entangled in the prop of one of our boats.
And so for the next eight and a half hours I have been unblocking toilets, attended a ramming incident, and fixed a battery charging system. It has saved us 2 whole 4 X 1 planks that we would have had to rip down with the circular saw.
We have now stopped due to the rain, taking the opportunity for a cuppa and a venison and fried egg sandwich. I've even got Fish cutting the set of halving joints for the transom (rear), as I write this. If we get time before I leave I will have the opportunity to prepare and smoke my own bacon before leaving for home.
I am having an extra cuppa and a roll up while waiting for a break in the weather, but by the look of it I don't think that we will be that lucky.
However we still have some jointing work to do on the transom, and a reasonable amount of marking out to do on other sections of the boat, so the remainder of today is not going to be wasted.
When the plywood skin is on, the spreader frame is then removed and the timber reused as a second frame for the transom to stregthen it for when an outboard motor is used. Another little diversion to blogg, would be me flying my red tail hawk over another OTG memebers ferrets during the autumn. Resulting in good old Gareth having to go into the water and cut the offending bit of rope away.
So not only have we saved a bit of cash, we have also saved a fair bit of time and a certain amount effort. Sarah has been around with camera, and when the boys give her a little peace, I am sure she will post the first set of photos. Another thing that I am looking forward to doing as I have never prepared bacon from a pork belly before. If we get to the point where prep work is completed and the planking is still too wet to cut, Justin is going to show me how to do some glass engraving. If it wasn't for the proximity of the neighbours I would already be out there using the power tools.
I should have thought about these weeks ago, although they are parts for the fit out, they are not part of the boat build.
The glasses that I have ordered for myself are nearly done, but the engraved floral pattern glass panels for my Landlady's living room doors have yet to be started. For the last couple of hours I have helped Justin mark out the glass panels for the engraving and watched him actually doing the engraving. But I'm going to show some consideration and have an extra cuppa and a couple of roll-ups, starting properly at 8am.
I will process 2 of the three sheets of plywood used for the boat's skin and internal supports.
I am not a chippy, and don't have chippy tools, I'm an engineer and so have proper tools, and I was hoping that you may have hammers and other DIY tools that we will require.
I also found another floating mooring rope, a brand new, unused car valeting kit, and a tin of Hammerite smooth Dark blue paint. It was only because I had some luck during the weekend, finding a Rhond anchor and bits of mooring rope that actually made me think about fitting out items. I did managed to show him how engineers and carpenters mark out a piece of material for cuttting or processing.
As we are going to be glueing and screwing panels to the frame later, the drier the wood is on these joints, the better it will be. Tips that he will find extremely useful in the future, especially when finding the centre of a piece of material, and for the setting of reference lines.
I have had a measure up, and can fit all these bits into my Peugeot estate and bring them with me. This should save us at least 4-6 hours on the ground at your place, allowing more time for Mead & Zider drinking.

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