Location: Perrysburg, Ohio You'll be over propped with with the stock XP 787 impeller. Purchased some TAP Plastics products to create a waterproof, durable, buildable product to fill gaps and spaces that fiberglass would simply run out of, or areas that chopped mat and resin could not be laid into properly.
Then we laid a woven fiberglass cloth (tape) over the motor mounts and saturated them with the resin to form ourselves a nice layer that we could build upon to reinforce the motor mounts.
We let the formula we created cure for just enough to allow us to lay a couple layers of chop mat on.
Location: Minneapolis, MN My first guess would be that ur boat was powered by a mercury sport jet. My bro and I were out to lunch in Cottage Grove, MN when we saw this BADASS sunbeam driving up. John told us about his car and the paintjob that he did on it and I was amazed at the lines of the car and the flawless paint. We are using these AFS's in these pics below to level out the glass and identify the lows that we would be filling. Here we determined our strake point locations on both sides, then pivoted a straight edge from that point to the edge of the jet ski which created a nice arrow shape and blended out the strakes. Location: United States and Mumbai,Maharashtra India Purchased some TAP Plastics products to create a waterproof, durable, buildable product to fill gaps and spaces that fiberglass would simply run out of, or areas that chopped mat and resin could not be laid into properly. Location: Minneapolis, MN So here is the first coat of reinforced filler after it was sanded. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. You can see that it aligned the hole saw perfectly and cut perfectly straight through the dash.
Remember in my last update post when I mentioned the steering wheel modifications that needed to be made? You can see in this pic that the hub is angle cut to compensate for the angled dash of the WetJet. But the problem was the steering wheel had a little nub on it that fit into a grove on the hub that limits the steering. Last time you saw this area we were rushing to get the final changes finished before paint. Well, tonight we added 3-4 layers on the backside to really give this area some good strength. Also went on my lunch break early today to pick up some new hardware to mount the steering wheel.

The steering wheel in these photos is only being held on by two of the new bolts at this time since it was just a mock up. Tomorrow I am picking up 2-part flotation foam from my local composite store, Express Composites. Location: california I've used Interlux BilgeKote on two different engine compartments and it worked well.
Location: Victoria, BC Ya, this planet needs more people like you who build stuff not buy it! Location: Pretoria South Africa I did visit your slide show but it is only the last 20 odd pics, definately not everything from the beginning. I have followed this thread from day one and never had problems with the pics, that is why I was so surprised when out of the blue I could not see them anymore, even the ones from the beginning that I had no problems with originally. Location: Minneapolis, MN I bet your security settings on your browser is blocking the host (image shack). Mini Jet Boat Plans If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention.
I am going to talk with the shop who built my motor and pump for this build, and see if he has a spare we could swap. You could buy similar pre-made products like Duraglass (but its not waterproof) or 3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler, but you can't mix it to your liking. We did some work yesterday morning, but are about to get crackin on it again today so I want to keep it short. Another day we will lay a rib between the stringers where we extended the recessed area for the motor and grind the left stringer to allow clearance near the tuned pipe. This is a product that was developed, patented and are now manufactured by one guy in his personal shop.
Next I made sure the boat was level on the ground and then leveled the notched area of the hub and taped it in place. Since I wanted to rotate the hub 180 degrees to angle the steering wheel upward I had to grind off and file down the nub on the steering wheel. We were notching the rear for the sun pad to extend off that back, and glassing in the wood support. Because of the thickness of the dash I may have to grind a bit of the wood down to create clearance for the arm. Maybe sort through your preferences or security settings and make sure the site isn't being blocked for some off reason.
This Microspheres allow you to make whatever consistency you are looking for, and the Chopped strands you can add to reinforce the resin as much as you would like.

It was just out of coincidence that we met John, the owner of AFS (Adjustable Flexible Sanders).
He was happy to tell us about his sunbeam which looked like a fabrication shops demo car that they had spent a year building.
I also decided to get some stainless fender washers because they are large and help hold the bolts from pulling through the wood. Got enough to make 8 cu ft for $77 which is cheaper than online prices, without the shipping costs too!
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The reason i think it may have been a mercury sport jet is because they were more of a stacked setup where the engine sat on top of the pump. I also do it because I share this build on 3 forums so after I have it all typed up I can just copy the code and post it on the others.
If you let me know what browser your using and the version I might be able to help you figure it out. My jaw was on the floor as he explained how he developed this idea and designed and produced these sanders. I will be turning it over to Nick Cairns to help me install the engine and then to Rob Schatzle at RSI to help me rig and plumb everything else up! My construct is to switch this mini outboard in a sauceboat jetboat victimization and this is like 1 draft coif itusing another customs duty labor movement Eastern Samoa my guide Mini Jet Boat Plans-5. I believe he said he sells over 12,000 of these sanders a year that he makes all by himself.
I used to build bathtub boats some years ago and every picture of grinding and glassing makes me itchy again. I used them today for the first time, and I will be using them throughout the rest of the shaping and fairing.
Good to see you don't let a little thing like nowhere to actually build a boat get in your way.

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