The images are available on a rights managed basis and can be licensed directly from the photographer for any use. Boats on Dead River : Wallpapers tagged Building Wallpaper, City Wallpaper, Travel Wallpapers. Elegant, handcrafted wooden boats, tyee rowboats, daysailers, and row boat accessories, built in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Vietnam located Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, bordering China, Laos, and Cambodia. Passports must have at least 3 month validity from the date of entry.Travelers visiting Vietnam are given 30 days visas.
It is required that visas be acquired at the Vietnamese Embassy before arrival in Vietnam.Some Vietnamese Embassies will accept visa applications directly from the traveler. Upon fulfilling the above information you may send this information to a Vietnamese tour company in Vietnam to apply for the visa clearance letter.
If you are not close to a Vietnamese Embassy to personally apply at the Vietnamese Embassy please let us know and we will suggest the best alternative.
Another alternative is for you to pick up your visa at the airport in Saigon, Danang or Hanoi using our authorization letter.
3) You will use the document to show the airline check in counter that you will receive a visa on arrival.
Travelers crossing into Vietnam by land must obtain their Vietnam visa in advance prior to crossing the border into Vietnam. When traveling overnight outside the main cities, you must have your passport and visa with you. A self-addressed express mail envelope (so that you'll receive the passport back quickly).
The celebration of the Lunar New Year falls between January 19 and February 20 on the western calendar. We recommend that you visit Vietnam and leave about 1 week prior to the actual date of the Tet celebration as most stores and shops close and prices of food is much higher than usual. Vietnamese cuisine is known for its fresh ingredients, whether on the milder side with subtle herbs or a bit more zing with hot peppers.
Call your credit card company to inform them you will be traveling overseas and name of countries that the card will charged and the period that you will be using the card overseas to avoid identity theft and inconvenience that your card gets blocked when you travel. Check your visa documents and passport size photos if you need them to get visa on arrival. Make copies of your passport and visas scan it and send it to your traveling email in case your passport is lost or visas lost you can contact the proper authorities to provide those copies. Check with your mobile phone carrier if they have roaming coverage in the countries you are traveling. Make sure you have your travel agent’s mobile phone number in your phone or where you can access information in case of an emergency.
Asia is a very casual so you won’t need any formal clothes but I do recommend bringing one or 2 collared shirt if you plan to dine at a formal restaurant. Holding hands men and men or women and women is a show of close friendship like brothers and sisters.
Women do not always necessarily shake hands with men and usually a nod of acknowledgement will do fine.
A packing list is always one of the forgotten processes for some who plan to travel on a long holiday but probably one of the most important step to have an enjoyable vacation.
When possible book e-tickets if you happen to lose your ticket you can always printout your ticket online. Call your credit card company to inform them of your trip and when your trip will end so that your charge card won’t get blocked by your card company because of a foreign charge and also charges are blocked overseas if someone happen to steal your card number and charge on the card. Electronics or gadgets:If you have a 3 program plug you will need to bring an adapter to change to 2 prongs (flat and round). Sometimes it’s a good investment to bring a back up mobile phone where you can use a local SIM card for calls. Don’t forget your charger for your electronics and check to see if they are Compatible with 220 volts. Do take a taxi when you need to get around town as they are air-conditioned and run on a meter. Don’t ever take cyclos (bicycle cabs) in Ho Chi Minh City as you will be most likely be cheated by pedicab drivers.
As you cross the street DO NOT STEP BACK while you are in the middle of the street move forward and do not make sudden moves. Indochina's Emeraude Classic Cruises, with all the comforts and personal service you could possibly wish for. Each bespoke cabin exudes warmth and character with high standards of workmanship, distinguished style and impeccable service.

The Emeraude’s restaurant offers delicious, freshly caught local seafood and other specialties.
From the sun deck, passengers can enjoy a soothing foot massage while sipping a refreshing cocktail and gazing at the rock formations reflected in the crystal clear water of the bay. At dawn, that most magical time as the sun rises, the soft and graceful movements of a Tai chi class on the deck complement the atmospheric silence of the bay.
Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Halong Bay are favored activities for the energetic. 13h30: A fantastic cruise in Ha Long bay, pass through Dinh Huong island, Ga Choi island, Dog island, Sail island, then visit Sung Sot cave and a swim at Soi Sim beach or TiTov beach.
Our prices for the pictures are competitive when compared to what other professional photographers charge. From the miles of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters to the lush greenery of the mountain ranges and rice paddies, Vietnam is a nature lover’s paradise. Most citizens of ASEAN nations (Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Brunei) are not required to have a visa for a 30-day stay. To promote organized travel in Vietnam, Vietnamese Embassies require that you go through a Vietnamese tour company in Vietnam to get your visa clearance. What the visa clearance letter means is that the tour company applied on your behalf and you have been approved to get your visa to enter Vietnam. You’ll need to keep an extra form filled out, to be given to the immigration officer on arrival. Vietnamese script, created by the French missionary Alexander de Rhodes, is comprised of Roman characters with phonetic sounds originating from Chinese words that have been incorporated into the language. Most of the population resides in harmony in the cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in particular. Vietnam is very much an internet savvy country with most large cities having Wi-Fi everywhere you go.
While traveling always remember to drink water as it will help you acclimatize to the tropical temperatures. Here are a few tips before making purchases: wood products are better purchased in the south, ceramics in the north.
Where possible buy e-tickets it saves you time when you inadvertently lose the document you can always pull out a copy from the computer or provide the ticket number.
Make sure your phone is compatible to receive or make calls in the country you will be traveling.
Usually try to have at least 2 pages in your passport for each country you will be visiting (not transiting at the airports). Do not have your hands facing up flipping towards you when you want someone to come to you as it’s disrespectful.
Traveling to a tropical area you will expect to see mosquitoes so bring some long sleeve short and long pants for the evening. They will start an argument with you at the end of the trip and demand 3 times the price you agreed on.
With its polished wooden floors and brass fixtures and fittings the Emeraude’s rooms offer timeless elegance. Built in 2005 with the most special old Vietnam court modeled design of 32m long and 7m wide, Huong Hai Junk - QN 3788 is considered as a precise combination between a 120 square meters sundeck and a pagoda roof, a harmonious combination between the antique and the modern which express visitors so much in their overnight trip to Ha Long. Adventure outings, tour excursions, cooking demonstrations and theme cruises are also available by prior arrangement. Its width, stretching from east to west, is 600km at the widest point in the north, 400km in the south, and 50km at the narrowest part, in the centre, in Quang Binh Province.
Citizens of Korea, Japan, and Scandinavian nations are not required to obtain a visa for a 15-day visit. A clearance number then is sent to the Vietnamese Embassy mentioned in your application where you chose to get the visa stamped. You must send us the passport information at least 2 working days or earlier prior to arrival for us to apply for you to pick up your visa at the airport. The largest ethnic group is the Viet or Kinh people, who make up 80% of the total population.
A fixture on any menu, pho is loaded with rice noodles, meat, scallions, garlic, ginger, basil leaves, star anise and pepper.
Drinks at restaurants should be chilled avoid drinking ice cubes when traveling in the rural area.
The main bank of Vietnam is Vietcom Bank (Vietnam Commercial Bank), with branches all over the country. Fine handicrafts, embroidered articles, rattan and bamboo products, lacquer wares and marble carvings of high quality can also be found. Paper tickets are more likely to get lost and end up having to wait for months to claim the lost ticket.

Make sure that the coverage will pay for you while you are in the hospital or need assistance in the country you are traveling.
Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a local SIM card in the country of arrival and put it in your phone to use locally. You will find that high end meals in Asia are much more affordable then western countries unless you are dining in the 5 star hotel restaurants. Bring a shawl to cover your legs if you enter the temple or avoid going to the main prayer room. There are also the cities teeming with modern culture, from food and entertainment to shopping and exploring. Vietnam is like a picturesque painting that never ceases to amaze the observer with new and fascinating discoveries. All other citizens are required to have a 30-day entry visa obtained through a Vietnamese consulate or embassy before departure for Vietnam, or a pre-approved entry visa (issued upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports).
Also a copy of that clearance number is sent to you so you can include it with your passport. It is also a time to eat, drink, and be merry with fireworks displays, concerts, and street theater during Vietnam’s biggest party of the year. Another staple is rice with nuoc mam (fermented fish sauce), an accompaniment to almost any meal. While traveling overnight outside of the bit cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh it is advised for you to bring local currency (Vietnam Dong). The USD is very strong in Asia so you will get a good exchange and use the local currency to pay your purchases.
Bring medicine for your stomach in case food doesn’t agree or to treat diarrhea Water from the faucet is use to brush your teeth not to drink. Make sure you know how to read the meter as there are many zeros and you might pay for more than the actual cost.
Wherever they may go, visitors in Vietnam all experience the friendly smiles of its people.
Marco Polo was one such observer who was struck by its natural beauty while sailing along the coast in the 13th century. After 2-3 working days after we receive your passport information, we will email you the letter which will help you to collect your visa quickly at the Embassy. The hottest seasons are March and April in the south (Ho Chi Minh City), and June and July in the north (Hanoi). Besides Vietnamese, English is now the second most widely used language in the business sector.
Spring rolls, seafood, tropical fruits and many unique sweets are also widely enjoyed throughout the country. Fruits should always be peeled right when you eat if you wanted to eat in the rural area not peeled before and left out in the sun.
From our experience insurance underwritten by AIG in the US and Lloyds of London in Europe has come through for our clients in times of emergencies with little inconvenience. But if the waiter provided good service then you can leave a tip in local currency of about 1-2 USD. As for shopping you will also find that most product purchases will range from 1 US to 50 US (silks) per item on average. Vietnam now, as in centuries past, is an important nation due to its location and bountiful resources. To promote organized travel in Vietnam, Vietnamese embassies require that you go through a Vietnamese tour company in Vietnam for your visa clearance. Its history is deeply rooted in many foreign influences, including Chinese, French, Japanese, and American. It only takes one working day for you to submit your visa docs together with our approval letter (travel agency provides this letter) to get your visa at the Embassy. Learn some Vietnamese: Your first introduction to the Vietnamese culture will probably be the language, so what better time than now to start learning. Precious stones should only be bought from the government jewelry company (SJC) as they have certification of origination, which you will need when you leave Vietnam and reenter your home country. All of which have helped to transform Vietnam into a modernizing nation of patience and innovation.

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