A popular Gulf Coast destination, which continues to attract thousands of tourists each year. Awards and recognition aside, the fact that Panama City Beach offers so many things to do with kids and teenagers is what brings families back year after year. Race City, formerly Super Speed Fun Park, first opened it's doors to the public in 1985 with just 1 attraction, the original Speed Track.
Some of the most recent additions to the attractions at Race City include fun fairground rides, which offer a taste of the classic charm of Panama City Beach days gone by.
The new line up of rides at Race City includes the Fun Slide, Free Whale, and Dodgem’ Bumper Cars. Race City is home to Panama City Beach's ONLY indoor blacklight mini golf, haunted house, Skycoaster ride, and the largest indoor arcade on Panama City Beach. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
When the doors are closed for good and there's no one left to amuse, amusement parks become eerie places. The people of Pripyat might have enjoyed the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and swing boats at the new theme park scheduled to open May 1986. Chippewa Lake Park in Chippewa always had a hard time attracting customers since is opened in 1878. A success when it opened in the 1960s, Dogpatch USA was a pioneer-themed amusement park that didn’t bother with loud and flashy (and fun) rides like roller coasters. Wonderland was going to be Asia’s largest amusement park when construction began in the 1990s. Opened by a pastor in the 1950s, Dadipark evolved from a playground to an affordable theme park by the 1990s.
Once the state’s most popular attraction, Rocky Point Park featured roller coasters, water rides and the Freefall, which dropped riders at 55 miles per hour. This park, which featured roller coasters and a half-mile racecar attraction called the Williams Grove Speedway, survived 155 years before closing for good in 2005. Offering lots of fun things to do for families, and well known for the famous sugar white sandy beaches, and emerald-green Gulf of Mexico waters. Panama City Beach ranked at number 51, coming in as the highest ranked beach in the continental U.S. The summer 2013 season has seen big changes for an iconic Panama City Beach attraction, Race City.

Ever since then, it has continued to grow and expand to become one of the most well-known and well-loved attractions in Panama City Beach. These classic fairground rides, with a modern twist appeal to vacationers who have fond memories of their own childhoods, as well as a new generation of Panama City Beach visitors. All offering the perfect-sized thrill for families looking for things to do with children in Panama City Beach. You will find this brand new attraction located between to the giant indoor arcade, where lucky players can win prizes like iPads, and GPS systems, and the iconic Skycoaster Thrill Ride - an existing Panama City Beach landmark. The armbands allow guests to jump from attraction to attraction within the park, riding as many times as they like, all day long (between Noon and 11:00pm - which varies by season). Race City also has the largest selection of Go Cart tracks in Panama City Beach, 5 to be exact, which are open all year round.
But just a week before its grand opening, an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, causing one of the worst and costliest accidents in world history. But it stayed open for exactly 100 years, changing owners, rides and functions many times along the way. This Panama City Beach amusement park, located just across the street from the beach, was a popular attraction in the 1960s. Legend has it that the park opened in 1973, but closed 2 years later due to an extraordinary amount of deaths on its rides. What is known is that it’s a popular spot for young Japanese urban explorers who travel here by night to photograph its dilapidated buildings and weathered cable cars.
No, instead the park featured a railroad ride, surrey rides, trail rides and, get ready for this one, a slide. Unfortunately, a boy lost his arm on a water ride in 2000, and people began criticizing the park for its questionable safety standards. And it served up loads of fresh seafood to hundreds of people at time — clamcakes, lobster, New England Clam Chowder.
The Spider, and the Rock-n-Roll are a little faster and offer a higher adrenaline thrill for teenagers and bigger kids. Riders of the Ferris Wheel get to enjoy a gentle ride, with extraordinary views of Race City's multiple Go Cart tracks, Front Beach Road, and the Panama City Beach skyline. The park's duckling-themed ride might have seemed like good, innocent fun at one point. The park, which is located in South Korea’s Okpo-Dong, housed only a few rides, a pool and some game rooms.

So if you want to visit the park without worries of contracting radiation poisoning, you’ll just have to wait 20,000 years. But as the city became more of a spring break destination than a family-friendly beach spot, the park’s attendance dropped.
Then it reopened in 1986, but faced stiff competition from other, bigger parks in the region.
That’s all much to the dismay of locals, though, who probably wish the government would demolish this park already. Still, it enjoyed a good 40-year run before it closed its doors, possibly because of competition from Tokyo Disney Resort. Then it changed owners in the 1940s and a bowling alley, dance hall and amusement rides were added.
But in the 1990s, the park began experiencing financial troubles and owners started selling off its rides.
These rides complement the existing attractions at Race City, which already caters to the entire family, from the smallest (5 years and up) to the harder-to-entertain, teenagers. And it was all run by an owner who offered no compensation or explanation to the family of the first victim. A fatal accident on one of the park’s roller coasters in 1986, as well as competition from other theme parks, caused it to close the next year. For all its failings, it can at least be called Asia’s largest never-finished amusement park.
After it was closed and abandoned in the early 2000s, vandals set fire to parts of the park twice. But when the same ride killed its second victim, the owner disappeared overnight and abandoned the park.
Its rides, such as the Abominable Snowman, Dante’s Inferno and the Sea Dragon, sat abandoned for 5 years until 2009 when it was finally demolished. But it would be in vain — by the summer of 2015, most of the park had been demolished. When he tried to upload photos of the park, however, only one appeared, and it showed a young girl in a white dress staring indifferently into the camera.

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