A buy boat is a large vessel (usually 50' or more) that went up and down the Chesapeake Bay and bought the daily catch from the Skipjacks and other working boats. Before planning and purchasing a new luxury houseboat it is important to verify some important information. As always, you can contact us here or use the contact form at the bottom of the page to have one of our client care specialists walk you through the process personally. You probably have a good idea of where you wish to enjoy your luxury houseboat once purchased. Many lakes have restrictions on the height of boats on the water due to existing bridges or other overpasses on passageways.
We do build trailerable houseboats that can be transported anywhere you wish and stored anwhere that your trailer can fit.
Simply put, this consideration asks just how to intend to make use of your luxury houseboat.
You can also view the houseboat gallery featuring pictures of some of our most popular houseboats.
When I started on my search for my first boat, a friend of mine (who had owned many boats himself) gave me some great advice: “When purchasing a boat, whatever the boat payment is, times it by two and if you can afford that, then you can afford to own and run a boat.” This was great advice!

All of these questions will help you to narrow down the size and type of boat that will best fit your needs. These are just a few of the types of motors you can get – all have benefits and disadvantages to them.
The best advice I can give anyone interested in buying a boat is to learn more about yourself and talk with as many people as you can who already own a boat to learn from their mistakes. It is important to verify if any length and width constraints are in place with your moorage provider. So basically, if you purchase a boat and your boat payment is $200 per month, you should be able to afford $400 per month to pay for all the things that go with the boat. I’ve been an avid boater since 1996 (18 years) – not just a “fair weather” boater, but a “hardcore” boater every weekend from April 1 to the end of October.
For example, if you’re planning to take weekend trips on the Great Lakes, I would not recommend a boat smaller than a 28 foot cabin cruiser because the lakes can get rough quickly (with waves over 6 feet and winds up to 50 mph gusts – trust me, I have been in the middle of this stuff).
I see an awful lot of people who get into the “wrong boat” and end up changing or upgrading their boat within two years or staying with something they’re unhappy with. While the width of your boat is less frequently an issue, the overall length is often tightly controlled as the majority of moorage providers calculate useage based on total dock length used.

These expenses include: a summer boat well, winter storage, fuel, insurance, maintenance, unforeseen repairs, etc.
This question is important to answer to ensure that your boat construction factors in these considerations. If you’re planning on staying close to shore for day boating trips or just hanging out on an inland lake, you might want to look at a bow rider or center counsel type boat, under 26 feet in length. Make sure you take the time upfront to research and talk to those with experience, so you can make the best purchase for you! These boats still work today, but they also carry seed oysters out and plant them for the state, and sometimes take classes or tour groups out for hire.
I even spent three years teaching Safe Boating Classes for the United States Power Squadron in my local area and have had the privilege of being the Fleet Captain at the Detroit Yacht Club from 2009 to 2011.
If you want to participate in water sports, you might want to research a performance ski boat.

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