This one though is a little bit classless, a little bit like a three-button suit made from yellow spandex. The Granturismo S even has camo wheels, so when it's practically invisible once it enters a forest.
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In addition to making your truck or car look great, camo vehicle wraps also help protect your new ride’s paint job.
Contact us today for more information about a custom camo wrap for your car, truck or other vehicle. We have car wraps design and installation facilities in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York and can install a wrap on your vehicle anywhere in the continental US. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account.

The guy over at WrapStyle in the Czech Republic were asked to wrap the car in camouflage and they did so to the best of their abilities.
Our team of designers can also create a custom camo wrap for any vehicle, allowing you to make a bold statement wherever you go. At Wraps1 we only use 3M™ vinyl wrap, which has consistently proven to be the highest-quality material for car graphics and the like.
We proudly offer our services to major cities in the US, including Dallas, Miami, and Huntington Beach. What it does have is one of the most emblematic shapes to wear the trident in the past few decades. In addition to catching the eye and getting people talking, camo truck wraps blend in with the environment on every hunting trip that you take. The protection offered by a camo wrap means that normal wear-and-tear on your vehicle is reduced greatly.

Giving a group of 13 year old taggers several cans of spray paint would have looked better than this. We can create a camouflage look that mimics the latest used by the military for less money than you’d might think. You can either go back to your regular paint job or get our team to create a new look for your truck while it’s on the road!

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