Pontoon boat bimini covers will provide you and and your passengers with plenty of shade on summer boating trips and can be folded down and out of the way if you'd prefer to enjoy the sunshine. We will ship your new Pontoon Boat Camper Enclosure direct to your door worldwide using UPS.
I hear ya, I've got more in mine than I'll ever get out but that's ok because it's not an investment it's a hobby! I would wait because you want a tight fit, but not so much you can't get the cushions on without all that hassle. I installed all my bases without the cushions, I placed them where I wanted them and pushed them close together so they would fit tight! Its always a losing battle for them dealing with vendors who don't seem to ramp up for them, but that's the way it is every summer, so do it early or late. Went down and loaded up toon and brought it home as this is the week all me cushions are to come in.
Location: SF bay thanks, Ron, did you get the bit about how that mast is also the trailer frame? Or since I figure the trailer will have total of 6 wheels, be able to reuse the wheels and attach to hull and use power from tow vehicle with belts or chain so the whole boat could crawl out of the water as a unit. Edit to add--looks like they are there on closer inspection--they just fold down at anchor. Originally Posted by viking north Ron as a mono hull builder I seldom venture into other marine vessel styles mainly because like many on the forum I have limited time so concentrade on where we can learn and have input. I've got electric brakes on my trailer, but they are not powered up while on the boat or when winching it off. On my boat, all three pontoons (logs) have 3 separate chambers separated by an aluminum bulkhead, so I've got 9 chambers total. I've got the lifeboat - errrrr, kayak - always at rope's length already deployed and ready for a fast evacuation. Originally Posted by dstgean No dog in this fight, but the third or fourth pic in your excellent photo essay includes shots prior to adding the skirts. Dan Yep, exactly - they fold down when anchored - or if you want they can also be deployed when underway as long as there's no chop. We had Martinis and partied late into the night - they were from California and in the music biz. Then again, I've got about $20K (plus a lot of sweat equity) involved versus $2.5M - so I'll just have to put up with my physical inadequacies. Originally Posted by RonKMiller Yep, exactly - they fold down when anchored - or if you want they can also be deployed when underway as long as there's no chop. With the Jayco camper on top it floats in a couple of inches of water allowing a stepping distance on shore lines. The camper can be winched on and off barge at a recluse setting and the barge could be used as a large boating platform to quickly explore distance areas of the locations economically or a jetty.

Location: Thailand I just made a edit on the above to two 15 hp four stroke Johnson outboard motors incase some read 25 hp beforehand. To date my boat has been inspected by the Coast Guard and received two yearly safety inspections in a row. I think if they would take the time and effort to actually build something, (like you and me) instead of being so cavalier with their negative comments I might be a bit more tolerant. The simple fact is that it has now been on several different bodies of water - including cruising the California coast line (although close enough to swim to shore). Originally Posted by myark This is another version of a pop up camper on top of a barge platform I invented 17 years ago.It has two 15 hp four stroke Johnson outboard motors and will plan with a Jayco camper on top.
You can use the link above to see the Myark folding trailer barge with campervan on lake lake Waikaremoana, map below. The other Myark barge is self trailer landing barge I designed and manufactured that has removable torsions suspension and wheels.
Tug boat propulsion » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Folding T-Top? Hi Ron, I just checked in and quickly read the posts.I'm the dumbest person here when it comes to boating, but have you considered what is going to happen the pontoon as the trailer is ramped on or off the deck. The deck will get two finish coats of desert tan elastomeric tomorrow and temporarily screwed down.Notice the rebuilt console has been moved 8 feet farther forward and hinged to allow it to swing out of the way when the trailer is loaded.
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Then I installed the cushions, I would say yes you can if your board and want something to do but it would be nice if you had your cushions there just incase you needed to check something. But seems like they don't really make there own seats meaning that they still sub the bases and cushions out to another company and that they are at there mercy. I go thru the same thing everyday as I am in business for myself and hear that all the time "No problem we can meet that with no problem" then when push comes to shove it's a whole different story. Just waiting on cushions from PS  Talk to Annette today and she said they are pulling there hair out supplier said no problem and no when push comes to shove they ca't keep up and running out of plastic pellets that they use for molds. I was not the only one that presented this same idea as per my apology to a former posted on the same idea. For example i seldom partake in threads on racing sail boats - powerboats- and almost never multihulls. If you are in the summer on a crowded ramp they are not going to be very happy about waiting for this show. You would need two vehicles to pull the pontoon and the camper to the boat ramp so why not load the camper at your place when the boat is on land and does not move and then tow both with one vehicle. Those reclining chairs are made local to them and a few other things too I think, but MOST seats (bases I think are now local) but cushions I don't believe are.

I never understand especially with the economy the way it is I would think you would want to fill orders ASAP and get paid . But said my 38" cuhions held up in Customs over the weekend  but said they should clear and hopefully ship this week.
As for not reading all the posts on the thread, I did,(speed read) and as commonly happens some points and photos are missed.(115photos??) This does not excuse your sarcastiuc reply enhansed with faces in return. My interest is motorsailers.Thus I would have not viewed your photos but your thread heading caugh my eye because I have almost completed a similar design for a customer from California. I think you would be better going off the bank if you can find the right combination of shallow water and a ledge you can get to.
It would be easier if you had some type of hoist that can lift the camper and put it on and take it off the pontoon.
A pontoon boat playpen cover is used when your pontoon boat is moored, trailered or in storage. Be sure to get some 3m scuff pads and scuff the surface first then clean it and prime it .I did 2 coats primer and 3 top coats. We have a perfect spot here, somewhat natural and modified by my boat (where the avatar picture was taken). In this case the vessel is of course larger - stronger built to take sheltered ocean water conditions. By the time I crunched in there 50 times or so I had punched indentations in the bank for the toons so the deck was tight against the shore and setting solid on the bottom.
The other feature is the trailer will have electric brakes activated in addition to chain load binders,straps as backup and lock in wheel chaulks.
Once that comes into effect and it will, enertia then takes over as the prime enemy of binding failure. Any wheel movement then generates further stretch until the chain reaction finally causes something to fail.
The chain reaction being both the trailer's inertia and trailer induced inertia on the vessel all triggered of course by wave action.
Chaulks help alot but unless they are equipped with a chaulk to deck lock in feature they too will succumb to movement.
Basically it's a 100% backup system any two can fail and the remaining can buy time until a repair is made. In your case you can compare it to a load of palleted freight riding on a conveyer floor broken lose in air pocket turbulance flying conditions in a DC3.

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