I've used the leeboard with a line type, and on an Oughtred MacGregor sailing canoe, no less.
It seems to me that the method used on a Sea Pearl is very nice -- a glass boat but the method can be transferred to wood. On small boats, surprisingly small boards will work and you really can use just one, since you sail them pretty flat anyway.
I am tempted to make a leeboard set up like the one I had for a sailing canoe: a thwart that clamps onto the gunwales and from which the boards pivot. Powell, Vaux, and Stephens found our canoes while strolling a fogged-in beach, they'd smile.
Wood canoe manufacturers used a wide variety of decals and metal tags to identify their boats.
Morris deck decal variationMorris deck decal variationMorris tag, mounted on center thwart.

Now made with Phonolic plastic which makes the blade stiffer and stronger and looks great too!We also upgraded the tubing to a 1" square tube and added a rubber washer to help the board stay in the correct position better.We think you will love this new design! To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. With the line system (SS loops on the keel, and a carabiner on the end of the leeboard line) it's easy to move the board back and forth as leeboard position and your own position have a great deal to do with how the Mac sails, points, steers and goes about.
Dual leeboards, asymmetric, the mount is hinged so that the now-windwardboard can wing-out if the sailor cannot raise it soon enough (does not snap something off).
Courtesy Dick PerssonReserved for Penn Yan shield decal.Penn Yan Boat Company deck decal, newer style. Ballast and it's placement makes a difference as well and my cockpit is 30cm longer aft than the plans to allow more comfort two up. By the time she heels far enough to make the leeboard ineffective on the windward side, you're already swimming.

In addition, many Canadian builders of all-wood boats also used thwart tags – these were mounted on the outside of the hull were the thwarts were screwed on. The water I sail in can be very thin indeed and at times it can be trailing an the sand almost out of the water completely. I toyed with the idea of a drop in double dagger board arrangement but in shallow water that is not practical.

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