Beautiful wooded property located off easy access riverfront landing, is the home for this well cared for cabin resort & canoe rental business. East Jordan and the Jordan River Valley are the little known jewels of Antrim and Charlevoix counties. Swiss Hideaway is a canoe and kayak outfitter on Graves Xing Road just a half mile from the river.
Stephanie and Steve from Charlevoix had just floated the Jordan River when we met at the Old State Road bridge public access. Join all of the locals who were enjoying dinner and drinks on the back deck overlooking the harbor sunset. On your way Up North or back downstate, pull off of 131 onto Deadmans Hill Rd just a couple minutes south of M-32 (road to Gaylord) and soak up the view of the Jordan River Valley from almost 500 feet above the river!
A good ol' boy watching the evening softball game in East Jordan saw my camera and politely asked "You takin' pictures for Comedy Central?" The current score of game was Home 12 and Guests 2.
Free two hour shopper docks and transient slips are available at the downtown marina on Lake Charlevoix. Congratulations to adventurer, Bernie Starks, who has claimed the Photo Hunt $25 gift card for Murray's Bar and Grill!

Bernie was the first person to email us a photo of himself canoeing or kayaking on the Jordan River just one day after the photo hunt began. Every week we add a photo hunt or new geocache (pronounced "geo cash") somewhere in the northern wilderness with the hope that we'll give other Up North explorers a reason to leave their couch and enjoy the inspiring beauty, history and excitement Michigan has to offer. Literally bridging the Jordan River with Lake Charlevoix's south arm, East Jordan sits quietly between the hustle of Boyne City and bustle of Charlevoix. They recommended Murray's Bar & Grill ten miles north of Graves Crossing in East Jordan. After a few nights alone in the woods you get a feeling of accomplishment thinking about being able to hack it by yourself in the wilderness. A perk for EJ students is spending the last day of each school year canoeing the Jordan River!
Best known for the East Jordan Iron Works, this tiny downtown district is steps from incredible natural resources and wilderness access. After you find a campsite, place your cash or check in the provided envelope at the registration board and stuff it into the locked metal slot.
On the sweeter side, Murray's has a Maple Walnut Bread Pudding served with ice cream and butter rum drizzle.

This river moves quickly and gets deep enough that your waders could swamp and pull you under.
Any time you are heading to an adventure alone, call several people to let them know where you are going.
They carry a great selection of Michigan's finest beers including Shorts, Founders, Bells and New Holland. Put on a hat with a brim and them pull over the bug net and you don't have worry about swatting mosquitoes on the river. A pint of Shorts Key Lime Pie was the perfect ending to an 80 degree summer fly fishing day.
My reel seat unglued from my rod making it a little tricky to fish but it was still a great way to start the season.

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