The swath portion rather than having marginal reserve bouyancy concedes its weakness and has slightly less than neutral bouyancy. Location: Jamestown, RI, USA What you gots there, Doug, is more of a HYSWAS than a WIG.
Location: netherlands steve, i like it a lot, the motion in the vid is the camera not the boat inrough water.
Location: netherlands Doug, i made this 2 second ani gif loop clip to give an quik impression, you really have to download -its worth it- the whole 44 Mb (took me 12 minutes) avi to get a good idea what a (is it hy?)-swath can do, when you observe the video closely you can see wavecontact is merely spray and the pilots waving at you! Location: Arizona In Steve's reference above (page 9) the lower vehicle's underwater body appears to have the equivalent of a wing and horizontal stabilizer with winglets at the tips of the stabilizer. If you look on that page at the picture on the lower left, you can make out the wing and stabilizer in amongst the gantry. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. You should remember Price, he went from the Powercat to a 18' or 20' Jones with twin stacked 1250's. I had experience with cryslers as our local dealer would supply them and a boat for our summer water show.
I let a guy try it out when I was in the back switching fuel tanks and he hit the throttle wide open before i got back in the front seat and it had me pinned to the rear seat until it was wide open.
Price: 2014 PREMIER 235 Avante, 235 Alante, LOADED: 250 HP Mercury Verado with digital shift and power electric steering, Sea Grass flooring, Power bimini top, custom rear deck grill mount! This is a list of all the models of boats in our system, ordered by the last time they were updated.

Location: Tampa Bay Design-a-dingy (to fit the deck of this boat) I want to design, build, and cruise a 32' cat-ketch sailboat. I want it to fit on the forward cabin-top of the 32'er, aft of the main and ahead of the main's cabin-top traveler. The forward cabin-trunk in that area allows for the bow of the dingy to be a little less than 2', the max beam to be ~4', and I was figuring ~3' for the stern. Was standing in the pits when two brand new Dodge Coronets with 426 Hemi emblems just a shining in the sun pulled in with their boats.
His name was on the side fins in beautiful gold letters and the boat had the somewhat dumb name "Giddy-Up-Go" emblazoned on the hullsides. I think the last time I saw him at a race was in St Louis (in "76-77"?), where he was running an immaculate SST Seebold around the race course.
Upgraded JL Audio speakers and sub woofer, with Bluetooth stereo, raised helm command view, upgraded hummingbird 788 graph, livewell seat pad, toe kick strip lighting under couches, only 45 hrs, like new! 5 color hull, Casale V-Drive, trimetric rails & mount, deluxe steering, steel strut, tanks, pleated seats. I have started on the design of the "mother ship" already (and I can already see many areas that need improvement, but that is for another post!
The front window was a long, narrow tinted plexiglass piece and there was a lot of distortation when seated, looking out. I was a bit thin in the wallet at that point so I removed the "Giddy-Up-Go" name, plus his last name and wound up with a boat that had the beautiful painted gold name "John Henry" on the side (after the folk song of the same name).
The first boat they made was Porky Pig, which was crashed running in Blown Fuel Flat at Oakland Marine Stadium.

Believe it or not, our racing version with retractable bowsprit has done over 10 knots with 4 nervous adults aboard – creeeaak, groooaann! Irv said they are safe to 130MPH if the setup was correct, the balance needed to be perfect to go faster. Stored upside-down and strapped in tight, I want it to provide some extra protection for the forward overhead hatch.
1995 on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees near Tulsa.Keel I enlarged the lateral area of the lead and potted-in #8 lead shot with polyester. Actually, as the hatch will be a butterfly-style, I am hoping I can keep it open in most weather and have the dingy act a bit like a dorade to keep water out. I ripped two pieces (killing one circular saw) and glued and screwed the mast with Weldwood plastic glue and temporary sheetrock screws.
I finished by band-sawing the taper and router-rounding the corners, producing a rigid and strong but heavy spar. Scraps built a strong mast partners.Sprit The bow sprit is a 2 by 2 by 100 inch spar going through a square hole in the bow transon and another in the first watertight bulkhead. Rigging inside the cabin extends and retracts it, and a martingale line between the end and the bottom of the bow transon guys it under use.

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