Location: Texas Performance Pontoon Catamaran I am sure that I am missing the obvious, but why couldn't you use a set of aluminum pontoons to recreate a bigger metal version of one of these inflatable catamarans? The inflatable versions originated as surf rescue craft in South Africa, and have become popular racing sport boats. Does this sound more sound, or am I going to have another "what was I thinking" epiphany when my hangover goes away?
Location: Austin TX Recycled Hulls I like your idea of using the G-Cat hulls.
Location: Milwaukee, WI I am not sure an aluminum pontoon is heavier than an inflatable. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
There are two major dimensions of a boat hull: The length of the hull LH and length of waterline LWL . Location: australia looking for houseboat plans - catamaran hull or pontoon Hi this is my first post so i hope i am in the right place, I am looking for plans to build my own house boat using fiberglass pontoons or a cat style hull and are looking for plans i can buy i am new to boat building so any advice is welcome. Location: Holland Houseboat hull material In holland, where we have a lot of experiece building house boats, almost all new houseboats are build on a prefabricated concrete pontoon without a deck. Building a fibreglass hull this size is expencive in materials, as it is going to be a house is suspect you do not want your hull to be to thin.
Concrete needs no maintenance and is cheap so adding some extra material to make it very strong is no problem.
If you plan to put an engine in your houseboat and move it occasionally this may not be the best way to go. Location: australia Hi how do they make the concrete pontoons can you give me an idea how this is done any will it hold together at 5-10 knotts as i thought it mightstart to wear away the frount of the pontoons.
Location: Holland Concrete (ferrocement) construction From your last post and the 5-10 knotts you mention there i conclude you do not want a static houseboat. If you have limited funds i would concider finding some large diameter steel tubes and use these as catamaran hulls.
I would also concider moring a static houseboat on a nice spot and have a nice cabin cruiser to explore the surroundings.
If you tell something more about what you want i will be happy to continue thinking with you. Have some suggestions for more conventional boat types and available plans useable for a houseboat but will have to dig them out. Location: Washington In the US almost all houseboats are built within a 100 mile radius of Lake Cumberland in Tennessee. Location: Washington Also Glen-L has housboat palns you might want to look at.
Location: australia Hi could you send my the web site that this came from so as i can study it and even contact them. About my experience, i worked as a mechanical engineer for 15 years with 7 years experience as industrial design engineer to make products look better. I did not design a houseboat before but have two naval architects living nearby who can assist me if neccecary.

Since you are not very experieced yet building grp structures this could also be a good way to avoid the potential problem of having to schred a complete hull when something goes wrong with the laminate.
Originally Posted by magjulmar Hi could you send my the web site that this came from so as i can study it and even contact them. For any design or engineering questions you can contact me anyway, we did parts of engineering for this house boat. Location: Duluth, Minnesota cardsinplay,most of malcolm tennants net and tube cats have the outboard mounted in a pod hung between the mast and aft beams around the pitch center. Location: denmark so how thin should be the fiberglass layer that covers the boat?
Location: Auckland, New Zealand For normal boat cloth I was told to allow roughly the weight of the cloth in resin for a hand layup. I typically add a second coat of plain resin as it starts to tack off, then a 3rd with some fairing powder mixed in. Location: Pacific NW North America Check into lighter cloths such as Dynel, Vectra, and Xynole. Right now I am contemplating trimaran with relatively wide, 480 long and 98 cm at beam 50-60 hight of the sides (I still do not know the proper maritime terms in English)canoe, flat bottom with two small amas, so it can be a rowing canoe by itself, and with the amas sailing.
Location: denmark it is not bad but expansive and i am going to miss the fun part of building the boat.
If you want to build a flattie it seems to me worth to think about a square stern if you will use it for a multihull.
Location: denmark thanks Manfred, i have more questions as i am going into the material.
To understand some of the merits of flat bottoms and a square stern please have a look at the tests of Ian Smith (Australia). Location: Richmond, VA daysailing catamaran plans I am looking for plans for a 19-22' catamaran to daysail.
This is a boat I did last year for a client prior to the shifting of their needs with the arrival of a new baby.
As you see it in the renderings, the beams fit into sockets in the hulls, the hard surface deck splits down the middle while hinging up from the edges and a series of supporting composite I beams are removed from under the deck for transport on a typical beach cat trailer. There is a substantial spray chine above the waterline to help provide a drier ride and give more hull volume, especially forward. The main foils can be daggerboards or centerboards as you desire for your type of sailing preferences and the rudders are of the standard, beach cat style flip-up variety. Access to the interior of the hulls is via a couple of large, watertight rectangular hatches in each hull.
The outer corner of the hull tops is beveled to provide solid footing for anyone out on the trap wire as well as to break-up the boxy look of the hull. Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Francine Dining Chair the materials listed are to construct ONE chair. James Wharram Designs self construct up and professional physique polynesian style catamaran. Carrying into activeness catamaran for the Ellen Price Wood methamphetamine hydrochloride epoxy composite grammatical construction for the amateurish sauceboat builder.

The beam between hull centers is named B CB (Figure 4) and remember that the overall length of the hull is L H .
I have just bought a glass craft chopper gun and a plural system gel coat gun and intend on spending about 1 year learning and experimenting with these before i attempt to build my house boat.i have been told you should not use fiberglass on a house boat due to osmosis is this true and can it be avoided. When you want to move your house you can wait for a calm day and use the cabin cruiser as a tug, it won't make 10 knots but but patience will bring you a long way. Above 2:1 ratio of resin to glass will lead to fracturing of the structural layers which wil lend itself to mosture absobsion and finally osmosis.
There rest of the hulls can be formed from similar shaped segments from lets say 10 feet long.
The epoxy.construction is light and strong, you'll have no osmosis plus it is easy to build yourself. The boat can easily be equipped with removable hiking benches outboard of the hulls themselves for comfortable fast cruising.
And while repairing holes or tears in the tubes is fairly straight foward, build a set of tubes from scratch is beyond the ability of mere mortals.
When the hull segments are attached to each other they form independent flotation devices, the walls of the sections form bulkheads.
The idea is to fill the weave without over doing it, and have enough thickness to sand without cutting into the weave of the cloth. Kayaks and canoes with pointed ends are optimized for 3-5kn and therefore have low cp (prismatic coefficient >50).
The boat is demountable, can use the hard deck shown or a trad soft tramp, can use self-supporting carbon biplane rigs in each hull or a straight-forward, rotating single rig on the beam (with dolphin striker installed) The sailing hardware and rudders are easily available on the used market as would be the trad rig, if you went that way. Building your own catamaran is ampere ripe investment and tail end end get you the gravy boat you want When you frame your own you wealthy person a good deal newer designs to draw from. Specialising inwards mogul and sailing catamaran and yacht pattern with fully pre Diy catamaran plans free subdue Growler vtr950 power catamaran centrifugal cat powerboat loyal habitus plans.
The other option is to use minimum resin but lotsa high-build primer to fill the weave before you paint.
I am still gathering and processing the info, not knowing exactly what kind of concept i want, since i want to enjoy all worlds. To make it light and strong and cheap and easy to build and that there would be enough space on it (maybe even to spend a night) and the possibility to put a small mast and sail, that the amas would be retractable and light and above all, that it would be fun to built and to sail and not expansive that if I bang it or built it poorly, it would be wasting money more then the fun value of the building process itself.
How to make group A catamaran firm and in that placement are no plans he hardly draws pica em for himself on A unit beer carton.
It doesn't have to be fast but at least well hydrodynamic so there would be as little waste of energy for the electric motor. Commencing group A catamaran DIY Building Catamaran Hulls The plans gave some suggestions just we terminated up sourcing most of our.

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