Most of the catamarans that are available in Greece can be described as charter-catamarans.
If you want to sail this yacht with skipper and deckhand one of the normal cabins will be used by the crew. If you are looking for a more ecological way of sailing in Greece you would have to consider a Wharram catamaran. The Wharram catamarans are a total different experience and based on the traditional Polynesian sailing catamarans.
I started by getting started on the ama, as it will be a much simpler construction than the main hull. As for the epoxy, Sky, I have 2 gallons of West System 105 epoxy resin, with sufficient hardener.
About the hull design and board design -traditional outrigger canoes had pointy triangular bottoms and skinny hulls but did not have lee boards or dagger boards. I was locked out of my workshop all day today, but this has been fixed as I made a replacement key when I got it back. El_Guero Previous Member   Without power tools, would it hurt you to just use the chines as they are? Location: Arlington, WA-USA Do not use nylon where it gets wet, it will elongate and loosen up, knots will fall out, etc. I would go about 18 ft length, it will give you more room and will make a noticeable difference in comfort and speed when in heavy chop, or at least 16 ft as a very minimum. This guy built a minimal boat for long distance sailing and rowing, with a sleeping compartment, called the Marsh Duck.
Originally Posted by WilliamPrince Comfort is not much of an issue for me, as long as I have sleeping berth of at least 7'x2', preferably around 1.5 feet deep, if not deeper.
About cutting chine logs, you are going to need a saw that can cut the shapes out of plywood, and you will also need a saw that can cut lumber lengthwise accurately. Originally Posted by Petros Do not use nylon where it gets wet, it will elongate and loosen up, knots will fall out, etc. El_Guero Previous Member   And I almost forgot the most important ingredient! You asked about the float connected to the main hull, the ama connected by the aka to the vaka. Reading the description from the duckworks page would tell you as much as I know about its capacity and performance. Location: Mexico To clear things up, I did not realize the distinction between rowing and paddling. I am really not even opposed to a monohull design; if I take it out and it sails well and paddles well and handles generaly well in water, maybe I will just stick with it. MV Sewol data » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post DIY catamaran design? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Have you dreamed of a private yacht purchase and changing your lifestyle, taking advantage of mega yacht sales or even beautiful pre-owned yacht and cruising into the islands to lose the daily chores of the past?
We specialize in the sales of pre-owned luxury yachts, catamaran sailboats, power yachts and other yachts that are of a turnkey operation, where the charter business is already in place, and the yacht purchase is already successful.
This chartered yacht's information is derived without the input of the owners of the used boats, who are looking to sell their charter yachts, thereby making our figures more accurate. This normally means good solid charter yacht brochures are already in place, assuring success from the mega yacht sales or luxury yacht sales market.
Every charter yacht, whether it is new or used, luxury catamaran, sailboat or even mega yacht, has its first year as a “first loser year”. The first loser year means: When a yacht has never chartered before, this is what every yacht needs to do to become established.

Yes, there are a few charter yacht owners who do make money chartering; some owners have 2 running vessels, even in the year 2013, because it does make sense to them. Welcome aboard the luxury catamaran Slivochka, a 59-foot luxury crewed catamaran based in the world’s most magnificent island hopping location, the British Virgin Islands. John's original thought was to make a surf board by taking 2 of 2x4's, and putting plywood on each side. Then he extended the idea and made 2 short surf boards that were sticking upright - poof, he created a catamaran. For the sail edges, instead of the classic duct tape, he melted the edges using an iron set on medium heat with a couple of pieces of paper to folded over the part he wanted to melt. John's wife was very nervous during the whole process fearing that he would mess up her good iron. Each hull has an opening at the top so he can see if there are any leaks, and also to bail. I owe John an extra special thanks, he was very open and kept posting update pictures and info about his boat keeping the subject alive in the group and also encouraging others to build boats too. A colorful catamaran sailboat on a beautiful beach, with turquoise sea and blue sky in the background.
It will be 14 feet long, with a basic triangular frame of plywood frame pieces and 40mmx25mm wooden chines at each corner, as well as one running down the top. I think the consensus is right that switching building methods so late in the game is not a good idea, so I will stick with the plywood construction. One option of course is the 18 foot Jem canoe, which as far as I can tell looks like a good canoe. Or I must I buy super-fancy West System wood shavings which are far superior to my wood shavings. I think a centerboard is obviously not a good choice, but what are the pros and cons of a daggerboard vs a leeboard? I think the obvious place for this is the center of the hull, above a lower level of maybe 1 foot of storage for heavy things, like water and food.
I dont want this to be too far above the water line, as it would make my rowing much harder, and I would be more protected the lower I was. What is the best way to cut triangular chines to fit the corners, all I have are 40mmx25mm rectangular chines. I have met the designer and seen the boat (I had actually had long email discussions with him about it when he was designing it and offer a few ideas that he incorporated into the design). I will write a more detailed reply tonight, with pictures of my current building status, but I have just learned something that is worrying. I think if I only packed 30 bottles I might find myself out in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight, running seriously low on tabasco.
Frankly, whichever form of propulsion will be more effective and easier to implement, I will be happy with that one. The ama I am building now will not neccesarily be the ama I use on my journey, although if it works out to be so, of course I am happy. Many do, and this dream can cloud the purchasing of a luxurious yacht, so the best advice is to find a company who has its finger on the pulse of the industry and who can readily guide you into safe waters, regardless of the size of a previously enjoyed or new luxury motor yacht.
This puts us in a unique position to know which yachts are for sale and can find out how many charters the yachts book within a given year providing you a unique perspective of what you might expect to receive in revenues to offset some of the costs of yacht ownership. Within the yacht sales industry, the charter rate of yachts are known, so calculating the accurate gross income in a season is reasonably easy in 90% of cases.
We do not carry every pre-owned charter yacht or boat for sale, but we do carry a good number of power yachts, sailboats and catamarans as well as other boats for sale. One with a charter history is a good thing, because the flow of dollars into the yacht should not stop. These are the owners who know how important advertising is, how important the right crew are, how important the right vessel is.

In fact, I was going to order plans but unfortunately Joe Henry is unable to send any plans until November 6, and then it would take ~10 days to arrive so based on my time schedule that will not work out. I will be done, or at least close to completion by tomorrow, so I can put up some pictures so you have a better idea as to what it look like. I want to get the ama done first and quickly, for a few reasons, primarily that it is good practice, with relatively little expense (about 30$ of material), and if I make too many stupid mistakes, worst comes to worst I can make it again in a day. To me, that seems like paddling with a double ended kayak paddle, and that will be easy to find a good paddle as well. The ama I am building is mainly for practice, to get familiar with the tools and processes I will need to build a seaworthy boat. Most of these yachts are being sold because the owners of these luxurious yachts are upgrading to a larger vessel; others may have taken advantage of mega yacht sales step-downs and further take advantage of the availability of catamaran sailboats, power boats, power yachts, super yachts or smaller luxury yachts. If a client locates a pre-owned yacht or yachts for sale, first contact us to see if she is charter material.
In your first year of chartering, most companies predict 6-8 one-week charters, which means there are many weeks in the year where your captain and crew are not doing charters.
With careful inspection of all his pictures, I will work out my own dimensions as close as possible. My other option is to attempt to piece together my own plans based on the Flaquita pictures. That being said, I also really like many of the features of the Marsh Duck, as well as some of the plans linked by El_Guero, like the raised and covered cubbies at the ends of the boat, for storage and even sleeping. Any yacht with a charter history means Barrington-Hall can calculate what to do to raise rates, or knowing exactly how much more money can be generated by a particular yacht.
Smart new owners should not touch anything for a year on their fresh purchase of a charter yacht, unless the change is discussed with Andrew at Barrington-Hall. Chartering is a very serious business, and some owners do not do what is needed to run a business within the system. As you mentioned Sky, the wide beam of the Jem is going to make it much nicer to live in, so I am inclined to go with that. Maybe I could have some airtight containers at the end to keep me relatively afloat in the event of a hull breach. Maybe it would be simple to incorporate those features into the Jem design, it is hard to tell for me.
If I do them without planing them to shape, the entire shape of the ama will change, as there will be right angles at the corners.
You have commenced your season like all the other owners, where you started with the boat show. But I think he would not mind, and since he will be away for a while, I will take all extra help available. This brings me to a 15 foot canoe which, although buildable, seems awfully small for the journey.
They do not want to spend money making a video of their charter yacht; this is a wonderful tool that “all” owners need if it is private yacht charters they want.
Now your captain and crew sit and wait for charters, and they say you can expect 6 or 8 charters in this first year. Until an owner knows exactly how the entire system works, leave the chartering side to your captain to deal with.

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