This high-performance, recreational cat was imported directly from the ocean, where it revolutionized the sport of offshore racing and obliterated every mono-hull speed record ever posted.Measured in terms of sheer, unadulterated speed and its ability to turn huge quantities of power into stable, high-speed thrills, this true deep-sponson cat has no equal in the performance powerboating ranks. This boat has such stable and  predictable handling characteristics that my 12 year grandson has driven it at over 100 MPH. The talented designer of yachts Bo Zolland introduced the concept of marine boats, high power and luxurious comfort on the basis of style flagship car from Ingolstadt. Some enthusiasts from Dubai, will shortly complete the construction of a prototype boats and build low-volume release, this nine-meter power boat. We remember Lazzara veelsss being the flagships at the annual 4th of July Offshore Powerboat Regattas in Sarasota in the glory days of unlimited class powerboat racing. The AO 3100 has won the C2P2 Class for 28 ft to 32 ft catamarans powered by twin supercharged engines at the LOTO  shootout in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,  2011,  2013, and 2014 with a top speed in a standing start one mile run of 140 MPH.

Perfectly blended in with the stern and the boat tuned exhaust system, which adjusts its energetic sound driver for the rapid assault on the open sea.
As a hydrofoil-equipped watercraft increases in speed, the hydrofoil elements below the hull develop enough lift to raise the hull up and out of the water. It has also won top gun honors at the Texas Outlaw challenge in 2009 and class for the fastest boat under 32 ft in 2010, 2011, 2012,2013,2014, and 2015 with a top speed of 141 MPH. It is available with twin 8.2 430 HP Mercurys up to twin 700 HP Mercurys or dual outboards. This racing catamaran is powered by a 390 type racing motor which produces tremendous energy.Measuring over 22 inches long and featuring authentic and stylish detailing, this craft is perfect for pools, small ponds, rivers and lakes.
What is remarkable about these victories is the fact that it has done it with inexpensive 850 HP 502 CI engines with just a single carburetor on the superchargers.

Take this fully functional reproduction of an offshore boat out to the water and watch it cruise! The propeller can be controlled from the pistol grip transmitter to provide top speeds with forward, left and right turning functions.
We even sell a bare hull version of this boat complete with interior and gauges for those who want to install their own engines.

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