The colour of western red cedar varies from dark to medium, not just from tree to tree but often along the length of the strips.
Another point to consider is that western red cedar is about 20% lighter than Alaskan yellow cedar. We can also plane solid Alaskan yellow cedar or western red cedar to your chosen dimensions.
To calculate what length of cedar strips you need to build your canoe or kayak, you need to take two measurements from the plans: the overall length of the boat (A) and the girth at the widest point (B). The simple formula below will give you the length of cedar strips you would need to plank a cylinder shape with a circumference equal to the maximum girth of your boat. The multiplier (59 for metric, 18 for imperial) yields about the correct amount of extra material. Waterproof wood glue with a fast cure time, excellent for building cedar-strip boats or surfboards. Hi Chuck, Thanks for publishing my last article, as promised I'm keeping you updated on the madness from down under. I have stated a yahoo group – One Sheet Wonders - All is going well we have about 47 members all obsessed with trying to make something fun and floatable out of one sheet of ply. Tried out the Scullmatix today at Lake Woodlands with my second generation oar and it's a treat. Sculling one handed almost always ends up with the oar going wildly out of proper angle of attack after only a few strokes. I just wanted to drop a note to you folks thanking you for your quick order processing and for carrying a great line of products that folks like me use in building our own boats. I'm sure you're told this often,but your's is one of the boating sites I check every morning while taking a quick tea break at the office. I originate from the UK, and spent most of my life in the East Midlands of England, 100 miles from the sea. And so I came to muse over whether it is possible to create a boat with recognisable dory lines, capable of floating a young person and possibly an adult of lighter build, from a single sheet of ply. I don't know whether what I've included in this message provides anything publishable in a forthcoming reports page perhaps, but I'm keen to get other home builders to see the design and offer their opinion, and hopefully build an Island Bay Dory of their own. In making the announcement, William Schmidt, Commander of the New York Commandery of the Naval Order said, “This book illuminates a series of little known yet crucial events during the early stages of the American Revolution.
Named for Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison (1887-1976), who is ranked among the foremost authorities on American History, It is one of the premier awards of the Naval Order of the United States. Author Nelson will be presented with the award at a black-tie ceremony in New York on November 2nd, 2009. Both products are often used to reduce friction in areas where epoxy coatings rub against another surface, such as such as a centerboard pivot pin in small sailboats. Patching Boy Scout canoes on Maine’s Allagash River in the mid-1960s was ROLLIN THURLOW’s first successful canoe-building experience—successful, but not very graceful! Rollin has taught canoe building and restoration at a variety of locations throughout the U.S. Rollin Thurlow has been building and using, writing and teaching about wood-and-canvas canoes for years.
Loved the wood-and-canvas canoe construction course, met so many great people, and fell in love with Maine! A description of how to create canoe plans from a table of offsets which are hull measurements. Elow are brief descriptions of the cedar strip kayak designs that we have plans and kits for.
Note: The plans assume you are thoroughly familiar with the actual construction process of a Cedar Strip Canoe using epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. Toquenatch Creek is located at the gateway to Desolation Sound Marine Park in coastal British Columbia, Canada. The boats are built one at a time, spending over 350 hours to create a unique piece of quality wood working. Adam, of Powell River Seakayak, is performing the 'eskimo roll' and giving his expert opinion on the Expedition's technical capacities.
The 2002 Cape Ann Expedition Sport is an even lighter weight, shorter 16'8" version of the kayaks above. Three of our kayaks shown in the Maritime Art display at The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. To find out about the standard components of a typical Toquenatch Creek Kayak, please return to the top and select the "Features" button. If you are curious about pricing, the "Services" button will bring you to the appropriate page. If you want a peak into the story behind the kayaks, as it appeared in a shortened version in "Wave Length Magazine", click below. The deck, made of highly figured mahogany, birds eye maple and chocolate cedar around the cockpit, is receiving a collage with four elements: A butterfly, a shell, 3 teardrops, and wheat.
The inlay at this point was not completed yet, the other wheat stalk on the right still needs to receive its grain in yellow cedar, and some grasses will be added at the base. Ive been drawing a few sketches on graph paper the last few days and ive came up with a 12ft row boat but im stuck on a few things and dont really want to commit trying to build one untill ive all the proper info incase i make a balls of it. Im wanting to know can i make the cedar strips thicker than whats used on canoes just to give it that wee bit more strength. Im only at the desgiun stage but im finding it abit difficult as i think i should be using 3d diagrams instead of 2d which im currently doing.

Any help would be great because ive got the itch to build something else after succesfully building a plywood canoe last year. In strip composite construction the stiffness and strength of the hull come from the 2 layers of fiberglass seperated by a core.
I have built a few short and wide canoes and will caution you that if it is double ended the wider you go the more difficult they are to build. Unfortunately, there are no published books dedicated to building a stripper skiff and the engineering of a skiff is somewhat different. There is a company called Compumarine that offers plans for a stripper skiff (8,10 or 12 feet) along with an instruction book for $US 55.
For those who are suggesting i buy some plans, i cant really afford them for now so im going to try it myself with some help from others on here.
Exterior plywood, common lumber, construction adhesive and house paint might suit the budget better. You can use a mixture of both and develop your own unique strip design as you build your boat.
We may be able to accommodate special requirements for colours on your request, or you can stain the wood to make a more consistent colour, but we recommend you embrace the natural variation of wood and use it to full effect in your design. We use our custom-made machinery to produce these cedar strips with tight tolerances at a reasonable price. If you tell us your requirements, we will try to supply the wood in lengths of about the right size for your convenience.
About 150 metres length is needed to deck an average kayak and about 300 metres to build a cedar-strip kayak or canoe. For an open canoe, the girth should be measured from gunwale to gunwale around the bottom of the hull. This will be larger than the exact surface area of the boat, but you're going to need extra, so that you have better colour selection and in case you make a mistake.
Its more like a circus than anything to serious, we have some colorful characters in the group, no bearded women as yet.
I have disassembled it and will reassemble with glue probably tomorrow night and get the bottom planked.
I'm going to use one section each port and starboard for drinking water and another section each port and starboard full of canned goods and heavy items. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed for a fast build; however I enjoy (love is probably more accurate) every bit of it so it doesn't really matter how long it takes.
After waiting at the ramp for 30 minutes to get the boat into the water (a busy day at the lake), I was blessed with good winds, and gusts, that tested my boating skills. Being alone in the boat was an advantage because I could easily make changes without question, or confusion. Adjusting the sail for these conditions proved to be fairly easy, just let out the sheet, or pull it in. While going downwind, I was sometimes met with gusts that had a tendency to turn the boat.
It is rugged, roomy with plenty of freeboard, and able to withstand the inexperience of a novice sailor. The Naval Order was founded in 1890 to encourage naval writing, research, and the preservation of historical materials.
After graduating from Maine Maritime Academy and a tour in the Navy, Rollin attended the wooden boat building program at Maine’s Washington County Vocational Technical Institute.
Not only are they wonderful to look at and a pleasure to build, they also perform quite well. Between steps, there may be time to carve your own paddle—a fascinating project unto itself. The deck graphics and color choices for "the Flame" were a cooperative effort between Jurgen, and the client Dana in Florida. The image on the deck shows Jurgen's marquetry interpretation of a Glen Rabena painting, with permission of the artist. All are significant to my client, and have been arranged to flow with the lines of the deck layout.
To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I have gill gillpatricks book with free plans but im wanting to make a few changes if possible to make a cedar strip rowing boat and im wondering is it possible to use these plans as a sort of a guide or just draw up something myself.
Im thinking of using teh method gill gillpatrick uses when building his canoes with having some cut outs of ply wood and bend the strips of cedar around these and join with wood glue. My boat is 12ft long and 500mm high and will have a curve at the front and back of the boat but i dont know how much of a curve to put on it.
This acts as an I-beam, so spacing the layers of glass further apart(thicker strips) makes a stiffer hull. Canoecraft has been the standard of the genre since 1983 and is well into it's second edition. On the average canoe or kayak, the formula yields about 20% extra depending on the hull shape. Second generation oar blade was carved out of a cedar plank and replaced one of the split tail oar blades. Once it's all in place if I find I'm still light I'll add some lead bricks inside the bilge to bring it up to design specs.
With a good, constant wind, and sitting in the center seat, I discovered that the bow had a tendency to plow the water.

The location of the sheet on the tiller proved to be just right, everything at the ready. Onlookers at the dock were intrigued by its ability to break-down completely into a package that fits into the bed of a small pickup, especially the nesting of the hull sections and the collapsible mast. Past recipients include David McCullough, Tom Clancy, and former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman. His interest lead him to collaborate with Jerry Stelmok to start their own wooden canoe building company. Building a variety of his own designs plus historic reproductions, Rollin’s shop in the small town of Atkinson, Maine, the Northwoods Canoe Company, has become known as one of the premier wooden canoe shops for both restoration and new wooden canoes.
This construction method permits a clean, sharp entry and a subtle shape that is difficult to achieve with aluminum or fiberglass. Then comes the fitting and fastening of the planking—a good chance to practice hand-tool skills in a very satisfying process. Three students will leave this course with a new canoe nearly ready for paint and varnish; all will leave with knowledge and experience of what is probably the most indigenous of American boatbuilding techniques, a process directly evolved from birchbark canoes and still very much alive today. He was very willing to share both his knowledge and expertise in building cedar-and-canvas canoes. The dark brown variety of cedar is difficult to find in long clear length, but can be used in smaller fields. Check back in mid October 2014 to see the "Amber", a kayak in chocolate cedar, tiger strip maple and burl with skeg and integrated compass. When i draw my boat on paper, i have a straight line where my gun whales go , is this ok to do or will i have to have the same curve as i have on the bottom. I’ve tested all 6 designs and they float me just fine at my 92 kg and 6ft 2 body dimensions. For me it seems to work best in a two handed mode, one hand on the oar over the skullmatix and the other hand on the extension shaft. Tomorrow I'll finish the bevels on the bulkheads and get it all on center and then epoxy the BH's to the side panels. Sailing into the wind required a lot of thought however, while sailing downwind was a breeze (no pun intended). The next trip out I hope will be with someone who can take a video of the assembly, launch and sailing of the Pollywog, for your readers pleasure. While wooden canoes have had a long history, Rollin and Jerry discovered that there was precious little written about the actual how-to construction of the canoes.
The century-old technology of clenching thin planks to steamed frames and then covering the hull with a tight canvas skin yields an amazingly flexible and rugged craft. While the color is as rich as walnut, it is light weight enough to be used in a wooden kayak.
Friday is calling for rain so I'll attach the bilge panels on Saturday and maybe even start on the bottom. After thinking about the cause, I concluded that as the boat heels to one side, the shape of the hull in the water changes, causing the center of buoyancy to move aft. The canoe company became a real reinventing-the-wheel type of project—long on desire but short on capital and business skills, leading to the demise of the original company. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible..
I worked with Jim on his previous book, Benedict Arnold’s Navy (2006), as well, and will have the great pleasure of working with him again on his forthcoming book (due in 2010) about the land-and-sea battles at Yorktown that finally decided the American Revolution. But it was not long before with renewed interest and skills, Rollin started his own company, the Northwoods Canoe Company. Many times I was stalled in the process, and the sail just fluttered in the wind, the boat making no forward progress. This happened more than once, and a couple of times I let it go to see what the results would be.
Co-authoring with Jerry the book the Wood and Canvas Canoe ensured that the how-to and historic information they had collected would become available to the public at large.
With regard to sailing with a partner, I suspect if one person were to sit in the center and the other aft, balance should be met, as the finished design of Pollywog differs from my prototype by increased stern curvature. Some boats do this better than others, and learning the technique for each boat takes time and patience. Although I never capsized the boat, it sure seemed to come close at times, with the water only a few inches from the gunwale. One good day of sailing is not going to resolve this, but I did determine that a gradual turn was easier to control, balancing the rudder with the sheet. My boating terms here may be lacking, but the feel of the boat is most important in deciding what move to make, and when. Hull speed is calculated to be about 6 knots, but with a strong wind it felt like I was sailing much faster. After a while, and many runs up the lake and back, I was able to turn at will, still not knowing exactly how. I guess more time at the tiller is required to answer all the questions that arise with a new boat.

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