Charles Lindberg, the “Lone Eagle” bought a 38 foot Cruisette cabin cruiser from Elco for his honeymoon. Elco Cruisette proved to be a very popular model cabin cruiser since the title that goes back as far as 1915 when they advertised one of their cabin cruiser models in1915.
Elco bought a Hubert Scott-Paine design for a 70 foot British torpedo boat to use as the beginning basis for their PT boat design.
She is a center console fishing boat that is 50 feet long and goes 60 MPH with twin engines. It was in just before last Christmas that John Patnovic, owner of Worton Creek Marina bought the assets of Post Yachts.
While Post started out in the wood boat business, the company transitioned to pretty much all fiberglass boats years ago (the last boats had some mahogany wood incased inside their fiberglass engine beds). Coming for boat model year 2013 is a Levi Corsair as an Fishing boat, Open Limousine, Yacht Tender. It IS a great performance boat hull design for open water and rough, choppy water while running at a fast pace.
While one could buy one of these hulls as a raceboat or fast family commuter in the late 1960s to 1970s, only a few boats (maybe 25 boats) made it into retail customer’s hands.
Fairly recently, Renato Levi’s son, Martin started anew with an almost clone of his dad’s original design for a fast off-shore cabin cruiser. For the 2013 Fish boat, figure on a $250,000 Italian boat that weights just shy of seven tons and is 29” 9’ long with a 9’ beam that goes 50 mph wide open in rough seas.
Take four fisherman plus two to four crew at and back some 250 miles offshore in a wood boat in comfort using a custom boat powered by Volvo IPS to get this performance. The room created by the IPS system allows for two double berths under the salon deck for the crew while two luxurious staterooms accommodate the owner’s party with two large heads. She is all about good fuel economy, offshore high performance, quick maneuverability, ease of handling, and big fish fighting ability.
Spencer yachts are in Wanchese, NC at 252-473-6567, with their hull boat building plant at Manns Harbor.
The oldest (since 1905) boat show has traditionally had a “Queen of the Boat Show” cabin cruiser power boat.
Sundancer is a name that Sea Ray applies to their boat models that have an extra bed under the mid-section of an otherwise express style cabin cruiser. If they did not invent the mid-cabin boat design (some say that Skipjack boats is also in contention for that recognition), Sea Ray boats certainly has made it a runaway success story among boaters and also within the boating industry. Today’s boat has up to 1,430 Hp using diesel fuel, not the 25-35 Hp using gasoline as a fuel that the 1959 runabout was powered with. By the way, the generous luxury space of the master bedroom can be ordered configured as two small staterooms so this cabin cruiser has three private staterooms if that is what your family needs.
Note my boat photo of the thru-bolted bollard style cleat that Sea Ray uses as standard equipment on this yacht.
No discussion about this yacht should happen without a mention about its yacht designer, Tom Fexas. He has said that the design was “inspired…by the slippery old hulls…of the rumrunners” and the yacht designs of Consolidated and Elco boats.
Cheoy Lee built this yacht in 1983 using the latest fiberglass construction with coring for a light weight composite hull.
Look for a new Tiara 4500 Sovran powered with the twin Volvo IPS 600 package, which is her standard power. To get 255 miles to 256 miles from her standard tankage from as slow as 19.6 mph to as fast as 36 mph shows a very well developed hull shape, running balance, prop set, and power package combo. She is a nice express cruising with a hardtop boat that comes with top shelf back-up support, too.

Key to the alliance is the planned joint development of marine engines below 5 Liters that will comply with future emissions standards.
The EPA Tier 3 emissions standard will take effect in 2012 in the United States, and the RCD2 emissions standard takes effect in 2014 in Europe for this range of engines.
The Yellowfin Yachts 24 Bay Boat is a significant departure for a company long associated with producing sleek, speedy center consoles designed for kingfish competition. At almost 25 feet and 8? feet wide, the big craft comes ready to fish, with hydraulic jack plate and 8-foot Power-Pole with a high performance pump. In addition to six horizontal rod tubes, the console’s vertical stainless rod holders keep another 10 rods handy. Access to bilge and livewell pumps and plumbing, along with starting batteries, is beneath the transom rear seat.
They also used much of its design as the starting point for their entry into the Navy’s “Plywood Derby”. She is a rare boat as she was only made in a couple of model years before the company closed its doors.
He is famous up and down the East Coast for his top-shelf manufacture (or remanufacture) of tired Bertram Yachts, particularly making Bertram 31s all new again and repowered with diesels to make fishing and cruising an up-to-the-minute experience.
This is is a new use (via a new cockpit and deck) on a hull shape that was reintroduced to small run production boat building early in this century. This is a boat proposal set for 2013 production based on a modestly updated boat hull shape that was raced about 40 years ago.
She has proved to be quick to respond to driver steering wheel inputs, slices rougher water bumps, and when she does get hit with the big stuff; has a very sharp bow that takes to the sea like a few boats can. It has a TV as big as the main salon, not the smaller one that the forward bow stateroom has. He used some extra ordinary design skills, grand style, and technical acumen to create a special yacht in the Midnight Lace boats. Volkswagen, a leading manufacturer of diesel marine engines up to 350 hp (258 kW), will manufacture the new engine line at its plant in Salzgitter, Germany.
The new standards prescribe significantly lower thresholds for emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other pollutants and require the development of next-generation diesel combustion technology. One huge storage compartment lies under the bow casting platform, assessed by any of three hatches. A head-turner that leaves many comparable craft in the dust, it provides a stylish platform from which to catch fish!
The 23 Center Console is designed to be equally at home in bays and inlets or for fishing Florida Flats. The flat washboard appeals to the commercial fisherman and the long list of optional accessories lets you set this up for recreational fishing, as well. Most boats in this design contest were triple engine powered but one company used a quad engine boat in these tests. This cabin cruiser boat uses a v-drive system (or v drive) to get her under-the-aft-deck twin engine power to her propellers. That kind of performance in a full fifty foot boat that weights in at seven and a half tons and in a fully found luxury boat is amazing!
All but one of the boat building buildings is complete and that last building is well under construction. Russell Post, the founder of Post  Marine, had been a lifelong boat builder and was, in fact, one of the four original founding partners of Egg Harbor Yachts in back in 1946. Both staterooms have a “dry” head; that is a bathroom with a separate shower stall so that the entire bathroom does not get sprayed down when the shower is turned on.
He first used his thoughts about fast power cruising using modest power in his 44’ Midnight Lace model.

She has since been updated and her equipment has been generously replaced as needed by an attentive yacht owner.
Additionally, effective January 1, 2011, all current Volkswagen marine engines will be sold exclusively by CMD and marketed under the CMD brand.
Three trolling-motor batteries and on-board charger nest neatly beneath another hatch below the storage compartment.
Morgan, John Jacob Astor, the Grand Duke Alexander of Russia are among the others wanted these boats. Neither this design (with its improvements made by the Elco designers) or the others won the competition for the US navy PT boat design in this series of sea trials, but the Elco boat was reported as first across the line.
Unlike earlier Elco Cruisette power boats, this boat shows the a PT Boat style vee bottom, hard chine planning hull. Yes, the beam is narrow (9’) for good offshore rough water performance at speed, but the speed numbers verses the size and weight numbers speak for themselves.
Seabuddy saw more than a dozen workers in the yard working on boats and that building during a late winter Friday afternoon visit. Plus, a private guest stateroom that has two single berths and there is also a fully found second head.
Delete the bow rail and it is great for fly fishing thanks to a big platform and plenty of room to move around. Have us build one with a larger 95 gallon fuel tank and raw water wash down to further enhance your fishing experience. They came in different sizes, such as 26’, 32’, 34’, 38’ and 40’ over the years that Elco used the Cruisette model name. Elco did get a several contracts from the Navy for about 350 PT boats out of their results in the Derby. The final component of this performance center console fish boat is the high tech hand laid fiberglass construction using tri directional and bi directional fiberglass materials. Seeing one of them is often the reason that folks sight as the reason that they brought their harder marine jobs to Worton Creek Marina for John to work his magic on. Martin uses modern fiberglass composite boat construction with vinyl ester resin and some unidirectional fiber cloth for these cruisers. A very nice boat, but somewhat under powered as that one had twin small Renault engines under its cockpit. The large console offers plenty of storage space and the electronics box, switch panel and instrument panel give you all the control you need.
Then after all those years of building those sweet-running boats a modern business recession got them.
The Renaults also were smoky engines on that 44’ boat cruise and that was a fairly big issue to me at that time.Tom Fexas made a fast yacht in the Midnight Lace 52 by watching the hull weight and its balance along with a easy to push, narrow beam hull shape. Name it and they can do it, and will do it with a routine that will startle you on how easy it is during the boat build with them. By the way, Elco built other or non-cruisette models from as small as a 18’ tender up to a 127’long yacht.
The proper coring and reinforcement is an important part of the culture of their Hi-Performance boat building.

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