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On the other hand luckily I speak enough English to pick up a lot of good information from your technical conversation. An informational sign is awesome, but the Center for Wooden Boats is about much more than that. On top of the vessels at the Center for Wooden Boats, there are also much larger ships on display next door at the Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Museum (it’s practically connected to the Center for Wooden Boats). We suggest taking the time to check out the Center for Wooden Boats and the Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Museum. The Center for Wooden Boats at South Lake Union is just one mile from downtown Seattle and easily accessed by foot, by public transportation, and by car. There are a small number of spaces available in the parking lot next to the SLU Streetcar stop on Valley St. Some programs mix up word order and make no sense at all, yours fooled me, and I thought somewhere down you are Hungarian.

You are right the post photography work is so important, but you have to have something to start with, and you do a great job. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, there were boathouses (also known as liveries) all over Seattle. Located in Lake Union Park (1010 Valley Street), the museum (which is free to the public — although a donation is suggested) is home to more than 170 wooden vessels, which represent a wide variety of hull designs, sailing rigs, construction techniques and more.
You can see the historic Fireboat Duwamish (built in 1909), the beautiful steamship Victoria V (built in 1921), the fishing troller Twilight (built in 1933) and many more vintage vessels.
Even if you don’t know a lick about boats, the museum is a nice place to spend a sunny day in Seattle.
Boat rentals, classes and workshops, field trips, lectures, and opportunities for direct experience on the water and at the docks are just a few of the things you’ll find when you visit. Some programs, such as boat rentals, have associated fees, and others have suggested donations. People could rent boats and take them around area lakes for transportation or entertainment.

Every boat on display at the Center for Wooden Boats has a sign loaded with information, so you can learn all about the historic vessels. Tove and I even had a chance to tour the tugboat Arthur Foss, which is one of the oldest wooden-hulled tugboats in the United States (built in 1889). We didn’t rent a boat when we were there (we will soon though), but many other people were throwing on life vests and getting ready for an awesome day on the lake. We encourage you to explore area parking options and check construction updates before heading our way.
As technology started to advance, and street cars and public transportation grew, the need for boathouses disappeared, leaving them high and dry. Don’t forget to also check out Seattle Bloggers for more fun attractions in the Emerald City!

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