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If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?
Do not choose a profession for the money or because your family wants you to follow in thier footsteps.
I had been recommended by my vet to use a topical flea treatment for my lab, I bathed him, waited 3 days and applied the topical flea and tick med.
That is the main reason I like to talk to the prospective client in person or over the phone, and actually come look at the job I am preparing to do or view the dog I am going to groom.
Dog Grooming - ensuring the dog has one on one attention and the owner is happy with the overall work completed. Knowing that they have to comb their pets first and follow through with a comb by reaching the skin and combing outwards in a straight motion. How are their pets taken care of, what do they look like, are they dirty or matted, to skinny, etc.. Enjoy what you do, otherwise it will be a job, choose something that gives you a sense of worth at the end of your day so you can say "You know what I made a difference in someones life today" If you go by my statement you will have self worth and a job that seems like a hobby! I only use the best of the best products, and I will definitely go that extra mile to help their pet or their owner.

I only wish different clients knew everyone has a difference of opinion, what may be clean to one individual would be a monstrosity to another. For example someone may say they have a poodle and they just brushed him the night before, but in all reality they only brushed the surface hair and I have to end up shaving him down and the hair comes off in something that resembles a bear rug with sore on its skin because it was not able to breath.
I would rather just be honest, go slow with the pet and convert his way of thinking that this really is not very bad but relaxing! Why do I do this, I love animals and I would rather them get healthier then make a few bucks. Stop wasting your money on all of these toxic flea and tick products and try an alternative that works and lengthens your pets life. I sell most of my products at my cost, only because the owner may not be informed about a certain product. In severe cases I have groomed pets that the matting is so bad around his rear he couldn't even go to the bathroom. Believe me it takes a lot of time to get the pet to trust again and let him know this isn't all that bad. I feel it is imperative to tell the client anything that has to do with their baby.'When I pet sit I try very hard to make it a vacation for them as well.
The topical treatments we apply to our pets have the same main ingredient as the bug spray Raid.

Please do NOT be offended, quite a few individuals do not know how to properly maintain their pet!!! Secondly if I had a penny for every time I was asked "Have you ever been bit?" The answer is yes if they have teeth, they can bite. Because times are tough right now and I would rather see any pet healthier than make a few bucks! From there, when he knows he is done, he will wait for me to put on his leash and bandanna.
For example if people knew what their pets were eating they would never consider the cheapest dog food any longer. He then will wait for me to put on his collar and will carry his leash around until dad picks him up. Cedar Oil(certain brands made with specific grades kill fleas as well as treating the home and yard naturally.) If you notice in the wild the lions and tigers lay under the cedar trees to keep away parasites!
I feel better knowing that I helped a pet live a little longer or kept them from getting poisoned or groom them like an assembly line.

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