The Outer Banks of North Carolina  The Outer Banks of North Carolina is famous world wide. The North Carolina Outer Banks are a 200 mile long chain of barrier islands that form the eastern portion of the state North Carolina. The islands start at the Virginia-NC boarder and continue down the coast to the south to Cape Lookout. The Outer Banks or OBX as some call it, is composed of several separate and vastly different towns, villages, cultures, dialects and people.
Outer Banks ActivitiesFor such a narrow strip of sand dunes, sea oats, shrubs and trees the Outer Banks of North Carolina offers a long list of activities and adventures for those looking for sun, sand and fun. Outer Banks LighthousesThe Outer Banks has 4 lighthouses along the coast each unique in appearance.
Outer Banks FishingThe Outer Banks are one best place to fish with a wide variety from either the ocean or the sound. The ever changing landscape of the Outer Banks is due to the tides, erosion, nor’easters, hurricanes, storms and human impact. North Carolina Ferry SystemThe Ferry System of the Outer Banks add a unique way of island hopping.
Cannady's boats take about 25 weeks to build, and the process provides employment for a number of charter crews that don't fish over the winter months.
The method of construction is called jig building - one of the oldest shipbuilding methods known to man. Though it may not sound like a sophisticated operation, Cannady's boats are in huge demand. Easy Rider boasts twin diesel power since her captain and owner, David Graham, plans to fish the Bahamas and other exotic locales when not after Oregon Inlet's tuna and white marlin.
Note: Captain Jordan Croswait's great grandfather, Jack Young, was a salmon fishing guide in Newfoundland for Lee Wulf. Author and legendary fly fisherman Lee Wulff with 30 lb salmon from the Serpentine River Newfoundland. The Skirt Chaser is a 55 foot sport fishing yacht built by legendary Outer Banks boatbuilder Buddy Cannady.
When fishing with the Skirt Chaser you'll have the opportunity to fish with the finest tackle available from light 20lb. While fishing on the Skirt Chaser you'll be spending most of your time fighting fish and enjoying the great Gulfstream weather, but when it's time to go inside you'll enjoy all of our cabin ammenities.
While running the Skirt Chaser Captain Barry Daniels has all the latest electronics at his disposal.
Visit History for more historical photos and to learn more about our three generations of Outer Banks fishing. Brochure by Captain Horace Dough advertising the excellent channel bass fishing at Oregon Inlet, 1930.
Omie Tillett backs the Sportsman into her berth beside Chester Tillett's charter boat, Tony. Captain Omie Tillett, left, and mate Sunny Briggs, right, with a marlin caught on the Sportsman.

Captain Tony Tillett brings his first Carolinian to the docks at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center. Captain Omie Tillett, back left, and Captain Chester Tillett, back right, pose with a fishing party and their catch of striped bass. Tony Tillett, front left, and Omie Tillett, front right, with marlin caught on the Carolinian and the Sportsman.
The Outer Banks is a great tourist destination with so much to see and do from surfing to fishing to enjoying fun in the sand, sun and surf. The islands of the Outer Banks have the Atlantic Ocean to the east and sound waters to the west. The Outer Banks of North Carolina include the following coastal counties:Currituck County, Dare County, and Hyde County.
They include Roanoke Island, the Northern Beaches, Hatteras Island, Ocracoke Island and Portsmouth Island. Activities are surfing, fishing, wind surfing, hang gliding, kayaking, pier fishing, surf fishing, golf, sand dune climbing, parasailing, jet skiing, lighthouse climbing, sailing, shell hunting, and beach combing to name just a few of the exciting sports and activities one can experience on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!
The Currituck Beach Lighthouse located in Corolla is a red brick 158 foot tall structure and can be seen 18 miles out over the ocean waters. With fishing piers, surf fishing, charter boats and head boats, the fishing is great year round.
The changes to the geographical landscape are constant and always changing the appearance of the islands. The ferry service is from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island, Ocracoke to Hatteras, Ocracoke to Swan Quarter, and Ocracoke to Cedar Island.
Cannady sinks heavy posts into an absolutely level floor and takes all the levels from that. I watched and helped him build a log cabin on a salmon river without his using a single nail or any other hardware.
Skirt Chaser is docked at Oregon Inlet Fishing Center in Nags Head, NC, centrally located between Corolla and Hatteras.
The boat is equipped with a VHF radio, single side band, radar, color depth finder and plotter. The coastal scenes at the Outer Banks include the vast Atlantic waters, sunrises and sunsets, calm sound waters, windswept sand dunes and wide clean sandy beaches. The islands are very narrow in some areas and only about a 3 miles wide at its widest point. One side flanked by the vast Atlantic Ocean and inland lie the calm sound waters of the Albemarle Sound and the Pamlico Sound.The area was first inhabited by the Croatan Indians, part of the Algonquin tribe, because of the mild winters and abundant fish and wildlife. The Bodie Island Lighthouse (pronounced body) is located on the sound side in South Nags Head. The tackle shops have everything you need including helpful staff who can fix you right up with tackle and bait or just good old advice about how and where to catch the next big one on the Outer Banks. A fun way to come and go, with the sea gulls circling the ferry waiting for food to be thrown by the travelers, or the waves breaking over the bow and unto the cars! A charter captain and former duck-hunting guide, Cannady has a shop in Manteo that builds one boat per year - built his way.

His plans, sketched on grubby pieces of plywood at a simple 1-inch-to-1-foot scale, sit in a pile on a sawdust-laden shelf. But anyone who can recognize real beauty in stark simplicity and functionality will instantly fall in love with Cannady's hulls.
When you fish 150 days each year, the cost and operation of a boat must be a nickel-and-dime affair.
It truly is a beautiful place with an unique landscape of beaches, waves, bridges and lighthouses.
The Outer Banks have breathtaking scenes of sand dunes, beaches, ocean views, sound waters, sunrises and sunsets. Standing 150 foot in height with horizontal black and white stripes it has a 19 mile beam of visibility.
Make sure to check the ferry schedules, the waiting time in line can be long in the busy summer season at the Outer Banks. Boats like the 56-foot Easy Rider, Cannady's newest model, have enormous room below with plenty of storage for rods, tackle, bait freezers and the like. The Lost Colony is a mystery even today and the story is played out in the outdoor drama at the Waterfront Theatre in Manteo at the Outer Banks. Heading south to Hatteras Island the next lighthouse is one of the most famous lighthouses of our nation. But the most damaging are the hurricanes that frequently brush the coast or a direct hit that can cause major destruction to the island. The keelson fits inside the hull instead of outside for less drag and better fuel efficiency.
The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse stands a majestic 208 feet tall and has the black and white candy cane strips. In 2003 when Hurricane Isabel hit the Outer Banks a new inlet was formed in Hatteras Island, separating the island just south of Frisco. Its beam can be seen 20 miles away and help ships navigate the dangerously shallow Diamond Shoals located just off the coast. Hatteras Village was unable to be accessed for months except by boat until the inlet was filled in by pumping sand into the inlet and then highway 12 had to be replaced. Then the planking goes over the outside, rather than putting the walls in last and having to tab them in.
The shortest of the Outer Banks Lighthouses, it stand at 75 feet  tall and is painted solid white. The beam can be seen 14 miles away and the lighthouse marks the entrance to Silver Lake on Ocracoke Island at the Outer Banks.

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