ECLIPSE with Two helicopters, a submarine and 114 suites (with balconies) It's A designed and equiped to sail to the Antarctic. Farr Yacht Design has released the first 3D renderings of the new Super 12 yachts that will be sailed in the San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge beginning in July 2017 on San Francisco Bay. Britton Ward, the lead designer of the Super 12s, said the renderings are a big step in the process leading to the final design. Ward said Tuesday that the entire staff in Annapolis, Maryland, is working on the project so tooling production can begin in May. The Super 12s are a modernized, one-design version of the venerable 12 Meters that were used in the America's Cup from 1958-1987. The San Francisco Yacht Racing Challenge, also known as the Super 12 Cup, was founded by former America's Cup executive Tom Ehman. The Fizes Valley and the adjacent tributaries, stretch over 460 kilometers in Transilvania( an historic Principality, once independent, which is currently within the North West of Romania). The District includes nearly two dozen traditional farming villages and is currently under the joint administration of two NGO's - Eco Transilvania and Ecochoice - A under the terms of a five-year contract with the Romanian Ministry of the Environment. When you set up aA CHAPSA transfer you will normally need to visit a branch of your bank and take your bank card and a form of identification such as your driving licence.
Before making aA CHAPSA payment it is worthwhile checking your banka€™s value limit for sending a Faster Payment as potentially payments of up to A?100,000 can be sent via this payment system and if this system is an option it is likely to be cheaper or even free.
Consumer protection providing immediate refund will apply if you are an innocent victim of fraud a€“ your claim needs to be made within the 13 months of fraudulent transaction leaving your account.
CHAPSA payments can be sent to most UK bank accounts and will arrive and can be drawn on the same day providing the funds are released before 3pm. Newly qualified yacht engineers can expect $19 to $20 an hour in South Florida and there just aren't enough of them. Launched seven years ago in a hangar-like building near Florida's Turnpike in Miramar, Broward College's marine program aims to prepare students to handle mechanical and electrical needs on yachts a€” everything from engines to air conditioning systems, electric generators to desalinization units. The Marine Industries Association of South Florida pushed for the program, and Broward College increasingly collaborates with association members and other businesses to place students in jobs. In all, the marine industry a€” including yachts and other craft and businesses from manufacturing to sales and service a€” supports more than 136,000 jobs in South Florida, mainly in Broward.
Yacht technicians are just a tiny fraction of that total, which also includes carpenters, captains, salespeople and others. Indeed, demand for yacht technicians is so strong that the Broward College program, with 55 students enrolled, is nearing capacity in Miramar. Alex Thomson (40) and Pepe Ribes (43) A were swapping the jib top for the Headsail and while neither was in place all the stress went on one forestay causing the main steel pin in the the drum to shear. Two years after a putsch against the Irish Sailing Association (ISA) a new five-year strategic plan has put the association on a new tack, reports The Irish Times.
If nothing else the blueprint serves as written confirmation the ISA no longer sees itself purely in a a€?national governing bodya€? role but in the same boat as the clubs and classes it was set up to serve. The plan is based on the views that were put to a a€?Strategic Review Groupa€? in 2013 that assessed how the association needed to adjust to better serve the sport. Its author Neil Murphy, a former ISA president, says the underlying principle is moving from a a€?governance approacha€? to one of the principal stakeholders in the sport a€?working together with a goal of encouraging and developing participationa€?. Ita€™s still just a plan on paper a€“ not yet on water a€“ and for this master plan to work it must first get the buy-in of a 17,000-plus strong sailing community, spread across a network of clubs on lakes, rivers and around the coast. Ita€™s a major step forward on previous strategic plans but Murphy warns a€?it can only work if there is a joint commitment between the clubs and the associationa€?. Irish sailing publication reports, a€?This blueprint looks like a positive step forward not least because it makes an attempt to implement measurable targets for the good of grassa€“roots sailors.
AYB discovers major A UK art world websites and BBC propagating identical mythical UK law to justify claims to copyright of photos of Paintings in the public domain. A Art A Collections cannot gain and sell or transfer legal Copyright without creating original art. The PCF a registered charity claims to have digitised the UK's national collection of oil paintings. The photographer uses training and skill to photograph a painting and he or she holds copyright in that photographic image. The Museums Copyright Group ignore this ruling when they report on a case in USA, even though the US Judge relied on Lord Oliver's ruling above.
BBC involvement "Two sets of permissions are required if the artist is alive, or has been dead for less than 70 years (one from the collection, which retains copyright of the photographic image, and one from the rights holder of the painting). AYB is the British Foundation with the remit to promote best practices in sales and purchase of used vessels. He was brought back to the beach on the River Teign Rowing Cluba€™s safety rib and given mouth-to-mouth and chest compression on the way back to shore. The rower from Salcombe was taken to Torbay Hospital by ambulance and is understood to be making a good recovery. Brixham coastguards said the incident happened at just before 3pm: a€?Teignmouth National Coastwatch requested assistance to a male being brought ashore at Teignmouth Beach suffering possible Cardiac Arrest from a rowing event.
Following hot on the heels of a highly successful 2014 edition of the Singapore Yacht Show, the organisers have received a flurry of high-profile repeat bookings for next yeara€™s event, which will be held 23 to 26 April 2015. Missing yachtswomans lifejacket has no emergency beacon fitted, search goes on regardless after yacht is hit by dredger off Felixstowe on Sunday. Footage here of a Sea King Helicopter such as used in this search, being shown to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by her Grandson Prince William.
Sunday evening's launch at Anacortes Washington turned into a sidways roll which caused the engine room to flood, despite efforts by the crew to readjust the ships ballast. AYB are constantly pushing the boundaries and highlighting areas where improvements may be made.
In the past whenever we had a mention on national television, the ISP's server would be overwhelmed by the sudden huge volume of traffic and most of the sites visitors justA could not get throughA the log jam. The beauty of cloud computing is that it is infinitely scaleable, we can use as much bandwith and storage as we need and never need to interrupt our site to move it to a bigger server again. To make this available to all marine companies we have set up Hosting.AYB to provide cloud hosting at lower rates then normally paid for traditional shared hosting. Modern, Easy and A intuitive, it includes One click installation of Two Hundred mainstream software packages. However, you can't help feeling sorry for the German guy who was refused entry to the A Honokohau Small Boat Harbour by the Harbourmaster because all moorings there are A reserved for local boat owners. The Harbour master directed him to nearby Kaiula bay which was clearly marked as an anchorage on the local cruising guide as well as the chart. The classic yacht was stripped to the hull, totally rebuilt and lavishly re-equiped with zero speed stabilisers, state of the art A entertainment systems and superb built-in solid wood joinery. Rolly Marine of Fort Lauderdale and Rybovich Shipyard in Palm Beach collaborated in this re-creation. James Male's father Graham read out a statement beside the British Foreign and Commonwealth office, thanking US coatsguard, the British Government and all thos who tokks considerable risks to seek their lost family members.
For three hours on Saturday a qualified instructor led the trainees in sailing tasks and games in brand new dinghies, all this was funded by Sport England. Taiwan International Boat Show Kicks off with 60 luxury yachts to celebrate the first 60 years of yacht building in Taiwan. Tens of thousands of visitors visited this grand show that features 168 foreign and domestic exhibitors. The largest yacht at the show was the RP110 model designed by Horizon Yachts, the fifth-largest custom luxury yacht builder in the world, which is also a winner of the 2014 Taiwan Excellence Awards.
Meanwhile, Kha Shing Enterprises presented its latest Monte Fino CAT 45 Sports Fish model, with ample space for fishing and recreation that's specially designed for fishing fans or taking buddies on fishing voyages.
Taiwan yacht builders have returned from all over the world for this first boat show that's packed with prestigious international guests.
Taiwan yacht parts and components suppliers have also attracted the interest of many international shipbuilding companies. In addition to overseas visitors, the Boat Show has also attracted visitor registration of executives from over 500 well-known companies in Taiwan. Simon Talbot the skipper and his hard-working crew battled hard to beat close rival Henri Lloyd.
They are now top of the 2013-14 Clipper Race overall scoreboard and hot favourites to win the prize. 11pm Saturday night Cranston Firefighters called to the Rhode Island Yacht Club marina, where they discovered a group of yachters cut off by a raging fire. US coastguard and A Department of Environmental Management also attended, A one fireman sustained a back injury. New Zealander Todd Veroe 36 took a leak on Saturday night while the two crew were sleeping.
Enter a large wave and Todd is washed off deck and finds himself swimming as the yacht motors away. All Schooners have at least two masts which were originally gaff rigged and built in Holland in the Fifteen hundreds. It is still in early stages, but the idea is that if you use readily available basic cheap diy materials and avoid fancy-priced sea-going marine fittings It is possible to build a simple solar powered floating home with electric drive and basic home utilities, suitable for use on inland lakes and canals.
The design is modular, so that a small home can be dis-assembled and transported in a standard Ford transit van.
There is currently a DIY manual and various Kits and components to supplement your local supplier. A Yachtsmen from 23 countries came together to put their all in thrillingly close competition all enhanced by the glorious Carribean sunshine andlocal festive atmosphere which was rocking for five days and nights! A luxury yacht is lifted from the water in Kaohsiung Harbor and transported to the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center in preparation for the launch of the Taiwan International Boat Show, May 2. Taiwan's first international boat show, will exhibit 60 boats with a combined market value of NT$7 billion (US$233 million) starting May 8.
The vessel was built by the Horizon Group, the leading Taiwan-based luxury yacht builder and the only Asian company among the top 10 brands of the global luxury yacht market. The show will provide an exceptional opportunity for visitors to see various yachts, either at sea from a ferry or by purchasing tickets to enter the indoor exhibition center, Kaohsiung Marine Bureau director Lai Jui-lung said.
According to a report carried in the Financial Times last July, Taiwan overtook Germany to become the world's sixth-largest yachtmaker, yet sales are much lower than before the 2008 financial crisis.
Most of the world's top yacht makers capitalize on the fact that they are European by trading on their nations' famous histories in seafaring and design, however, the Financial Times quoted a market research firm as saying that Taiwanese boat builders have seen their reputations improve over time. The four-day Taiwan International Boat Show is one of just three luxury yacht shows that are exhibited indoors, along with Boot Dusseldorf and the Genoa International Boat Show, according to Chuang Ming-liao, a board member of the Taiwan Yacht Industry Association. The annual three day event, which is organised by Jersey Marinas on behalf of Ports of Jersey regularly attracts in excess of 30,000 visitors over the weekend and is the largest free-entry event in the Channel Islands and enjoyed not only by the Islanda€™s large boating community but residents and visitors alike. Although the event has grown in size and popularity since those early days our commitment to support and promote Jerseya€™s valuable marine leisure industry has never waived and remains as strong as ever. RYA is sponsoring "Push the Boat Out", a National Weekend of sailing and windsurfing with open days across the land. A a€?Push the Boat Outa€™ will take place over the weekend of 17-18 May and will see sailing clubs across the country holding open days and inviting those who live locally to come and a€?have a goa€™ at sailing and windsurfing with an experienced sailor.
Whether you are a regular sailor, new to the sport or simply want a day out with the family, Push the Boat Out provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to get out on the water and celebrate a national weekend of sailing. The biggest sailing competition ever in Bulgaria, happened in Bourgas Bay over the last five days.
It’s time for you to get out on the water for an adventure with one of our top notch Captains who will tailor the trip to exactly what your family or group wants! Also located at the dock for your convenience is Anderson’s Seafood Market – ready to clean your catch while you wait and pack it for travel! Nature is full of pictures, and they are to be found in what appears to the uninitiated the most unlikely places. ON A SUNNY JUNE MORNING in 1903, Lily White ventured beyond the comfort of her new houseboat, the Raysark, anchored in a snug harbor on the Columbia River near Lyle, Washington.1 With stray hairs blowing about her face, she sped away in a small gasoline-powered launch for the ten-mile crossing to The Dalles, on the Oregon side of the river, in search of a boat mechanic. Refitting the pipe joints this time with greater difficulty in the dark, and replacing the needle valve, I tried to start the engine.
WHILE THE FAMILY STORIES of Lily White and Sarah Ladd have little in common, their lives intertwined in a friendship that lasted throughout their adult years. WHEN THE FIFTH ANNUAL Oregon Camera Club exhibit opened on October 30, 1899, at the club's rooms on the second floor of the Oregonian building, three hundred photographs a€” arranged alphabetically and lit by electric lights a€” hung on a background of green burlap, surrounded by wood ferns, draperies, and banners of the stars and stripes. Art, love of the beautiful, ambitions to excel has raised the standard of the Camera Club's work high among amateurs. Included in Ladd's six displayed prints were A Japanese Phantasy, Silent the Phantom Wood by Waters Deep, a bucolic forest scene, and Youth and Old Age, an image portraying a butterfly amid the opened seedpods of an aging plant. TOWARD THE END of the nineteenth century, photographic salons, where a rigorous jurying process approved only the most artistic work, appeared in Europe and the United States. IN THE SPRING OF 1903, White's custom-built houseboat, the Raysark, was towed up the Columbia River rapids by the steamer Regulator, and White and her friends were now free to explore the bays and inlets of the upper river.
White and Ladd intended to photograph their surroundings and develop and print the results in the Raysark's darkroom. BEGINNING IN JANUARY 1905, as entrepreneurs focused on promoting Oregon and the Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland, Ladd's and White's photographs of the Columbia River Gorge began appearing in the Pacific Monthly, a magazine owned and published by Ladd's husband Charles.
Ladd's images included a cloud-shrouded Mount Hood and photographs titled Celilo Falls, Morning Mists, St.
It was a romantic, visual tour to entice people to experience the basalt ledges and peaks of the Gorge and the serenity of the river.
FEW ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHERS of this era were able to devote themselves fulltime to making photographs. Sarah Ladd, A Fish Wheel is Shown at the right Extending from an Island near the Middle of the river.
SARAH LADD WAS FIFTY-EIGHT years old when her husband died on March 20, 1920, at age sixty-three. I wish to thank Terry Toedtemeier for introducing me to the work of Lily White and Sarah Ladd and also Wayne Travillion, Lily White's grandnephew, for his generosity in providing information about White's family background. Content in the History Cooperative database is intended for personal, noncommercial use only. Offering accommodation for up to 14 guests in 7 ensuite cabins, and catered for by 19 crew, a€?Silver Angela€? has been built with consideration to the service operation and storage requirements to ensure the maximum comfort and enjoyment to guests in any part of the world. Upon boarding the yacht the main deck aft offers a vast seating area with full bar and direct access to and from the swimming platform, tender garages and water sports equipment. The main entrance to the yacht is from the aft deck via the main saloon and formal open plan dining room which are both well balanced, spacious and accommodating areas with dining for up to sixteen guests. The large full width upper deck saloon has double sliding access doors to the expansive external dining area ( for up to sixteen ) and beyond. There is comfortable sofa seating for guesta€™s in the wheelhouse or further forward on deck two large built in lounging beds . No expense has been spared in the supervision and upgrading of the specification throughout this yachts construction, from her machinery to her interior outfit and external details which are all way above the yards standard proposals.
She has state of the art entertainment systems with Crestron control, plasma screens, movies and music on demand, and the latest communications systems using VOIP technology (inside and out).
Based out of the South Of France she will consider all reasonable locations in the Med , delivery fees may apply depending upon the destination and length of the charter. Silver Angel has a flat rate of a‚¬450,000 per week in summer that the owner has agreed to reduce to USD for the winter low season . Your charter starts by passing under the famous Ariel Lift Bridge and out through the Duluth ship canal were you can wave back to the tourists lining the piers. Captain Don has over thirty years experience fishing Lake Superior from Duluth, Minnesota and beyond and seventeen years as a licensed full time guide. Lake and River Charters has all top of the line rods and reels and update tackle on a regular basis.
After returning from four years in the Air Force were he did tours in the Philippines and Vietnam, he bought a 16ft.
After helping his good friend, Captain Peter, with his charters in the mid 80’s, and learning from that experience, he decided it was time to get a bigger boat and start “Lake and River Charters”. Captain Jon Dahl began fishing at an early age with my brother, Captain Peter, and our father, Don Dahl. Big Bear Halibut Charters has been operating out of Homer, Alaska for the past 32 years and has won the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby 6 times! Big Bear Halibut Charters has been operating out of Homer, Alaska for the past 32 years and has won the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby 6 times! The owners of Bear Country Fishing Village which includes Big Bear Halibut Charters are Rob and Cherise Hyslip. Alaska Fishing Charters  for Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish & Ling Cod are a great way to enjoy Homer Alaska to the Fullest. A-ward Charters of Homer, Alaska provides you with the best halibut fishing charter in all of Alaska, operating from the Homer Small Boat Harbor located in Homer, Alaska. February 2006: Delivery of Tranquilo from San Diego, California to Key West, Florida, via The Panama Canal. May –July 2007: Captain on 45’ Jeaunneau sailing vessel “Magellan” from San blas Carribean sea crossing through the Panama Canal, on to Galapagos islands,Ecuador.
Sept-January 2008: Captain 30 ft farralon, conducting oil recovery operations, San francisco bay, for National response Corporation. Retail Sales Associate Patagonia, Santa Barbara, CA 2004-2005 Customer focused retail sales and business development. TRAVEL: Galapagos islands, Ecuador,Tahiti, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Papua new Guinea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela. These guys were really something, they wanted to catch giant marlin at a time when it was a rich man's sport and everyone was dirt poor.
The IGFA awarded Louis a special official certificate, the only one of its kind, recognizing the historic catch of the world's first thousand pound black marlin on rod and reel.

It wouldn't have mattered if you had been aboard a Navy Destroyer that day, you would still have been banged around, the sea was rough. The line was reeled in, the damaged bait removed and a fresh dead ‘bonito' sewn up with a big ‘sea demon' hook was free spooled into the trolling pattern and hung from the grand custom ‘Schmidt-Built' hexagonal wooden outrigger.
The power, size and speed of Black Marlin leave no dispute over which is the strongest pound for pound fish that swims. In the next half hour of fishing several more knockdowns occurred just like the first as if a great fish were stalking the Caiman II, creating an eerie atmosphere that gave everyone a creepy ‘pins and needles' sensation. Everybody saw the number nine bus that cannon-balled through the spread at ‘the-speed-of-light', mugged the outsized ‘bonito' bait swimming just below the surface and left a foaming blue-white crater in the water directly behind the boat. They have been described as having a classic look above the waterline while having a modern appendage package with a deep lead bulb with wings and a trim tab to provide exceptional upwind performance. Banks themselves useA CHAPSA to move money around the financial system but there are several situations where individuals use it too. Ita€™s only used for Sterling transactions and payments are unconditional a€“ once theya€™ve been made they cana€™t be recalled without the recipienta€™s consent. That's up from roughly 92,000 jobs in the area in 2010, the association said in an October report. Thomson was right beside the furling drum when the pin sheared watching in dismay as the mast hinged backwards, carrying the sails with it and breaking as it landed. The association lost a quarter of its members in the recession and key yacht clubs are still in choppy financial waters. That rule was something lacking on a now scrapped 2020 vision document suba€“titled a€?grow the sport, grow the membership, grow the organisationa€™. It saves them money and helps propagate our fine art heritage on the internet to many who might not see it elsewhere.
From superyacht builders and yachting lifestyle accessories to brokers and dealers of superyachts, multihulls, day cruisers and sportfishers, a wide variety of companies have already committed to returning again in 2015. The A US coastguard investigation into the cause is ongoing and the usual preventitive measures A have commenced to keep the diesel in A the tanks and out of the sea.
Our latest research led us to abandon traditional hosting services and move into Cloud Hosting. With so many servers carrying the load, even with our large number of sites, we never have to worry about increasing the number of yacht listings, or sudden increase in traffic again.
What that means is, you don't have to search the web for your package, then download it, then install it, then set it up. There were vessels and gear of every shape and size including 40 yachts, sailboats and power-driven boats on display in the column-free North Halls. Over one thousand international media and VIP guests A registered online or accepted invitations to visit the show. Procurement personnel from shipbuilders are here from key players including Sea Ray Boats under the world's largest yacht-making group Brunswick Corporation, renowned U.S. Through the ibon kiosks at 7-Eleven convenience stores, over 10,000 tickets were pre-sold before the show opened.
The fire department recue boat was quickly deployed and the people were saved without injury. The 33.5-meter, 100-tonne Horizon RP110 will be the biggest one on display, according to officials from Kaohsiung City's Marine Bureau. Production at yards in Taiwan reached just US$148 million in 2012, down from US$357 million in 2008.
Staging such an event of this scale requires dedication and commitment by all parties involved and we are delighted with the continuing support and enthusiasm for the show, not only with our local business partners and exhibitors but by an ever-increasing number from across the British Isles, Guernsey and France. Let the honest student then choose some district with which he is in sympathy, and let him go there quietly and spend a few months, or even weeks if he cannot spare months, and let him day and night study the effects of nature, and try to produce one picture of his own, which shall show an honest attempt to probe the mysteries of nature and art, one picture which shall show the author has something to say and knows how to say it, as perhaps no other living person could say it; that is something to have accomplished. All day the mechanics cut, turned, and fitted, making many trips to and from the workshop, until without rest or food they finished the repairs just as the sun was sinking from view. Through their work, the Raysark became legendary, providing the two women and their friends congenial summer memories and a source of their most enduring photographs. Profiting from civic expansion projects, real estate, farming, and the burgeoning river transportation business, the Ladds became wealthy Portland bankers. The movement nurtured amateur photographers who created artistic images purely for personal pleasure as opposed to commercial photographers who mass-produced studio portraits for profit. Judd of Pendleton donated a trophy a€” a large three-handled silver loving cup with gold lining a€” to be awarded each year for best general exhibit by an individual amateur photographer.
The twenty-eight-page exhibition catalogue highlighted the club's studio in the tower of the Oregonian Building, furnished with an enlarging camera, a lantern slide-reducing camera, a stereopticon, and developing rooms. In early 1901, San Francisco opened its first photographic salon at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art with nearly five hundred photographs, including numerous works by Sarah Ladd and Lily White's A Soul Looked In and Rest.
Stieglitz could single-handedly influence a photographer's future by accepting or rejecting his or her work in exhibitions, by publishing it in Camera Notesa€” the journal of the Camera Club of New York, which he edited a€” or by returning it with his deflating comments about work being technically perfect but pictorially deficient. White confessed to creating that setting by damming a stream and letting part of it run wild in Fulton Park, an area between Portland and the Ladd estate. Camera Craft judged Ladd's Eyes of the Earth to be the best of her five carbon prints and reproduced it with their review.
Included were Ladd's A Decorative Panel, three flower studies presented as carbon prints on celluloid.37 In May 1902, the Camera Club of New York hung Ladd's work, and in July Stieglitz added Sarah Ladd to his list of photographers invited to represent the United States in the Turin International Exhibition at the Exposition of Decorative Arts in Turin, Italy. The events connected photographers from across the United States and Europe, especially when their work was reviewed and published in journals and exhibition catalogues.
Each active member contributed one print a month to a portfolio that traveled to cities where the club had members.
In its regional announcement, Camera Craft emphasized the inclusion of the Secession's western members a€” Anne Brigman from California and Sarah Ladd, Lily White, and Myra Wiggins from Oregon.48 Considering the distance from New York City and the relative isolation of western states from the New York City photographic hub, the accomplishments of these women are notable. The Columbia River became her home for creating pictures at any time of day, with rock formations, clouds, water, trees, and light creating the soft moodiness that was indicative of the photographic style of the time. The periodical, with a circulation of six thousand by 1900 and distributed throughout the Pacific Northwest, published western fiction, humor, travelogues, literary installments, and articles about economic progress and development in the Pacific Northwest and California. Like so many photographers of flowers, Ladd created images that reflect the view that all art originates in nature and defies the complicated technical requirements to leave an impression of natural simplicity. While these photos possessed the atmospheric content that asked viewers to contemplate the natural world a€” a popular theme of the era a€” they were reproduced to attract leisure-class tourists and potential new residents to the region. Sarah Ladd's social obligations often required her attention, and those appearances increased when her husband Charles became involved with the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition, which provided an opportunity to glorify Portland's business and society and served as the culmination of personal ambitions for many of the city's elite.
About a dozen subscribers to The Nautilus have discontinued the magazine on becoming Christian Scientists. On June 9, 1908, while living in Oswego and already a member of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Portland, she joined The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston.67 A year later, she was living with Sarah and Charles Ladd at Cedarhurst and working as a Christian Science practitioner at 616 Beck Building. Accustomed to moving on her own path, she set in motion a new course, and in July 1921 she was elected a member of the Christian Science Society in McMinnville.
Ladd was noted for her beauty and during her married life in Portland won more than local recognition because of her interest in flowers and gardening, an interest she maintained throughout her life. White fit the archetype of the strong independent western female, while Ladd had been part of Portland's high society.
I am also grateful to the staff of the Oregon Historical Society Research Library for their assistance.
Lily White probably taught photography to Fred and Oscar Kiser who, in 1903, created the Kiser Photographic Company, specializing in scenic photography. Catalogue, Sixth Annual Print Exhibition (Portland: Oregon Camera Club, October 29a€“November 3, 1900).
Constitution, Oregon Camera Club [1895], Research Library, Oregon Historical Society, Portland [hereafter OHS Research Library]. In 1899, the Oregon Industrial Exposition featured a photography exhibition judged by Ida Rae Myrick, W.
Minutes of the Oregon Camera Club, December 15, 1894a€“June 10, 1902, 57 OHS Research Library [hereafter OCC Minutes].
I maintain that many photographs attributed to Lily White were actually made by Sarah Ladd. Judith Huenneke, The Mary Baker Library, e-mail correspondence with the author, July 2, 2004. David Nartonis, Assistant for Administration, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts, letter to the author, June 13, 1988. You may not reproduce, publish, distribute, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, modify, create derivative works from, display, or in any way exploit the History Cooperative database in whole or in part without the written permission of the copyright holder. Two custom built 7.5m tenders are stored in separate garages port and starboard, along with a complete array of water sports toys and an extensive range of diving gear with a dedicated dive store room. The main guest lobby beyond connects all three interior decks and has double doors to the starboard side companion way and side boarding entrance. There is a full width lounging area aft, TV and entertainment systems inside and out, direct access to the Sundeck, main aft deck, swimming platform and guests sports area.
The Sundeck allows all guests an unrivalled experience, with large cushioned lounging around the Mosaique forced jet swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Aft of the air conditioned dining and sky lounge area which can be fully air conditioned or fully open thanks to full width glass sliding doors fore and aft, are independent sun loungers and a fully automatic retractable a€?TEEITa€? golf machine. At 1400 GRT she is probably the highest volume yacht of her length in existence, she cruises at 15 knots and runs with a highly professional crew of 19. Don can arrange for extra boats, beverages, lunches, lodging, snacks, or whatever you need. Join Captain Don Nelson for a half or full day of fishing on the largest lake in the world.
You worked hard for your money and I will do my best to make sure you have the best possible experience. Marinette Sedan with a large “main deck” cabin with sliding glass doors where you can be out of the weather on those chilly or rainy days and still be near the poles and see the action. As a young boy, fishing with both father and friends, he gained the much needed experience. Our captains are USCG licensed and all of our staff are extremely well trained, we know where the big fish are. The Hyslip Family spends their summer months in Homer which they believe is one of the most beautiful places on earth; during the winter they reside in Palmer, Alaska.
Total of 7,500 Ocean Miles April 2006: Hornblower Yacht delivery of 125’ steel ferry vessel from Boston, Massachusetts to San Diego, California via the Panama Canal.
Then crossing south pacific ocean to Marquesas islands, on to Toumotu islands, on toTahiti. Mike Learner himself signed that one and folks wrote letters to the IGFA congratulating them on issuing it. Most other billfish, except swordfish are small when compared to full sized Blue Marlin and Black Marlin. There was little talking now as the Caiman II chugged and slam-banged along through the sloppy seas and each person anxiously concentrated on the trolled baits with more than casual interest.
The high-strung intentness on the baits was abruptly interrupted as the starboard flat line went off; the harsh high-pitched sound was unnatural coming from such a large reel and set teeth on a ragged edge. It is primarily used for very high value payments and is used by corporates who make large numbers of these payments but it can be used by individuals too, although there is normally a charge of A?25 to A?30. Solicitors will useA CHAPSA payments to transfer the purchase price of a house between the bank accounts of those involved. If you give the correct information and your payment goes astray your bank must make immediate efforts to trace the transaction and notify you of the outcome.
Broward College is the only college in the tri-county area training them and working with American Boat & Yacht Council, which sets standards and issues certifications.
Having just set a new record for sailing Barcelona A to Gibraltar and setiing a new Barcelona World Race course record to the equator, they have now become the slow boat to Brazil with almost enough fuel to complete the limp to Port at Savador de Baha some 370 miles distant. Bookings have been coming in from all over the world, including: Alloy Yachts, AXA Insurance Singapore, Axis Group Yacht Design, Funair, Kingship, Luxury Yachts, MarkAgain, Premium Nautical, Princess Yachts, Reel Torque, Rossinavi, SG Boating, Simpson Marine, Sunbrella and Sunseeker, with many more key players due to sign up in the coming weeks. With dozens of servers and distributed processing, none of our sites can now be interrupted.
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Remember that your photograph is a rough index of your mind; it is a sort of rough confession on paper. She must make her own landing and arrive on the high deck of the wharf as best she could and under fire from a regiment of critical eyes.
Early amateur photographers such as White and Ladd, who had leisure time and economic freedom, undertook their work not for money, but for creative adventure. Ayer a€” a Portland bookseller, stationer, and printer a€” and lived in her grandfather's home at 348 Fourth Street. Amateurs often printed their work on paper coated with light-sensitive platinum rather than ordinary silver coatings, and making carbon prints became popular with Camera Club enthusiasts in Portland.
A photographer had to win the competition three times in order to keep the Judd Cup and have his or her name inscribed on it.
Beach, general manager of the Interchange, each camera club must prepare 50 to 125 slides, each 3A? inches by 4 inches. Her Bridge of Hope, taken from her houseboat near Castle Rock that summer, recorded a rainbow, which was considered an unusual achievement for a photographer.32 White also exhibited several photographs of Native Americans, including A Shadow of the Past, which depicted a mother and her baby.
After each member wrote comments about the prints, they were sent to the next city until eventually they returned to the owners.
White and Ladd remained Photo-Secession members at least through 1905.49 Overall, the camera club structure and amateur movement created a symbiotic relationship, in this case a vertical one, scaled by Lily White and Sarah Ladd. Steamers from Portland conveyed guests to and from her boat, which was often anchored near Lyle, Washington, a busy shipping port for wheat and sheep eighty-two miles east of Portland.
While White's darkroom-equipped houseboat was probably unique to Portland and the Columbia River Gorge, it was not an original idea. With this latest technology, the two friends could wait for the clouds to form, the water to calm, and reflections to appear. Telegraph poles peer below the looming cliff of White's Upper Cape Horn, Near Celilo Falls of the Columbia. Photographs in the Pacific Monthly appeared with the descriptive titles or local literary connections that were commonly used by photographers but were also likely to appeal to tourists. When making flower photographs, there were aesthetic considerations of composition and lighting along with the formal qualities connected to the photographers' intentions, from the desire to portray botanical specimens to romantic associations, emotions, or beauty.
Ladd and White had become successful, benefiting from the prestige associated with their work and maintaining their economic independence by making artistic photographs for commercial projects. The Ladds attended a banquet to honor the arrival of Vice President Charles Fairbanks, for example, and joined a thousand people at an opening reception of the American Inn, which Charles Ladd built on the fairgrounds.63 The festive activities offered quite a contrast to Sarah Ladd's life on the river. Elizabeth Struble Towne, born in Portland in 1865 (one year before White), was a follower of Quimby's and the publisher of the Nautilus, an influential periodical associated with New Thought. On June 2, 1911, Ladd joined White as a member of the Mother Church of the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston.69 In July, she and nine other women organized the Carlton Civic Improvement Association. Together, they joined the local Christian Science Church, where they remained members until their deaths. Each had a photographic and aesthetic vision that gave them the same status as the men who photographed the Columbia River at the same time, and both adopted a religion that allowed them to take prominent roles that were not permissible in traditional religions.
The Kiser brothers grew up on the Columbia River opposite Beacon Rock, near Dodson, Oregon, where White would sometimes stop.
The lectures were available after the club renewed its membership with the American Lantern Slide interchange in 1901.
The slides most preferred by the Interchange board of managers were cloudy landscapes, figures studies, and genre subjects. According to Penrose Annuals from this time period, Photoloid was introduced as a print material that would give a "true carbon [look] unattended with the great labor and care that the latter requires. Given that Bell's intention was to organize the Salon Club as a challenge to Alfred Stieglitz and his Photo-Secession, it is interesting to note the inclusion of Sarah Ladd and the initial listing of Myra Wiggins, both Photo-Secession members. Twenty-two-year-old Oscar Kiser disappeared on Saturday, November 4, 1905, from the Charles Ladd boathouse at Riverdale, where he worked as the caretaker. Ladd left $3,000 to the Christian Science Society of McMinnville for the maintenance of their grounds and set aside $1,500 for a drinking fountain in Carlton in memory of her husband.
From 1930, Lily White lived on Scenic Drive between Martin Way and Carmel Point with Mabel Spicker. Starting prices are shown in either US dollars, EUROS or in Australian dollars for a one week charter. Lake and River Charters is located in historic Canal Park in downtown Duluth, Minnesota within walking distance of major hotels, fine dining, and quaint shops.
Enjoy the fly bridge large enough for 4 people to comfortably sit and have a bird’s eye view, or hang out on the back and take part.
Along with acquiring a change of name in the spring of 2005 Big Bear Halibut Charters received a new desire for excellence in everything it represents. September 2000: Captain 25’ Farallon Commercial Salmon fishing in the Gulf of the Farallons.
Participated in company meetings to report end of the month totals, products sales, service revenue, and net gross. The fingers on his hand were like bananas and if he put his hand on your shoulder just to explain a fishing knot or something you could feel his strength.
You couldn't just go out and buy a boat to catch big marlin in those days even if you had the money because those fancy fabricated boats were no good for giant marlin fishing and cost more than a house.
One thing you can be sure of is that Lou never asked anyone for nothing, it was all his friends and clients, like me, when they heard about the catch. The Lemonwood rods were made from the scarce Calycophyllum candidissimum tree known as Alazano in Panama and Degame wood elsewhere. These heavyweights routinely grow to over 500 pounds and are known to reach weights in excess of a thousand pounds.

Ita€™s also sometimes used by people buying or selling a high-value item, such as a car, when they need a secure, urgent, same-day guaranteed payment. When a woman will step into the world of action and do a few vigorous things for herself, she may do all the resta€”ahem! And here it was, during the time which followed, that I learned the real meaning of stillness.
In Portland, privileged men and women chartered riverboats for moonlight excursions on the Willamette and Columbia rivers and enjoyed the new sport of golf a€” and they documented their leisure activities by taking photographs.
Her mother, Nancy Hoffman White, had crossed the plains from Illinois at age eleven with her parents and twelve brothers and sisters. Ladd's son, Charles Elliot, graduated from Amherst College in 1881 and brought his bride Sarah L. Lily White taught Oregon Camera Club members the latest photography and darkroom techniques, using ready-to-expose, emulsion-coated glass plate negatives and platinum paper for image-making. Favored for its permanence and ability to produce colored prints at a time when color photography was rare, carbon printing involved exposing a negative against pigmented tissue sensitized with potassium bichromate.
To select the winner, the club chose three judges a€” a professional photographer, an artist, and an amateur who was not a club member a€” to evaluate each personal grouping of photographs (at least six but not more than ten pictures mounted, with framing optional).
Individual slides had to be as technically perfect as possible, without areas too dense or too clear, matted and labeled, and without too much soot. Stieglitz's pronouncements signaled a new era, but Ladd and White's adventures on the river had already begun.
White had supervised the boat's construction, and the Raysark was built to accommodate her personal needs. They might move closer to or farther away from Castle Rock (now Beacon Rock) or stand on a sandy beach.
In a change from her typical landscapes, White also captured the work of fish seining on the Columbia with her photographs of horses and men grappling with the nets spread by boats.57 The exhilaration of the two women's work and the pleasures of life on the river, away from the pace of city life, contributed to a series of photographs that many believe is unmatched by other photographers. There were also many decisions to make concerning plate development, paper selection, and mounting techniques. Their first project involved working with the city council to purchase trash cans for the streets.70 Unlike White, Ladd continued to exhibit her photographs despite the changes in her life. Living near the ocean in a creative, invigorating community of writers and artists would have supported and nurtured their interests, but their life together was not to last long. Their work as artists influenced the Oregon Camera Club, which depended on photographers whose photographs reflected their lifestyle, the artistic genre of their era, and the landscapes they cherished. Photoloid consists of a colloid emulsion placed upon a cellulose base, from which combination the name evolved. The same author then discussed the formation of a Western Division of the Salon Club, a group organized by photographer Curtis Bell. In 1904, Charles Ladd bought it from Jay Cooke, a railroad financier, and then sold it to Henry J.
Holman, a lawyer and amateur rose grower, suggested that every Portland home should plant roses the following spring so the plants would have three years' growth by the time the Lewis and Clark Centennial opened. A bronze medallion of Charles Ladd, Chinese vases, and Greek glass bowls were left to the Portland Art Museum. All pantry and service bar areas are connected internally to the galley and crew areas which ensure the most efficient and discrete service throughout. Exact pricing, location and particulars will be confirmed for your selected yacht(s), by our Yacht Charter Specialists.
Our boats received a makeover including new Volvo-Penta turbo diesel engines, detailed cleaning, new leather sofas, and an extreme stress upon our staff to keep clean, safe, and well maintained vessels.
The Dream Center is a non-profit organization which takes in people between the ages of 18 and 59 who have life controlling issues. He was a soft-spoken, extremely polite individual to the point that his presence made you feel ashamed to act in any other way.
So these Schmidt's built their own forty footer especially for marlin fishing, it was called the ‘Caiman'. The Schmidt's were all modest, quiet, stalwart individuals who kept to themselves; they weren't glory seekers and never blew their own horn.
This was and is an extremely rare tough elastic wood used when available for cherished specialty archery bows and in 1949 was the most prized fishing rod material in existence.
The distinction between these two gigantic marlins has often been compared to the difference between a thoroughbred race horse and an enormous draught horse, however it has recently been scientifically discovered that the draught horse Black Marlin is in fact faster than the ‘thoroughbred’ Blue Marlin. Everybody saw but nobody except Lou, quick as a cat, grabbed the screaming steaming rod & reel, the rest had been turned to stone as if a Gorgon had stared them in the eye.
If you wanted to catch big fish you had to even the odds a little, figure out when & where they will be, what they bite, how to hook them and how to beat them. If you give incorrect information and the payment goes astray your bank must make a€?reasonable effortsa€™ to trace the transaction but may charge for doing so.
Camera clubs across the country were giving amateur photographers the opportunity to socialize, obtain darkroom assistance, share ideas and information, and go on organized outings on bicycles, trains, or river steamers. Despite the death of Nancy's father on the Snake River, the family arrived in Oregon in 1852.
Several moonlight scenes bring forth the latent beauties of pale lights and dark backgrounds. On another day, they might hike inland for a view of Upper Cape Horn, near Celilo Falls, catch the rays of sun reaching through the clouds after a storm, or capture the early morning mists. The Panamaa€“Pacific International Exposition opened in San Francisco in 1915, and Ladd exhibited fourteen photographs in the Art Room of the Oregon Building. White's Camera Club demonstrations encouraged countless photographers to progress in style and technique. The emulsion is a fairly rapid one to be developed in approximately the usual way like developing paper. During the following days, the Oregonian and Oregon Daily Journal reported he had fled the city, been shanghaied, met foul play, and been murdered. Twenty-three practitioners are listed in the city 1909 directory, fifteen of whom worked in the Beck Building. In these cases I will give you the option of going, or not going.  I will either refund your deposit or you can rebook. They are taught life skills and are taken from the position of being a burden to society and restored to a working productive person with a new dream for their life. He was a man's man back when men were men, back when the reels did all the whining not the angler. Nowadays you kids have no idea what it was like back then, there is no way you could – but things were really tough.
The two ‘bonito' from the outriggers were ‘skip-baits' and the two flat lines pulled swimming baits. Thousand pound marlin or grander marlin are considered the ultimate sport fishing challenge. Always the gentleman Lou had waited a few seconds to see if anyone else would react, when it didn't happen he had acted quickly to engage the reel before a backlash sprung up.
You had to be prepared, one step ahead, always a plan, a technique, a method, and an approach to outsmart and then outdo them.
In Portland, White and Ladd dedicated themselves to the Oregon Camera Club and the nascent photographic movement in the city.
They were easily transported and could be exposed and developed whenever it was convenient rather than on location, as wet-plate negatives required.
Prints could result in tints of yellow, green, red, or violet by varying the toning or amount of light and carbon tissue paper used.18 Experimentation with photographic printing techniques and materials was indicative of the true craftsmanship of amateur photographers who thought of themselves as artists. That year, 28 slides by 12 members of the Oregon Camera Club were accepted by the board of managers. For scale, they sometimes added a human figure or their houseboat as a reminder of their location and how they lived. The two friends' boundless physical and creative energy shaped an image of the Pacific Northwest seen by thousands of people. His body was found December 25, 1905, in the Willamette River downriver from the Ladd boathouse.
Bear Country fishing village is a proud sponsor of the Dream Center of Alaska and is one of the keys to unlocking dreams in the state of alaska!
The Schmidt's just figured there were bigger billfish out there and they would just go out and get a couple of bigger ones to lay this 1000 lbs marlin thing to bed once and for all.
Each bait was rigged with a single ‘sea demon' hook ensuring a sound hook-up and to allow an easier release if necessary. Only one instance of a rod and reel grander marlin had ever been claimed up to this time, Zane Grey's 1040 lbs blue marlin in 1931.
The big thick rod described an unreasonably pronounced arc as 30 pounds of drag transferred down the line. He and his two brothers had been ‘educated' in a myriad of angling arts since they were small children.
Both women understood the power of photography to record their own ways of seeing a landscape. Portraits were never better and afford new studies that would appeal to the eye of an artist. While Ladd's photographs received more attention than those of Lily White, both locally through the Pacific Monthly and on the East Coast, it was White's sense of adventure and the opportunities she created on the Raysark that set the tone for their posterity. Maud Ainsworth was awarded first prize of ten dollars in the Architecture and Interiors Division for Melrose Abbey. White and sister of Milton White), Lily White may have thought of Maud Ainsworth as her cousin. In an interesting twist, White is listed on the April 1910 United States census twice a€” once boarding with the Ladds in Portland and working as a Christian Science physician and again living in her family residence on Fourth Street working as an artist with a studio.
An enormous freak miscreant from another world, its measure hitherto unknown, erupted out of the Gulf of Panama and shook itself high in the air apparently suffering a Grand Mal convulsion. Not from books or schools or from globetrotting to exotic destinations, there wasn't money for any of that or a source for this type of information except from years of fishing in Panama waters. Once the money is in their account, it cannot be recalled without the recipeinta€™s consent.
During those years, they also cultivated opportunities for personal promotion that intersected with Portland's rise in regional and national status.
Sarah established a formal garden there with imported plants, a bowling green, a tennis court, a barn, stables, and a caretaker's home. The Expo, which was open for four weeks, featured music, art, trapeze artists, bands, cakewalks, a photography show, and military, mining, and agricultural, displays. The three of them together tended to seem like a majority anywhere, even in a room full of people.
When I joined the Marines at 17 I weighed 135 pounds, by the time I was wounded on Guam I weighed 165 and was so hard my face hurt. John Schmidt at the helm glanced at Lou and then at the incredible marlin and now started a slow turn to starboard.
First with their father ‘Pop' Schmidt then as a team observing ocean currents, various game fish, their migrations, habits, nature, tendencies, behavior and through a lot of ‘trial & error'.
She filled her home with mahogany furniture, china and silver serving pieces, and imported statues and vases of bronze and porcelain. At that time the Marines was pretty good duty and I got my first ever pair of shoes and three square meals a day, it didn't matter you were hired to charge machine guns - you felt like you counted for something.
They built their own boats and improved fishing reels, rods, knots, gaffs and methods to fish for these great billfish that were way ahead of their time. The wind was strong out of the south as the Caiman II made its way directly into the teeth of the resulting angry seas with the fantastic volcanic rock formations at the south end of San Jose Island, at its stern. It was early June 1949 the country had just gone through the Great Depression and the Second World War.
They had hands-on ‘educated' themselves how to build, design, outfit, repair, maintain and run the Caiman then Caiman II.
Cruikshank examined the minutes of the membership meetings in 1902a€“1922 and the early membership list. These extraordinary sheer rock structures that emerge from the hundred foot depths to almost 100 feet above the ocean surface have over the eons been formed into impressive oddly contorted shapes that are astonishing to behold.
In the next decade Casey Stengel would make the New York Yankees the greatest baseball team ever and ‘vise-grips' would be invented.
Lou lurched into the stout ‘made-by-Schmidt' fighting chair and began strapping his harness as the variously enraged ‘Mother Of All Marlins' exploded through the ocean's surface again and again and bounded towards Hawaii. Discovered what really worked for big marlin including baits, hooks, boating maneuvers, knots, lines, leaders, reel drags, fighting chairs, rods and anything to do with hooking, fighting and landing giant marlin.
They learned from their father Louis ‘Pop' Schmidt and from being out on the water fishing so much. Anyway I went billfishing a lot on the ‘Caiman II' and got to know these guys and about giant marlin fishing. The Three Monks or Tres Pilas De Arroz as they were named by the Spanish help to create an incredible upwelling with converging currents that form a sea-life nursery of bait and abundant prey species at the south end of San Jose Island. He and his brothers had custom built boats, bought, improved & improvised the best gear. Everyone in Panama either learned fishing and especially billfishing from them or from someone who learned it from them. Oh yeah, the original ‘Caiman' was impounded along with all other private boats during WWII and those dumb swabbies sunk it by accident. It had taken most of the day to get past San Jose the southern most island of the Las Perlas Archipelago, which was 50 miles from the mooring at the Balboa Yacht Club and those aboard had already caught more dorado and sailfish than anyone would care to look at twice let alone fillet.
Sweated over the details, blueprinting the Penn Senator reels so they wouldn't seize up, invented things when they couldn't be bought, enhanced the best rods in the world, pioneered special baits and rigs and had methodically checked, fixed and double reinforced everything that could possibly break or go wrong while fighting a monster marlin. Oh, you could fish for marlin almost anywhere but if you wanted to catch them your best bet was to be in Panama and to be with a Schmidt on the Caiman II.
So what do you think those Schmidts did- well they just built a better boat out of original ‘yellow pine' that is now extinct and called it the ‘Caiman II'.
It was now nearly 2pm and they were fishing only for big marlin, headed for a hotspot south of San Jose near the first ‘drop'.
The south wind had indeed brought the big black marlin close as it had pushed the forage fish in from the offshore Humboldt Current, which ran 20-30 miles out from San Jose Island.
Catching just one marlin for most people at that time was considered akin to pitching a no-hitter in the major leagues or scoring a hat trick in soccer. Five miles southwest of the ‘Monks' nearing an ocean depression called the ‘Kidneys' the outrigger clip snapped and the rear port reel whined but then stopped almost immediately. This large planetary current influenced the migration patterns of all apex predatory pelagic fish in the eastern Pacific, especially Tuna and Billfish. They had, up to then, caught more marlin than they could keep count of and would continue to pioneer saltwater sportfishing well into the 1970's when on one memorable trip they would catch 47 black marlins. They built that boat so well that it is still afloat and used for sport fishing today, even after having been abandoned, sunk and beached for several years in the late '80 & early ‘90s, I guess they built it to last.
Before the next century rolled around the Caiman and then the Caiman II would have caught more marlin on rod & reel than any boats in the history of the world.
That is still some boat, Lou told me it had two big marlin bills stuck in it from fights at the gaff, the whole transom section could be quickly removed so as to float and drag giant marlin on deck once the last rites had been administered. The wind, currents and weather patterns had affected the area optimally creating a great pelagic feeding bowl right in the path of the slow trolling Caiman II. Yeah, they had this baseball bat onboard they called the ‘priest' for just such occasions; I think it was homemade and had lead in it.
Zane Grey caught the first thousand pound grander blue marlin in 1931 but he had more money than Rockefeller and traveled all over the world for 20 years specifically for that purpose and he never caught another thousand pound grander marlin of any color. Zane also came to Panama and the Schmidts guided him fishing as well as Clark Gable, John Wayne, Ray Smith and a lot of other famous people. Lou Schmidt caught the first 1000 pound grander black marlin after the war on June 11, 1949. Most folks would bet even money unless they discovered how rough the seas were then with John at the wheel they would probably give 8 to 5 odds, on Lou. Neither of those thousand pound marlin were recognized as official world records by either the Tuna Club in Catalina or by the IGFA, which was formed the same year Zane Grey died. Zane's grander blue marlin because sharks mutilated it at the gaff and Louis Schmidt's monster grander black marlin because his harnesses broke at the end of the battle. I wasn't with them fishing that fishing trip but heard about it like everyone else did the day they got back.
I think that famed billfish weighed a lot more than 1006 pounds because she lost a lot of mass since they had to wait until the next day to weigh it and had to cut the colossal fish in two to certify the weight as the scale bottomed out on the first try.
The girth I remember was 76 inches and everyone was disappointed it didn't reach 14 feet long but it was close. If you figure at least 13 feet 6 inches with that girth of 76 inches you get a mind-blowing weight of around 1170 pounds, which is more like it. A story about Lou and John landing this grander marlin appeared in the July 4, 1949 issue of TIME magazine. Lots of folks were outraged it didn't count as a world record marlin and they wrote to everyone including their congressmen!

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