The fishing season is here and our offshore and inshore charter boats are ready to serve you and your family. We give you the information you will need so you can choose the right kind of charter for your group, friends or family.
When you choose boats that are members of the cooperative, you will be in touch with a charter boat that will give you the service you desire while putting you on the fish. Back Bay fishing has become very popular over the past six years and we are seeing more guides arrive daily. When it comes to deep sea fishing or inshore fishing on Alabama's Gulf Coast, we are just like you. Great Customer Service, Professional Friendly Crew, Clean and Well Maintained Boats are a few of the best reasons people like you, choose us. Alabama is famous for it's artificial reef system that covers over 1200 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico. The coastal Alabama area south of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is mostly shallow and has a muddy or sandy hard bottom. The oil rigs you see off of Alabama's Coast are in what we call shallow water and hold some fish around them. Inshore Fishing - is best described as fishing in bays, coves, channels, near jetties, underneath bridge pilings or near inshore artificial reefs. With us, you skip the middle man and go direct to the person who will be taking your reservation. Fighting a monster Mangrove Snapper while deep sea fishing on the Distraction Charter Boat.
This is what you will see above when you leave the parking lot and start walking to the west toward the dock store and charter boats.
When you are on the left side of the Orange Beach Marina Dock Store, the boats will be on the left, down this dock, facing west. This is the fish cleaning station that is located just before the dock store on the left side of the walkway.
We're excited to introduce the newest addition to the Gulf Rebel charter fleet, the Summer Breeze!
The Gulf Rebel is a 44' custom fishing boat that has been operated by the Annan family for more than 50 years.
You don’t have to rent a whole boat or fish with 30+ Anglers to still catch Snappers. This entry was posted in Fishing, News and tagged alabama deep sea fishing, bottom fishing orange beach al, fishing alabama gulf coast, fishing charters gulf shores al, gulf shores bottom fishing, gulf shores deep sea fishing, Orange beach deep sea fishing charters, orange beach fishing, red snapper fishing florida state waters, Snapper fishing gulf of mexico, snapper fishing orange beach al on June 10, 2014 by AAACharters Team. A deep sea fishing charter that gives you action, some relaxation or something in between.  Book your trip today!
Different in every way.  First we raised the bar, now we are setting standards.  Book your trip today!
Taking your family deep sea fishing for the first time, isn’t such an imposition!  Book your trip today!
There is nothing you can’t do, when you finally make up your mind to do it!  Book your trip today! The experiences you receive while fishing with us, will shape who you while moving forward in life.  They are more valuable than any material goods you will ever possess!  Book your trip today! The expressions on your face is priceless and we aim to catch that special moment for you.   Book your trip today!
Our relentless attention to every detail and improving the family fishing experience drives us forward! If you catch a big Cobia like this one, the rest of your trip is made!  During late spring and summer, these migratory game fish show up on Alabama’s artificial reefs and they offer an incredible light tackle fight. During the late summer, Mahi Mahi can be caught while trolling fishing south of Orange Beach.  If you are lucky enough to catch one, they are very tasty too!  Book your trip today! Would your kids like to learn how to drive the boat?  Captain Troy encourages you to come up and take the helm.
You will love seeing amazing Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Birds and occasionally, some really cool looking fish like Mola Mola and Jellies. Want your own big fish story?  On most 6 hour charters, someone gets a chance to get a competitive edge over their buddies.  All sharks are photographed and then released. Because you deserve it.  Your family will will always remember the time when you took them to experience a different kind of fishing charter in Orange Beach.
It is time to put the accelerator down on your imagination and experience a fun, family friendly fishing trip that can be found nowhere else.
We keep the boat moving along, dragging baits of different colors, shapes, sizes at different distances and depths while waiting for a strike. On all of our half day trips you will be using NEW light tackle fishing gear that will be the highlight of your family trip. Children & Kids FishingImagine finding an offshore fishing guide that specializes in taking kids as young as 4, deep sea fishing. For those of you who have concerns about offshore fishing for the first time and want to keep land in close sight, you might choose our half day trolling trip.  During the summer months and early fall, this trip gives us enough time to locate schools of mackerel fish that will give you plenty of action. You get to indulge yourself while experiencing a safe, private, “G” rated, kid friendly, laid back, hassle free, deep sea fishing charter in a way that can be found nowhere else. You get the full use a charter boat that is well maintained, safe, clean, a large air conditioned cabin, odor free, private restroom and a kitchen with a microwave.
We encourage children to engage themselves at their own pace or comfort level and do something they can’t do at home. AAA Charters offers wide selection of Alabama six pack fishing charter boats in Orange Beach AL, Gulf Shores AL & Perdido Key FL. Undertaker is a 42′ custom sportfisherman charter boat that can fish up to six passengers for Gulf of Mexico fishing or cruises. We also tell you with everything you need to know about deciding on which type of saltwater fishing charter is best for you, your family and budget.

We help first timers, seasoned anglers and families, discover and experience charter fishing in Orange Beach by cutting out the middle man or charter booking office that takes a 15% cut off the top of the boat owners fee.
Deep sea fishing consists of either staying close to shore and trolling or heading farther out to the reefs where you drop your lines to the bottom in hopes of catching a big one.
The most common deep sea fishing trips are 6 hours and most boats offer two trips or more every day. We are parents, grandparents and because of that, we understand what you are looking for when it comes to getting good service and finding value added services.
We give you up to date information about deep sea, inshore and sport fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast.
Until these man made reefs were built and better navigation aids were available, fishing for fin fish species like Shark, Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, trigger fish, lane snapper, porgy, vermilion snapper, red porgy (white snapper)and cobia was almost unheard of.
Seven miles offshore you get to about 70 feet deep and 20 miles offshore, you are only in about 100 to 110 feet of water.
Deep sea fishing is usually broken down into two sub categories of trolling or bottom fishing.
Most inshore fishing is done by using light tackle or spinning rods with 6 to 20 pound test.
Unlike some marina charter booking offices and similar charters require half the money up front, our charter boats do not charge deposits on day trips or less. Try our easy to use online booking process and stop worrying about trying find the right one for you. We offer charters during the shrimping season, with trips generally running from dusk until dawn.
This summer AAA charters is able to offer red snapper fishing on six passenger charter boats and a few of the large head boats until mid-July 2014.
This equates to you getting a lot of hands on experience and some incredible light tackle action.  If the fish you catch are in season and you want a harvest a few fish for dinner, that is alright by us. Trolling is a lot of fun and really gets hot in June through October each year, while our waters are warm and the pelagic and migratory fish in close. You better bring your camera, because you will want to get some pictures of your kids driving the boat.
We 0ffer you a complimentary copies of your family while fishing and a movie of your entire fishing trip. We put you in direct contact with some of the most professional Orange Beach charter guides and captains on the entire Alabama Gulf Coast and let you choose which fishing trip is best for you. The fishing charters and guides listed on this site are forward thinkers and are members of the Orange Beach Charter Fishing Cooperative. With so much fishing pressure in Orange Beach, the fish supply does not last long and you might not catch many fish if you decided to save a few bucks and fish with a guide who stays close. Whenever we go somewhere and want to experience an activity or find a good restaurant, we rely on reviews from third party trusted sites.
We answer your questions about saltwater fishing and chartering a boat, so you will know what to expect when you arrive.
The Gulf Shores area, all the way to Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island have long been known for their great King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel fishing. There are some reefs that were built closer to shore that hold reef fish like red snapper, grouper and amberjack, but they see a lot of fishing pressure and are often hard to get a bite. I will take the next few paragraphs and break them down for you and will give you a simplified explanation of each.
Trolling is where the boat keeps moving and anglers drag lines with baits behind the boat waiting for a fish to strike.
The best inshore fishermen fish for Speckled Trout, Flounder, Red Drum (Redfish), Black Drum, White Trout, Pompano, Sheep Head, Lady Fish and Tripletail (Blackfish).
Having to pay 50% of the price of the trip up front is common in the charter fishing industry, but we prefer to handle our reservations similar to the way a hotel does. For many, a fishing trip is a highlight of their vacation, but not everyone is in the position to hire a boat for themselves. We are competent, knowledgeable and will always put your happiness before our personal gain.
This way, you can re-live your charter whenever you like.  You can also see who caught the most fish. We offer solutions for those who want to escape ordinary and fish with some of the highliners in the charter fishing world.
They have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and quality fishing trips for first timers, families, kids and active seniors. If your tight on money or don't want to invest a lot in your first time deep sea fishing, we have a party boat that we can refer you to. We have all seen those form letters where only the names are different, but the reviews over exaggerate the service. We also share definitions commonly used by anglers and guides in our area so you will know what we are talking about. When we were kids growing up, most of the fishing we did along the Alabama Gulf Coast was near shore trolling for these two species of pelagic fish (migratory - non reef fish). However, if you take a 6 hour deep sea fishing trip, you have enough time to get far enough offshore to where the fishing pressure is less and the fishing is better. If you want to go after blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi (dorado) or Wahoo, you need to go at least 60 to 120 miles offshore to where the deep water oil rigs are located. Besides, coming up with that kind of money to secure your trip puts a burden on those who have not budgeted for the experience. We offer fishing for individuals and small groups that are partnered with other anglers to charter a boat together. Most of the six pack boats in the fleet feature air conditioned cabin, but there are a few open deck fishing charters as well. There is only good times and quality fishing trips in an environment that families feel comfortable with.

The deckhands on these trips are there right beside you at all times and take care of your every need. We have also simplified the process of finding the best charter and ultimately, booking a fishing trip. As fish finding technology improved, we were able to build artificial reefs were able to re-locate them each trip in order to make bottom fishing relatively easy and have some consistency to it.
To get out there, you need to take an over night fishing charter to a two day charter to have a chance to catch these species. The request is sent to the captain and he will email you back quickly and will let you know if that date is available.
The fourth and final step is submitting a reservation request so we will know what you want to do. See Dolphins & Sea TurtlesBeing able to see Wild Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Pelicans and Seagulls up close, is the highlight of any fishing charter. All of our offshore fishing vessels are equipped with marine heads for your convenience and comfort. The cost of these fishing trips runs about $450 for 4 people for 4 hours and goes up from there. The mates take time to educate and demonstrate different fishing techniques that you might not learn on a walk on or party boat trip. With us, we take customer service seriously and if at anytime you ever feel let down, we will make it right. The cost is a little more, but our guides are not afraid to burn the fuel to get you to where the fishing pressure is less.
Your deckhand is paid in the form of a tip or gratuity and that runs about 20% minimum of the price of the charter that you paid. We are also outdoor writers who share information about fishing, fish politics and serve on many panels of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. Trolling fish commonly caught off of Alabama include king mackerel, spanish mackerel, wahoo, tuna, billfish, bonito and a few more. Inshore bay fishing consists of fishing on the bottom or on the surface and anywhere in between. In addition to offering fishing charters these boat can be chartered for cruises, concert transportation, weddings, corporate meetings, and special occasions. You get first class service and the captain takes you to his best reefs and lets you fight some really big fish. With us, our goal is to create a good user experience and give you accurate and up to date information about fishing in Orange Beach. When trolling, anglers are either dragging baits on the surface or below the surface of the water.
In recent past, because of intense fishing pressure during peak seasons, some inshore guides have found themselves moving offshore into a big boat world and have been fishing for what was traditionally known as a deep sea fishing area. Because of the high cost of these trips and the difficulty in booking a multi-day trip if someone cancels at the last minute, a 50% deposit is required.
Our six passenger fleet of vessels includes Hatteras, Bertram, Resmondos, Buskins Island Hoppers, and quite a few boats that have been customized by their captains and crews.
As mentioned above, our fishing guides offer some of the best service in the world and have the reputation of being responsible, accountable and professional at all times with your family. We live and breath on customer reviews and feedback from our past guests in order to grow our business each year. One big difference is our inshore guide moves his operation to Mobile Bay whenever the fishing gets tough in Orange Beach. The areas we mostly troll are right off the beach, all the way out to depths of over 5,000 feet and anywhere in between. This fishing site's success depends on us giving you, exactly what you expect from the information provided about your fishing trip. Bottom Fishing is when the captain navigates and takes you out to a GPS location where artificial or natural reefs are located.
He holds the boat still or anchors while you bait your hooks, stand on the edge of the boat and drop your lines beneath the surface of the water toward the bottom (hence bottom fishing).
A captain running his own charter boat is important because you know what type of service you can expect from him. Anglers mostly fish on the bottom, but in recent years reef fish populations have recovered so you can often catch reef fish just beneath the surface or high in the column of water.
Vessel owners and captains, have a vested interest in ensuring you get a fishing charter that lives up to their reputation. The artificial reefs you are fishing on, are either public (built with public money) or they are private (built by the captain or boat owner). Everyone who has access to the water can easily find the published GPS waypoints and go fish the spots. They are built by captains in order to have fish to catch when fishing is tough on public reefs.
Having a private reef to fish nearby is like having insurance so your customers or family can easily catch fish. The most common frozen bait is either Cigar Minnows, Spanish Sardine, Cut Squid or Menhaden (Pogies). For safety reasons, if you are heading offshore to go deep sea fishing, please choose a boat that has two engines.

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