With deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, be prepared to catch a wide variety of fish species including mahi mahi, king mackerel, spanish mackerel, red snapper, grouper, amberjack, vermillion snapper, white snapper, shark, tuna, cobia, and trigger fish. Please contact us or give us a call for more information, pricing, and availability for our sea charters.
Reservations for our fishing charters in Panama City Beach should be made in a far in advance as possible so that you ensure getting the day and time that works best for your group.
I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful job Captain Sours and Clarence did on Monday. We thoroughly enjoyed our charter fishing trip and are looking to book another Gulf of Mexico fishing trip (but longer) in the near future. Our boat is Coast Guard certified and have full accommodations for 17 divers and all of their gear, on the 2 tank inshore and offshore trips and 12 divers for the longer 3 tank offshore trips, however if you’re a larger group and you want on the same boat, we can handle it.
The Narcosis has hot water showers, a marine head, tank racks for any size tank, camera tables and fresh water wash down for your gear.
Narcosis is the fastest, safest, prettiest, driest and most comfortable dive charter boat on the Emerald Coast! In addition to Narcosis, we still operate six-pack dive boats for divers who prefer a private trip, or who wish to book our specialty charters, such as spear fishing or lobstering trips.
Sea conditions permitting, we will have charters available for you during your visit to the world’s most beautiful beaches.
Other dive charter operations might beat our rates by a buck or two, but they don’t compare to the Dive Locker and our custom dive boat NARCOSIS. A DAN dual rescue extended care oxygen kit is standard equipment on our boat and our crew members are all certified in Oxygen Administration. The inshore charters will take you to sites with an average depth of 65 feet and will keep you busy about 4 hours. Book your student check-out dives aboard Narcosis and we will provide you with the following comps. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO 6.5% FLORIDA SALES TAX WITH THE EXCLUSION CHARTERING AGENCIES WITH A CURRENT SALES TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE. WHEN YOU’RE MAKING YOUR CHARTER RESERVATIONS, PLEASE SPECIFY WHETHER YOU DIVE WITH AIR OR NITROX SO WE CAN HAVE IT READY FOR YOU. Join the Captain and the crew of Narcosis for our SPECIAL NIGHT DIVES and see your favorite dive sites like you’ve never seen them before. Take the private six-pack, Let these experienced Captains take you to the “FISH MARKETS” that are unknown to most sport divers! Call Carla Hanson: just call the hotel AT (850) 522-5200 ask for the Dive Locker discounted rate. At about 7 am on Saturday, February 19, 2011, Francisco (Pancho) Arias, his son Felipe (15 years), Felipe?s friend Rafael (Rafa) Aleman (also 15) and Luis (Luigi) Vallarino started out towards Hannibal Bank on Crazy Popper with Captain Macho and his son Jeffrey, who about one month before started following his father?s food steps. After a quick celebration, everybody turned to Luigi, a fisherman all his life and proud owner of a 1976 Bertram 31 that he repowered and refurbished about 14 months ago, during which time many fish have been caught, including five marlin released on the Gulf of Panama.  But this is PSFL?s Coiba, where fish are fought standing, something that is rarely done on his boat, which is equipped with a fighting chair.
By this time, Luigi?s back was hurting, big time.  He turned to the rest of the fishermen and with Rafa exhausted from his own session and Pancho purposely distracted after seeing the suffering imposed upon Luigi by the fish, Felipe took a step forward.
After the tuna made Felipe break his own sweat and the fish was already in sight, Macho again worked his magic.  Within a few minutes, the fish was gaffed and three people (two with gaffs and macho grabbing it by the gills) with great difficulty got it on board. During the fight, Macho had alerted the rest of the fishermen, who within a few minutes ran from the bank to the feeding frenzy.
On Tuesday, seas were two foot out to 60 miles, and Ron & Susan Musick asked me to captain their boat, with their friends Eddie Alfonse, Bob Mayer, Fred McNeil and Liz Condos joining them for some fishing about 18 miles west of New Pass.

Jerry Casey, Jerry Everling, Steve O?Connor, John Gaworecki and John?s two sons, fourteen-year-old Jake and twelve-year-old Luke, headed offshore with me on Friday morning to fish with live shrimp in 38-45 feet.
Saturday morning, the gulf was flat and the bite was active, but with few keeper-sized catches, when I fished in 43 feet with Bob Meyer and his grandson, Shawn.
The photo shown is of angler, Blair Austin, with a 17-inch hogfish (yum!), caught on shrimp, on a recent offshore trip. The one thing I do with this rig is attach my sinker with copper rigging wire to keep it as a break away if it gets hung in the bottom. Got Fluke on my mind today for some reason, more than 3 months away from the season here in NJ. Menidia menidia also called spearing, slender minnow-sized with silver striped on the side, yellow-tan coloration. Mark, David and Chris took some nice video of there trip at PSFL, unfortunately not much pics. Our crews are courteous and alert…standing by to help the novice or old pro to a better catch. Welcome to the Premier Galveston Offshore Deep Sea fishing charter and Guide Service located in Galveston, Texas. Our Panama charter fishing fleet is made up of three boats: La Suai, Senor Magoo and El Wuandungo.
When you book Panama fishing charters, it is important that your operator have appropriate navigation, communications and safety equipment. Finally, we know that when you are looking for a Panama charter fishing vacation, you expect your day out on the sea to be comfortable and convenient. We realize that you have a choice among Panama fishing charters, so we make sure that you have the best and most well-appointed fleet for your day out on the water. Follow UsView on FacebookThe Palomar knot might be the most fundamentally known knot for offshore fishing. A day of deep sea fishing in Panama City Beach with Killen Time Fishing Charters is more than just a day of bottom fishing or offshore fishing, it is a lasting memory that you'll remember forever. They were very helpful and took time to explain how things worked to my husband and to my son. The huge dive platform and oversize ladder makes getting into and out of the water from the boat so easy you won’t believe it. We have an abundance of excellent dive sites, both inshore and offshore, and we’re always working to add more wrecks and artificial reefs.
We provide PADI certified DIVE MASTERS on every charter, complimentary drinks and snacks, hot, freshwater showers, laundry fresh towels and EVEN… conditioner for the ladies hair. WE ASK DIVERS TO BE AT THE DIVE LOCKER ONE (1) HOUR PRIOR TO CHARTER DEPARTURE TIME TO GET SIGNED IN AND GEARED UP.
Our PADI Certified Dive Masters have years of experience diving the Gulf Waters of Florida’s Panhandle and will provide you with SAFE, FUN and ENTERTAINING dives. Crazy Cristina, with Captain Chichi, Captain Rafaelito and a couple from North Carolina, had two missed marlin strikes, but the other five boats in the area had no action either.
Members if you want to speak and you are a public figure and don’t want to use your normal user name, please create a new user name and make that post and make yourself count. There were rough seas and gusty winds offshore and low-tide conditions in the bay, as consecutive weather fronts moved through our area. We fished with live shrimp in 43 feet, and caught a pair of 16-inch-hogfish, six mangrove snapper keepers to 15 inches, porgies and grunts.

We caught five keeper lane snapper to 14 inches, a keeper mangrove snapper, and four whitebone porgies. The duo did keep some grunts and porkfish to eat, but most of our many catches had to be released, and included twenty-five mangrove snapper that were all 11 to 11 ? inches, gag grouper to 21 ? inches, red grouper to 19 inches and triggerfish shorts. 2 mustad offset black octopus hooks snelled in tandem one bead and a Mckala or B-2 Glow in the Dark Squid. I really enjoy catching squids in the canyons on overnight trips but this really looks like a blast. Everything from rod, reel and bait to electronic radar equipment are designed to help make your fishing day a success.
Our boat captains will be sharing half a century of gulf prize fishing experience with you, experience that counts when you want to take home a prize catch! When you are looking to book an excursion for a Panama fishing charter, you need to make sure that your hosts have a high-quality fleet of boats so you can have the best sport fishing experience. ALL DIVERS DOING 3 TANK DIVES, WHETHER INSHORE OR OFFSHORE, ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A WORKING DIVE COMPUTER, CAPABLE OF TRACKING THE TYPE GAS THEY ARE BREATHING. We released smaller mangrove snapper, gag grouper to 21 inches, and red grouper to 19 inches. They also caught about fifteen mangrove snapper, and kept one that measured 15 inches, along with seven keeper lane snapper, whitebone porgies and grunts. This allows you to keep large bait alive, an absolute necessity when you are in Panama and charter fishing.
We have cushioned seating with fold-out chairs that accommodates both small and large groups.
The rain that was predicted to be light and brief ended up persisting throughout the morning. The trench has depths of 60 to 100ft, There are ballast stones from the old sailing ships that they would dump over board to lighten up for the trip up the bay. Each boat also includes a wide assortment of mix game lures, including poppers, jigs and lipped lures. Each person on board also has his or her own coolers loaded with beer, water, soda, lunch and snacks. The boys did more shivering than reeling and, after catching and releasing a few, decided they?d rather head back to shore and warm up. Our captains and crew are all trained in how to use this technology and equipment to make your Panama charter fishing experience exciting and safe.
We also make sure our boats are stocked with all the best fishing gear of any of the Panama fishing charters. Using live shrimp, the trio caught seven sheepshead, three of which were keepers to 17 inches.
All boats come fully stocked with quivers of Shimano-built reels, custom rods and Penn Spinning gear. They also caught two whitings, one of which was a keeper, and they released a 14-inch sea trout.

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