Bolted the clamps to my seats stuck in the pvc with 45's and ran 3 levels of conduit across to make it sturdy.
Burlap was pretty easy to see thru, so I purchased a brown cloth and spray glued burlap to it.
It is important to decide exactly what you expect to achieve from the blind that you are going to construct. I made the height of the blind the same as the beam of my boat…I think I could have added about 4” to this dimension, for comfort.

USE STAINLESS STEEL FASTENERS…They don’t rust…never need to replace them.I fastened the stand off conduit clamps to the rail on the boat. IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE LOC-TITE ON THE SCREWS THAT FASTEN THE STAND OFF CLAMPS TO YOUR BOAT…they will work themselves loose!Okay, so one side of the boat, (the side that is normally at your back when hunting), for me it is the starboard side, gets one full length of conduit fastened directly to the rail as in the above pic.Next you will need to assemble a rectangle of conduit that measures the width of the beam (or your particular height, determined by trial and error) by the length of the boat less 2-3feet. The starboard side of the rectangle is held up using a straight length of conduit fastened to swivel and brace to the side of the boat. I use a strap between the main rectangle section and the lower section…this leaves the top section open to move out of the way if needed.I use two more straps on the topper section at one third points, so that the top can be secured for the birds that want to fly overhead.

Fold them in half, weave the bent end through the fence fabric and loop the other end through the bent end.

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