This boat has the latest joy stick handling choice and the efficient Volvo Penta IPS pod drive system. So, its… 1) easy marina maneuvering, 2) same cruising and top speeds, and 3) better fuel economy underway comes with this top-of-the-line Yacht. The interior is also finished in wood, often in either a gloss white paint finish, or stained and finished with rubbed-effect varnish.
She has three staterooms, one with a head in suite, plus a shared head for the other four people in the remaining two staterooms.

With smaller than normal engines for good fuel economy, she makes her speed with the IPS pod drive as a straight shaft inboard of higher Hp would. And the IPS diesels and drives take up less space within the hull, so another room is added, to top off the benefits of an Volvo Penta IPS drive system. His varnish job was not on a professional level, so it would be a beauty with a new varnish.
A fiberglass boat is made up of layers of glassfiber cloth combined with resin, this one is made up of wood combined with epoxy resin.

On a budget-be-damned yacht, where strength and light weight are valued higher than the budget, epoxy is the resin of choice. I had professional mechanic go through it.The boat and trailer are registered in California with a clear title.

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