This lovely classic Tug has been completely stripped down, sandblasted, retreated, had new superstructures built, and has been repainted.
Location: Pontevedra, Spain Interesting pages and wooden construction technique. Frosty Previous Member   I always thought that 'Naga pelangi was built in Trengganu. She was sold on to another Englishman and is now a charter vessel , I see her around occasionaly.
Although her scuppers were always awash she would go so far and no further, After a while one became quite confident in her capabilities.
They say that the bark caulking will last the entire life of the boat, being over a hundred years.
Price-wise and practically, would this sort of construction be suited to some more modern designs, and even the addition of some modern materials in parts (epoxy, carbon etc)?
Ie, could the average person consider this sort of construction for something like a family round-the-worlder. Not that I am in the position to do so now or at any time in the near future, but I have for a long time thought about getting a boat such as this (but a bit smaller) built from traditional woods and construction techniques, with a sprinkling of modern materials and parts.
Location: Port Dickson, Malaysia Wooden boat construction photo Have a look at this link. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The show deals with life learning issues portrayed by the tugs or other ships in the harbour. The Harbourmaster: Along with all the duties of a real-life harbourmaster, 'The Harbourmaster' is the narrator of the series, and provides voices for the entire cast of characters.
Theodore Tugboat "the Victorious": Theodore is the title character who lives in the Big Harbour with all of his friends. Hank Henry "the Volcano": Hank (the Volcano, as he sometimes calls himself) is the smallest, funniest, fastest tugboat in the Big Harbour. George Golieth Gargantua "the Valiant": George is the largest and strongest tugboat in the Big Harbour. The Dispatcher: The Dispatcher is a rotating building on the "Great Ocean Tug and Salvage Company" dock, who gives the tugs their jobs for the day.
Donald Dock: Donald is the wooden dock across from the Dispatcher, and also happens to be his best friend. Benjamin Bridge: Benjamin is a green suspension bridge at the end of the harbour who loves to watch everything that goes on.
The Ferry Twins: Phillip and Philmore are two identical ferry boat twins that cross the harbour before Benjamin Bridge. Bedford Buoy: Bedford is a small buoy that marks the place where the harbour ends and the ocean begins.
Owan the Oil Rig: Owan is a loudmouth, boisterous, Barney Fife-type, oil rig that works outside the Big Harbour.
Digby the Cable Ship: Digby is an old cable ship who is always getting stuck somewhere on the job. Northumberland Submarine: Northumberland is a black submarine who sleeps during the day and works during the night. Rebecca the Research Vessel: Rebecca is a research vessel who explores everything about the ocean. Shelburne the Giant Sea Barge: A giant sea barge designed for longer journeys on the open ocean. Constance the Coast Guard Ship: Constance is a coast guard ship who takes almost everything seriously. Carla the Cool Cabin Cruiser: Carla is a zany cabin cruiser who only works to please herself. Sigrid "the Virgin" the Supply Ship: Sigrid is a supply ship that takes supplies to Owan the Oil Rig out on the ocean. Bluenose the Sailing Ship: Bluenose is a schooner sailing ship that lives in the Big Harbour and holds the title of "the fastest ship in the harbour" (considering that she has no engine). Bobby Barge: Bobby is a green salvage barge, who like all the other barges, is good friends with the tugs, and always quiet. Guysborough the Garbage Barge: Guysborough is a grumpy garbage barge who always describes everything as "rotten". Jasper the Junk Dock: Jasper is the garbage dock who is the exact opposite of Donald, because the only thing he can say is "nope". Bayswater Barge: Bayswater is a small green and blue barge that loves to make up funny names. Blandford Buoy: Blandford is a marker buoy at the outermost edge of the harbour who serves as the first entry point for incoming ships. The Broken Buoys: In the episode "Theodore Changes Sides", the Dispatcher assigns Theodore and Hank to move the broken buoys. The Rock Brothers: When Pugwash was hiding from Lunenburg Lighthouse she discovered the rock brothers (three pairs of eyes in the underwater cave). Truro the Fishing Trawler: A fishing trawler who lives and cares for Dorothy Dory in Ceilidh's Cove.
Dorothy Dory: A dory who lives in Ceilidh's Cove with Truro, looks to both Truro and Theodore as older siblings. Nautilus the Navy Ship: Nautilus is the only navy ship in the big harbour, and has the number 411 on his sides. Halliburton Houseboat: Halliburton is a houseboat who lives in an enclosed cove near the Big Harbour.
Tex the Oil Rig: An oil rig that was really rude until a storm nearly made him crash into Benjamin Bridge, after which he learned humility. Margaree Pride: A container ship that George and Theodore helped out of the harbour, the day after Theodore first arrived.
Gloria Cornwallis: A ship that Emily and Theodore were towing during a time when Theodore was having nightmares of a sea monster coming at him in the night. Kirby: A grey cargo ship loaded with telephone poles from England who got nervous when Theodore approached him too quickly. Elo Echo: A blue container ship Theodore saved when she was about to hit sharp and dangerous rocks, by flashing his light and blowing his horn. Katherine: A red cargo ship who, like Emily, had never met a ship from Russia until Gregor was in the harbour.
Freda: A small red cargo ship that got stuck on some rocks outside the harbour, but Theodore and George teamed up to pull her to safety. Caroline: A container ship that Foduck and Emily had trouble with while trying to get her to her docked, until George came to help them. Jennifer: A ship who Emily rescued before Theodore got an assignment to rescue Digby, who was stuck on a sandspit.
Colchester: A green container ship Theodore and Emily were helping bring into the harbour when Hank was suffering with the hiccoughs.
Catherine: A big container ship who carried a double load and gave Theodore and George a difficult time trying to move her.
Shamus: An Irish fishing trawler that was once covered in ice, and later, when the ice melted, struck up a friendship with George. Icebreaker Inverness: A cargo ship that Hank accidentally offended by calling him "Needlenose".
Clementine: A big container ship who came when Theodore first met Clayton, and wished that he could lift things like he could. Louise: A cargo ship Theodore and George brought in, the first time they heard that Petra the new pilot boat was coming to live in the harbour. Dartmouth the Giant Cable Ship: A giant cable ship who won the attention of all the tugboats when he first arrived in the Big Harbour.
Annapolis: A cargo ship brought into the harbour when the tugs first met Sigrid the Supply Ship.

Canso Colossus: A supertanker who once hit rock near the Pictou Peaks and was sinking fast. Caraquet: A container ship Theodore had a hard time keeping steady when George was doing tough tugging. Chester: A blue and red container ship who wanted to have flags during the time the ship and boats of the harbour were having their flag day. Emma Sophia: A small red and grey ship who was loaded with kumquats, who Theodore was to bring into the harbour. Cocomagh: A container ship who was afraid to come into the harbour until Foduck convinced her that the Big Harbour was the friendliest harbour in the whole world. Cabot: A cargo ship who illegally came into the harbour by himself, dropping cargo, he caused chaos in the harbour. Cabot's Cargo: After Cabot had let some of his cargo fall off his deck, Theodore felt bad, until the cargo spoke to him! Pugwash: A yellow mini-sub who scared Northumberland by bumping him, but later decided to stop. Strangley her rigging to windward never seemed to be stressed,-- yet with engine just running would quite easily achieve 6kts. Most often, the tugs have a problem, or get involved in a struggle with each other or another ship, but they always manage to help one another resolve these problems and see them through. He is the only human on the show, and is portrayed in the Canadian and US versions by the late Denny Doherty, and by other performers internationally.
He's one of the smaller tugs that wears a red baseball cap, and is sometimes offended if someone calls him "cute" or "small". He wears a blue tuque and loves to make funny faces and noises as a way of getting attention. He wears a red fireman's hat and is equipped with extra bright spotlights, sonar transceiver and a fire hose. The twins are modelled after the twin Metro Transit ferries Halifax III and Dartmouth III which were built in 1979 to carry passengers across the Halifax Harbour on a daily basis.
He is hardly ever awake in view of the tugs, except for when Theodore and Hank saw him on their night shift. She loves to give the tugs funny nicknames and usually refers to the Dispatcher as the "Dishwasher". Bobby occasionally helps out with Rebecca's salvage operations when Shelburne is on assignment. Jasper is a good friend of Guysborough, who always turns to Jasper for advice, even when his answer is always "nope". He once called Hank a "bumper-bum", which got Hank into trouble when he called a ship "Needlenose".
Brunswick quickly changed his mind when he was swept away by a storm and thought that he had been swallowed by a giant snorkel clam. He is friends with Bedford Buoy, even though they never see each other and rely on passing ships to pass communications to each other.
Dorothy is always loud and bursting with questions for Theodore and all the other tugboats. Theodore was once jealous of Baddeck and his relationship with Bedford and Blandford, but they soon became friends. When she arrived in the harbour, she caused some trouble with her bad eyesight, but gained two friends in Theodore and Hank. She was also brought in during the time that Foduck was bumping Theodore, as well as a time when George and Emily wouldn't talk to each other.
Occasionally visits the harbour after getting stuck beneath Benjamin Bridge by accident, the first time she appeared in the series. She was seen with Theodore and Hank when they were lost in a thick fog, as well as being pulled by George and Emily most of the time. The tugs were afraid of him because he snorted at them until they realized that Snorri is different than the other boats who live in the Big Harbour. When he gave the tugs some of his treasures, it didn't take long for them to cause confusion. Caraquet had many speaking roles, including a time when she, Theodore, and Hank had a good laugh when George made a funny noise.
Various pieces included a cylinder-like container, a crate, an open shipping container, and a red pipe.
Malarkey: A cargo ship who tells stories that, true to his namesake, are nothing but malarkey. He feared that he would get stuck under Benjamin Bridge (since he had never went under a bridge before) until Theodore explained there was nothing to be afraid of.
Boat building is actually not the main reason that some of our tropical hardwood species driven to near extinction. Their main focus however, is to always make the Big Harbour the friendliest harbour in the whole world, and to always do a good job with their work related tasks. The Harbourmaster introduces the theme at the beginning of every episode by addressing an issue that he has in common with the tugs. He and his closest friend Hank are the only two harbour tugs (tugs that stay in the harbour) that are not yet ocean tugs (tugs that are eligible to work outside of the harbour).
He is usually very serious and stern with the tugs, but they are always respectful to him because of his father-like figure.
The Dispatcher and the tugs sometimes go to him for advice and occasionally get the right answer from him. Macdonald Bridge, the first of two bridges built to connect the former City of Halifax with the former City of Dartmouth. No one in the Big Harbour is able to tell which twin is which, and they usually finish each others sentences. They both used to have a problem with not listening to the tugboats, which caused a lot of confusion.
Even though Bedford is not able to move, he sometimes has fun adventures, like when his chain broke and he drifted out of the harbour. He has a mild East Coast accent and uses catchphrases such as "Oh flibberty jibberty!" and "Oh my starfish and little oysters" (like Owan).
The tugs used to think that Constance was mean and Constance used to think that she was too busy to be nice.
The two have a special game of hide and surprise, but once hid too long and got into trouble.
Boat (short for row boat) is a gloomy little row boat that Theodore found stuck on some sharp rocks. Carla the Cabin Cruiser once towed Bonavista to a little cove as a way of getting attention. Fundy and Theodore often spoke in the series, and the Ferry Twins have met him by travelling to his cove. Nautilus was first seen being docked by Theodore and George, when George wanted to be a navy ship too.
When it was time for him to leave, Theodore felt very sad until he realized that he's not losing a companion, but gaining a friend in a whole new place.
Canso's biggest pet peeve seems to be "yucky stuff", and he once had the tugs take him to meet Guysborough to commend him on his work with keeping the harbour clean. Some cargo stayed on his deck that also had faces, there was a blue container, and what appears to be a water heater. After Seabright overcame his fear of Benjamin, he soon became frightened of Clayton since he had never been loaded or unloaded by crane before.
After his appearance in the episode "Theodore and the Bully", his model was used for Sigrid, the supply ship in the next season. She doesn't like foghorns and hid from Lunenburg in the Ecum Secum Circle where she met the Rock Brothers. In the episode "Big Harbour Fools' Day", Chimey is mentioned by name, and we discover he is the Tugboats' personal wake up call.

Johnson Shipyard in Port Blakely, Bainbridge Island, Washington.Fantastic Turn Key Live Aboard and Cruiser! Quality of that wood seems excellent but the specie seems to be in danger of extinction; and for a tree that takes 75 years to attain 64 cm diameter, all cares have to be taken to preserve it. She became British registered and we sailed her back to Malaysia in some pretty rough weather I seem to remember. The show was produced in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and the now defunct Cochran Entertainment, and was filmed on a model set using radio controlled tugboats, Production of the show ended in 2001, but is still televised in some countries. He also loves to play the tuba and is good friends with a man named "Rodney" (who is never seen). Emily loves to be admired, but hates to look silly in front of her friends because they always have high expectations for her, and look up to her as a leader. Foduck is a V tug like George and Emily, meaning he is fully qualified to make ocean voyages, but is content with staying in the harbour to keep it safe. He shows that he cares for the tugs by disciplining them for their faults, and by counselling them for their mistakes. Phillip and Philmore are sometimes stubborn, and at one point Philmore left the harbour to visit Fundy the fishing boat.
Even so, Bedford also suffers from depression because he's unable to move, and once wanted to leave the harbour.
His best friend is Theodore, who seems to always have to rescue Digby whenever he gets stuck. He also helps the salvage crew (Theodore, Rebecca and Shelburne) to find great things under the water. In season two, her eyes were bigger and her eyebrows were thick and grey, and later had smaller eyes and grey eyebrows. Shelburne is often seen helping the tugs raise items up off the ocean floor and back to the surface. She got her chance when she helped Theodore and Emily dock a ship in a storm by pushing the ship with her waves. Bluenose is modelled after Bluenose II, the sister schooner of the famous original schooner featured on the Canadian ten-cent piece. His second appearance was his starring role, as he was in charge of saving Canso the Super Tanker, who was sinking. Still she always comes to find that her friends are there to help her, even if she doesn't ask for their help. Because of his strong work ethic, Foduck usually doesn't express his feelings, but deep inside, he has a soft spot for everything and everyone in the harbour. And like a father, he always has a gentle side to him and is always there when the tugboats need his help the most. Their job is very well recognized, and every tug and ship is careful when they cross between them. That is why every ship in the Big Harbour stops by every day to say hello and talk with Bedford.
He never likes to disappoint his friends, which can sometimes get him or his friends into danger.
She is great at giving facts and information about the ocean and once advised Theodore to let Walter the Whale return to his family. Even though Constance is very serious about her work, she can also be a lot of fun (like when she played light tag with Theodore and Hank).
The tugs gave Sigrid a green bumper to wear on her side, but instead, she put the bumper on her wheelhouse to remind her of the time when she was a tugboat too. Guysborough usually gets advice from his good friend Jasper and says to him "I thought so too". She usually gets into arguments with George, but they always resolve their differences in the end.
Whenever he gets irritated, he blows up a lot of smoke from his smokestack and makes loud noises with his powerful engines.
Even though he can't move, Benjamin has many exciting moments, like Tex the Oil Rig nearly crashing into him, or the time the Queen Stephanie got stuck beneath him. But whenever Bedford feels useless, the tugs are always there to remind him just how important he really is. He loves to use catchphrases such as "Yessireebob!", "Nosirreebob!" and "Oh my star fish and little oysters!" Owan is always happy and cheerful (except for when Oliver came to take him to work) and sometimes careless (like when he broke free from his cables and nearly hit a cliff). The tugs once thought of Digby as old and useless when the big and strong Dartmouth came to the harbour.
He once broke his propeller in an underwater rock slide and showed Hank where a sunken ship was.
Rebecca is the leader of the salvage team and works with Theodore, Northumberland and Shelburne to find great things under the water.
The tugs are now more comfortable socializing with Constance, but still give her all their respect. Whenever Carla goes over the line, Emily is usually the one to tell her so, and Carla always knows when she makes a big mistake. Even though Guysborough is a smelly old garbage barge, the tugs appreciate him for keeping the harbour so nice and clean. But out of all the other tugboats, Hank is special because of his good humour and nature to learn and grow from his mistakes. But most of all, George is a hard worker, and never finishes a job until it's done, and always stands up for his friends.
Petra was the second pilot boat to come to the harbour and has a closer relationship with the tugboats.
But even though Digby is always getting stuck somewhere, he always shows that he is still a useful cable ship in the end.
Northumberland is also a big brother-like figure to Pugwash the Mini-Sub, but was once scared that she would bump him. His biggest dream is to become an ocean tug and to travel across the sea to different harbours. He is performed by the vehicle and puppeteer of "Spud" from Bob the Builder, Rob Rackstraw. In the episode "Theodore and the Big Harbour" he was a bully and called Theodore a put-put, but learned a lesson after Theodore blew smoke in his face and was saved from Tex the oil rig by Theodore and George. She was shy at first, about coming to the Big Harbour until Theodore introduced her to everyone.
Northumberland is always a great help to the tugs and the salvage crew and whether he's awake or half-awake, he is always willing to be of some assistance to anyone in the Big Harbour. But before he does, he works as hard as he can to make the Big Harbour the friendliest harbour in the world. That's why he is always there whenever someone needs him. It is hinted that Theodore has a crush on Emily. Both are hard working and work together with the tugs to keep the harbour running properly. Rebecca also has a grumpy side, which she showed when Benjamin Bridge kept her up all night with his loud snoring. He became good friends with the cruise ship Queen Stephanie when it was discovered they both shared a fondness for a certain dock and a dislike for clams.
Even though Rebecca is not perfect, she is always fun to explore with, and is the tugs closest guide to the mysteries of the sea.

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