I took it upon myself to take additional time to remove some other minor scratching along the top-rail from the bump guard up and the entire length of the boat.
As you can see in the photo below there is a very deep scratch next to the cleet that could not be removed.
After the sanding the boat was re-cleaned with UWW+, all (anything black or chrome) plastic trim, rub-rails, lights, gauges, and electronics were then taped off, or covered up with rags, before the polishing was started. Next time I want to take better close-up shots of my work, and I need to get a camera asap. I informed the owner before starting that many scratches were simply too deep to remove without compromising the gel-coat.
I also informed the owner that it may be possible to completely remove the deeper scratches, but at this point I felt it best to stop. This Ranger is thoroughly kept and has actually plainly been treasured because the first day.
79 bass ranger comes with everything you need to take it out besides gas and fishing poles.

This fine vessel offers sleeping accommodations for up to five adults, living accommodations and a complete navigation package. He wanted a wash and wax at first, but then asked me if it were possible would I mind repairing a few spots that had scratches only along the top of the boat. Of course, we started with the least aggressive first by doing a couple of test spots with a cutting pad and M105, which didn't yield much correction at all.
Mothers All Wheel Cleaner did a fabulous job cleaning these rims up, and made the brown crud roll off of fairly new tires. Some scratches were simply much too deep, but the owner was informed that I felt I could at least make them look better. I have about 18 hours in this over several weeks because of finals at college and inclimate weather below 40 degrees. I have a local guy with a Triton TR 186 with a large silver metallic finish that's offered to bring his boat to the studio for an extreme makeover.
I did two test sections with a cutting pad and M105 that told me I'd need to use sandpaper to remedy this.

Thank goodness for an owner who knew this may take some time to complete in advance and didn't mind. He was tickled pink when it was done, and said the boat hadn't looked that good since he bought it 10 years ago. Not only did I sand the obvious spots in the pictures I took the liberty to address all the scratches along the top-rail. If so, try to go over it one more time (lightly) with 3000 next time and see if that doesn't cut down your compounding time for you.

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