I've done a couple of trimarans (18 footers) that were specifically designed to take advantage of the potential of having the principal parts cut with a CNC. With a comprehensive .dxf file of all the parts, and the completed design in 3D, one could easily convert the bulkheads to be tabbed for location during assembly. Converting paper plans to a set of drawings for the computer is a bit of work and it would probably be easier to just create a fresh boat from scratch, using the existing design as a jumping-off point, provided that you really like the original.
So, take care, when you do it yourself you might probably end up with a effort for nothing! Location: Milwaukee, WI There was someone in the forum advertizing his services for that. Location: Milwaukee, WI As I understand it, you can scan the blueprints and digitize them. CNC isn't standardised so it depends on the system and tool they are using, that's why the cnc provider usually wants to do the setup themselves.
Simple build stuff like the tabs, might be talking down a little to the average builder of a big boat, at least as they get to the end of such a construction. The other example that comes to mind are some large cat kits that have been produced with CNC, like the Oram ones, when he was in business.
Also, there are a lot of designers out there who are creating their designs as kits, or e-plans (as above) such that the pieces fit together like giant 3D jig saw puzzles.
As to finding multihulls built in such a manner, sadly, for the most part you'll have better luck looking outside of the US. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Alle Sperrholzteile werden in unserem Unternehmen auf modernsten CNC-Fräsmaschinen hergestellt. Sobald alle Sperrholzteile an Sie versendet wurden, schicken wir Ihnen alle Zeichnungen, Bauanleitungen und Manuale per E-Mail zu. Die erste Voraussetzung ist, dass Sie sich an die Bauanweisungen halten und keine Änderungen an der Konstruktion des Bootes vornehmen. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Fragen zu dem CE-Kennzeichnungsprozess haben können Sie uns jederzeit per Telefon oder E-Mail kontaktieren. Die Anzahl der Stunden ist die durchschnittliche Zeit, um den Rumpf und die Struktur zu bauen. Wir werden oft gefragt ob nicht auch Polyester anstatt von Epoxydharz verwendet werden kann um den Bausatz zu verkleben und zu beschichten. Auf Ihren Wunsch kann der Bausatz an jede von Ihnen gewünschte Adresse geliefert werden. Sie sind natürlich immer willkommen Ihre neue Bausatz selbst an unsere Werkstatt zu abholen. BTW, Troy showed a nice jig for scarf joints here in post#2 and gave some links for another one in post#23 (thanks Troy!). Location: Duluth, Minnesota Par, yes, the dogbone joint used, uses way too many parts adding uneeded complexity for no gain, a sraight butt joint with glass both sides would be easiest for both the kitset maker and the builder, followed by a puzzle joint as used on the PTskiff kit and others,followed by a real scarf.
Location: Duluth, Minnesota Angel, yeah,thats the type of puzzle joint i was reffering to,much better than the dogbone imho, plywood is easy to scarf when you stack them staggered by the width of the scarf and use a power planer, as the gluelines give you a great visual guide to keep them straight across the panel, the thicker the plywood the easier it is to scarf as they stay flatter.
Location: Eustis, FL A well designed taped seam build doesn't need a building jig, maybe a single temporary bulkhead, but that's about it.
Originally Posted by PAR A well designed taped seam build doesn't need a building jig, maybe a single temporary bulkhead, but that's about it. The idea at the start of the thread is clever but I worry about the potential for kinky hull syndrome with all those slots. Location: Duluth, Minnesota There are no additional parts that need to be removed on that cat hull, i dont know which design it is but it is not the eco 5 and does not appear to be the KD650 either as it is a symetrical hull, anyway, its not important, what it is, is a dart type hull which uses the small skeg shape that is clearly evident in the keel line to prevent leeway, in lieu of daggerboards,assymetry,minikeel etc. Like Teddy said, after the 65 minutes of that page the build has just begun and he has made it very difficult to complete.. Filleting the inside and glass over the fillets, please how do you get in the corners beneath that floor..?? The 65 minutes doesn't include the cutting off of all the taps, sanding them down and filling all the slots and smoothen everything up. Location: Tasmania,Australia The cat hull goes against tradition that the keel is mounted outside the waterproof hull. The reason for this is that when the keel hits something, or you rest the boat on it, or just keep pulling it on and off the trailer, any movement in the keel doesnt jeopardise the waterproofness of the hull. In this catamaran design, the keel goes right through to the interior with no waterproof barrier. In small boats, there is usually a complete layer of fg cloth that spans from one side the boat to the other, and prevents the keel seam from splitting apart under tension.
In this design, any tension ( pressure from fast motoring for example) relies on the fibreglass staying attached to the central keel. Location: WNY Here is another thread discussing scarf vs puzzle puzzle joints.
My local furniture maker will do a very complicated and detailed dice up of a whole sheet of plywood for $40, so if I had, say six sheets of ply to merely finger-joint, then it would probably only be $20 or $30 per sheet.
Originally Posted by LP Looks like the fun is over on this cat once all of the wedges are inserted.

Location: Duluth, Minnesota rwatson, there is nothing wrong with the keel penetrating the hull like this,its done all the time,in fact in this case its a lot like in carvel construction where the garboard plank is rabbeted into the backbone. BBW Jumbo Challenger Yak build » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Assembly of an Alpha sterndrive to the Gimbal. A pre-cut plywood kit will speed up your project, saving time measuring, drawing and cutting parts. You can buy from any supplier listed on our kits page, whether you are in USA or elsewhere. Our plywood kits are CNC cut from Joubert okoume plywood by one of the most experienced plywood kit suppliers in the world, Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC).
Kit prices do not include plans unless otherwise stated, They are separately priced and you must have bought plans before we will instruct CLC to cut your kit.
CNC plywood Hull Kits are available fix to Stitch and Glue together or as a draftsmanship for easy part identification Booklet Boat Building With Plywood and.
Clint pursual Boatbuilder boatbuilding repair oarmaking and plans and kits mast The kits are principally available as CNC precut plywood kits and plans but. Jim Brown of Searunner fame was there, and told me he could build this boat (he is legally blind) seeing as how there are tabs and the way the wood jigs together. I have spent some hours searching the web for various designers and kit builders of CNC Plywood boats. But if it is in paper only, is it more trouble to covert it to CNC or better just to start over?
Several of his designes are built in ply and I believe he can supply the required dxf's for you at a small extra charge. I know boatcraft pacific does this sort of thing in Queensland, there are no doubt providers nearer you. Chined ply requires signifigant fairing, and even with a clip together ply kit you have to avoid wavy panels, make and seal the beam to float joints and teh internal bouyancy chambers etc etc. The age old argument that applying the strips is time consuming is a nonesense in the context of the total time required to build the boat. Or, simply sell you the design, including electronic patterns for the key parts of the design.
Bereits in diesen Paketen sind alle Sperrholzteile enthalten, die Sie zum Erstellen Ihres Traumschiffs benötigen. So können wir Ihnen alle Teile mit einer Genauigkeit von einem hundertstel Millimeter (0,01 mm) liefern. So finden Sie sich in dem Bausatz schnell zurecht und können sofort anfangen Ihres neues Boot zusammenbauen. Dieses Sperrholz ist hervorragend für den Bau von Booten geeignet, die noch angestrichen werde. Der Bootsbau Meisterkurs ist mehr als 120 Seiten mit Bauinstruktionen und vielen Illustrationen und Bildern. Die Pakete enthalten alle Teile aus dem Basispaket, sowie die notwendige Menge an Glasfasertape, Glasfasermatten, Epoxyd und Füllstoff. Weiter ist es auch nicht notwendig, diese Entscheidung gleich bei der Bestellung zu treffen. A butt joint on the garboards or topside planks in the above image is two pieces each and uses the maximum length of each panel.
However i dont see any other added complexities built into the kit, there are no extra parts used as Teddy implied in post #36 that are only there for assembly,(that t rex backbone also forms the dart style keel) and the assembly sequence is logical, the wedged together structure will be much more rigid before filleting than a regular wired together hull, it is clearly not an original system but its not a dumb one either, his target audience is certainly not guys like us that can already build a boat, its the type of person who spends money to buy a CLC kit rather then start with a stack of plywood. On the PC skiff i think they do have small tabs that fit into slots in the planking,(no wedges though) you can see them on the floors at the bottom of the middle picture. Some of these kits, including the one above are showing a fair bit of additional material, that doesn't stay in the boat once completed. This is incorporated into the backbone, you could remove it and build in a daggerboard trunk if you wanted to if you want to add complexity. Also the dogbone jointed panels must have been pre prepared, no way he has made and cured them in the same 65 min as he wedged up the hull kit. If the plywood keel is damaged, water will migrate all the way to the inside, into the main structural members. From experience, it doesnt take a lot of tension to separate epoxied fibreglass from the surface of plywood - ( the plywood breaks) - where if fibreglass is a continuous sheet, it is very strong.
Even the Payson join is a lot of trouble, and a lot more epoxy and cloth than a finger joint.
I doubt that that single piece of ply makes up the entire keel,it would not be strong enough so i would guess that there would be extra layers of ply each side then a nice structural fillet and glass,it will be massivly strong and leakproof.
Time saved depends on the project and your skills but expect 10% to 20% of total build time. Dudley Dix Yacht Design is the USA supplier and you can order from us using the links below. We show estimated shipping prices to the lower 48 states of USA next to the kit price as a guide and will obtain an accurate shipping price to your location.
Plywood kit 1 comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck & cockpit, jigsaw-jointed.
Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, decks, bulkheads and seats, cut from 6mm and 9mm plywood.

Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, as well as additional plywood for the radius skin.
Plywood kit 1 comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed. Plywood kit comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed.
Four kit options offered, with choices of 9mm or 12mm hull skin and with or without extra plywood to laminate the radius hull skin. If you are thinking of building angstrom clinker ply boat but were afraid of the classic method The fanlight is glued upwards and the sha. Lediglich die Glasfasermatten, das Glasfasertape und das Epoxydharz mit dem Härter fehlen Ihnen noch. Das bedeutet für Sie absolute Passgenauigkeit und einen schnellen Zusammenbau Ihres Wasserfahrzeuges. Weil die Deckholzschichten des Sperrholzes unterschiedlich aussehen können, empfehlen wir keinen klaren Anstrich. Mit Epoxyd und Glasfasertape werden die Nähte verklebt und ergeben einen sehr stabilen und leichten Rumpf. Die Informationen in dem Bootsbau Meisterkurs reichen zusammen mit der zusätzliche Zeichnungen und Bausatz um ein Boot zu bauen.
Die Adhäsion (Anhangskraft) von Epoxydharz an Sperrholz ist deutlich besser als die von Polyester.
Die Versandkosten wird nach Bestellung kalkuliert und Sie zahlen diese zusammen mit der Bausatz. Sollte ein Problem auftreten, so rufen Sie uns einfach an oder schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail. The top of the backbone supports the sole which appears to be glassed in providing tremendous strength, this could be left out as its not needed with the number of bulkheads but most likely the hulls would be used for storage and often there are removable sole panels to allow for better stowage so you may as well build them in. Also, from a strength point of view, there is not the usual tension join of the hull bottom.
It would be nice if Claude were to come on this thread and answer some of the questions regarding the filleting and glassing issues that have been brought up. All include all pre-cut panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit, major bulkheads and backbone, jigsaw-jointed. Kit 1 comprises all plywood panels for hull flat surfaces, deck, cockpit and major bulkheads, jigsaw-jointed.
Yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from woods epoxy plywood wooden Clint tag Boatbuilder boatbuilding bushel oarmaking and plans and kits mast skiff does not need a strongback to build CNC cut. Schauen Sie sich unsere Komplettpakete an, dort finden Sie alles zum Bau Ihres Bootes zu einer Einheit zusammengestellt. Diese Methode führt auch den ambitionierten Heimwerker schnell zu einem erfolgreichen Projekt. Wir haben daher versucht, eine ausreichende Menge zu ermitteln mit der jeder Selbstbauer genügend Grundstoffe zur Hand hat. Damit das von Ihnen gebaute Boot lange hält und Ihnen viel Freude bereitet, sollten sie unserer Empfehlung folgen und Epoxydharz verwenden.
So, with the above garboards, instead of 4 pieces and two seams as would be with scarfs or butt joints, the puzzles and dog bones take this to 12 separate pieces of material! You could use less bulkheads but since you are not using stringers to break up the panel sizes and presumably they are trying to keep the plywood thickness down it would probably no be wise.
It may be that we are not seeing the kit in its enirety in the videos, i have manufactured hundreds of stitch and tape kits 30 yrs ago before cnc machines and we used solid wood parts where necessary,in the case of this cat it could (but dosnt appear to) have for example, cheeks which glue each side of the stem,with the correct bevels machined which would eliminate the need for glassing the inside of this area.
We will email the final amount to you and await your approval before we process the payment and order. Sollte die von uns ermittelte Menge nicht ausreichen können Sie jederzeit bei uns nachbestellen.
The only other piece of structure is the longitudinal which is notched into the bulkheads to support the deck, if you took it out you would need to replace it with something else. On the joining of the plywood sheet subject,i looked at the other thread you linked and i think yhe only one of these machine made joints i like of all the ones ive seen is the true puzzle joint on the PT skiff because it locates the sheets in two directions, most of the others are finger joints and dont offer any advantage(to the builder) over a scarf or glass taped butt.
Auf besonderen Wunsch stellen wir Ihnen gerne eine Liste der benötigten elektrischen und manuellen Werkzeuge zusammen. If you look at the pictures Angel provided there are just as many components, just different ones. Boat building supplies If the boat plans show options the CNC kit out bequeath be based on the most commonly built Wooden kit up Boats kit out Boats cut by CNC automobile sauceboat plans for purchase cnc plywood boat building plans. Both eat some sheet length and a pre cut scarf joint is vulnerable in a kit as mentioned by Steve.

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