Cold molded plywood boats were made with multiple layers of diagonally placed thin sheets of wood veneer, glued together and vacuum sealed in a plastic bag until the glue was set.
Plywood BoatsPlywood boats unlike cold molded plywood boats are made from sheets of plywood scarfed together to form long sheets of plywood. Just to clarify here: Francois won't be doing anything further on his version until there is money. I do think there is an opportunity to do a trailer sailer version of the boat oriented towards kit building. The appealing thing about photos of Sjogin are that because of her elegant design, superb proportions and coherent details she looks so much bigger than she may be 'in the flesh'.
At the beginning of this project, the main interests seemed to be the original bermuda rig, and the gaff sloop rig.
Paul is going to supply three sail plans (for the glued ply lap version construction) but is wanting to see what kind of feedback we get before doing the actual sailplan drawings. Once we get these all posted we'll get feedback again from all participants and see what three rigs are the concensus. I like the gaff sloop very much as is, but I'm not a participant in the plans development project. General Comments:The Peregrine Series was developed with Scott Welch as a development of his current boat, Island Eagle, designed by Arthur DeFever and built in 1962.
A well for the outboard motor is built aft of the cockpit with the motor handle at the helmsman's reach.
Méaban was designed with a gaff sloop rig but a Marconi rig is also possible if preferred.

The first Méaban, built by home builder Thierry Fouchier, was launched in the Basque country in April 2006. Several Meabans are presently under construction in France, Germany and The Czech republic. The hulls of these boats are often in quite good condition because they are effectively one piece construction. In this case the boat was painted by a previous owner which actually protected the mahogany plywood from the elements. The owner had stripped paint and varnish which exposed the damaged wood which needed to be replaced.
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He is actually very busy right now, which is great for him given the economy in France and Europe. However, the yawl might be a bit much for my purposes but the gaff certainly seems about right although I was initially smitten by the yawl. All the hulls share the same hullform as Island Eagle, a single chine vee bottom, thus lending themselves to steel or cold-molded plywood construction. The centerboard is designed in to pivot under the cockpit sole, avoiding a cumbersome centerboard case in the middle of the cabin. The boat performs very well and gives full satisfaction to her owner, both in term of speed and sea-keeping. The boatyard is also selling a kit, including a full set of plywood parts cut on a CNC machine.

After stripping the old paint the boat was stained and varnished to its original condition. So how many other forum folks are watching this thread, have put down their money, and are watching? Paul will take all this into consideration and supply the two added drawings soon, and then we will need to come to an agreement as to which three sailplans Paul will provide. This allows both a large cockpit for day cruising as well as minimal but practical accommodations with a small galley, many lockers, a toilet between fore berths, a sliding chart table and a foldable dinner table. A 4 stroke - 4 to 6 HP - motor may be installed and is completely hidden under the aft deck. One that was beautiful and suited to an alternate way of sailing, far from modern marinas. It spends the summer at our cabin on the Three Lakes Chain in Three Lakes, WI where it cruises the lakes and tows skiers. A straight gaff sloop without the option of a tops'l would have a slightly larger main, and slightly shorter mast. For instance, shallow draft makes Meaban an excellent boat for visiting small drying harbours. Legs are provided for that purpose and a stowage place is arranged for them under the cockpit.

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