A kayak is perfect for folder construction because the skin is an envelope that covers the framework on all sides and can help keep all the pieces together.
A sailboat needs to have an open top so the pilot can move around for trim and to get at the sail and spars if something gets tangled. An open topped framework will have to be more substancial because the skin is less supportive.
I am less concerned about the structural integrity and the weight because it will live on the RV. The nauticraid boats can be sailed but the are only 3m and the hullform is not really a sailor.
It should carry 2 adults and maybe 1-2 small kids although I will solosail it most of the time (and probably sell it after I have built it anyways) The performance is negligible.
Now I am going to tidy up these curves and bend them in again to create another flat bow that will work with laminated hoops. Then I am going to glue knees on the outside of these laminated hoops to form a hard corner that looks mostly like the original pram. The original two parts Berthon boat looks also good to me but I am not sure I want a boat in two parts.
I am interested in the concept of the folding boat too and made a 3D model of a small double-ender but without really considering any details.

I did thing about a folding canoe but then there is little fun in folding something that is long and is easy to roof in the first place.
The Isle of Wight Classic Boat museum has a Berthon reputedly from the 1850's in remarkable condition. Sorry no - aside from the size it has the lines of a rowboat and I think it is not suitable for sailing.
A collapsible boat includes a skeleton and an impervious skin tensioned about the skeleton.
ClipArt ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. Whilst living in London back in 2009, I wanted to design a flat pack-able boat which could fit into a briefcase. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions.
It was so well engineered originally that it went almost unchanged for more than fifty years.
Laminated hoops, hinged on a stainless plate on the bow or further down if the skin is removable.
I cut through three places with a cutplane and extended the lines to a straight line forward.

The skeleton includes a plurality of longitudinal and transverse frame members forming stringers and former, the frame members being attached to the gunwale frame of the boat and the transverse members being turn able relative to the gunwale frame. The hoops need to get bundled on one point forward above the waterline or a separate skin like in a Faltboot would be another route to go.
They did not exactly converge but this is due the fact that I did not start with a pointed nose in the first place but rather adapted the curves to each other as I drew the 3D shape when I made the plan. I could have two identical boats plus an optional module in the middle for the Mirage Drive. The flexible skin is permanently attached to the gunwale frame and the longitudinal frame members are hinge connected to the gunwale frame at front and rear portions thereof. The longitudinal members are turn able relative to the gunwale frame in a direction transversely of the boat, and the longitudinal frame members along their horizontal portion each being provided with one or more hinge members turn able through an angle of 180°.

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