Cast iron anchors, martingale, crosstrees, caps, gaff jaws, windlass, and dewatering pumps.
Detailed instructions booklet in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Netherlands, Italian, Portuguese). Photographic sequence of all building stages, with special close-up zooms printed on the package.
Product FeaturesPrepainted plastic hull Cloth sails with one roll each of light gray and dark gray thread for rigging Wooden deck and display stand Plastic and metal deck fittings.
Product DescriptionConstructo has designed the Double (wooden) Block to be used in the construction of their model ships.

Detailed construction methods allow modeler to form the hull by attaching Sapelly wood strips to the false keel and frames. Two rolls of dark brown and two rolls of light gray thread in different weights, for all rigging applications. Four rolls of rigging thread, all deck and rigging hardware, cotton cloth for sails, brass and cast iron components, hammock net, two plan sheets, flag, display base and assembly instructions. Product DescriptionThis is a package of Ten Strips of Ayous Wood used in the construction of wood model boats. Blocks may be used in conjunction with brass rings, rigging thread (block & tackle) or decorations with ship accesories.

They are termed single, double, treble, four-fold according to the number of sheaves contained within the body.
Launched in 1896 in Scotland and named the Glenlee, the ship was used to haul grain before being sold to the Spanish government, renamed Galatea, and used to train midshipmen. It wasn't the weight of the object that denoted the number of sheaves needed, it was the power that had to be applied.

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