We can move it to wherever we fancy going (as long as there's a waterway!) and almost all items within the space are multifunctional.
Ensuring that the space doesn't feel cramped even though it's tiny by using materials that are light and reflective with smooth surfaces and creating hidden and integrated storage facilities with sliding doors to allow ease of movement from one area to the next.
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It’s been beautifully designed inside and has us dreaming about a leisurely life on the water. This boat featured more fully in ‘my cool houseboat’ was truly a project and a half, salvaged, restored and re-fitted, with a battering from Hurricane Sandy along the way.
The resourceful and talented designers Gabe Cohen and Jolie Signorile (founders of Fredericks and Mae) and friends took on the ownership and restoration project. This project needed someone who could work within a budget and wrench magic from the humble: Craig’s List, and their own designs furnish a space which feels like it has excavated from a past life at the shipbuilders before it was embellished for a yuppie.

My daughter turned 9 last Friday and we spent the day in Seattle.Ryan and I drove over to Seattle to the Crown Plaza Hotel on Thursday evening.
Looks like a great time Matt, pass along birthday wishes to Ryan, thanks for sharing the pics and info with us. Our Galaxy Class houseboat is built to maximize comfort, with 5 staterooms (each with a queen bed), 2 hideaway beds in common areas, and 2 full size refrigerators. Guests can relax on the full length sun deck, in the hot tub, or dip into the lake on the waterslide. Please Note: The pricing information displayed below is subject to change (and it does change frequently). 3 night trips start on Saturday, 4 night trips start on Tuesday, 7 night trips start on Saturday or Tuesday. My favourite feature is the granite grey rubber floor as its extremely functional and also beautiful, plus the surface heats up when the sun shines onto it which is fantastic in winter months. Originally built in the more decadent times of 1986 as a Goldman Sach’s yuppie entertainment pad, it had suffered over the years before being found by a design savvy and determined group of friends looking for an affordable, collaborative, shared weekend place.

Now a cohesive luminous space, with crisp design accents which don’t impinge on the bland or anaemic Scandanavian but deftly puts the flourish and humour back into the world; in their own words, they are definitely designers for the ‘for the home, garden and sky’.
The kitchen includes a gas range, dishwasher, coffee maker, utensils, blender, etc, ensuring you have what’s needed to make your experience feel like home. At night they can enjoy the 36” TV or play music throughout the ship via CD surround sound stereo. We endeavor to be as accurate as possible, but make sure you confirm pricing with your customer service agent before booking any trip. 50% of houseboat rental (minus the down payment) is due 180 days before departure; the remainder is due 120 days out.
Rainier in the background of the first one.)When we came down from the Space Needle, they had our car waiting!No, not really.

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