The price of a pontoon boat will fall in a very wide range because of all the options that are available. Common boat decks are usually made of a pressure treated marine grade plywood.  Other options include aluminum flooring, which can last forever, or a marine-grade carpeting. Furniture will be made from a high-grade vinyl or durable plastic with marine-grade threading. A trailer will be considered an additional expense if you need to transport your pontoon boat.  Depending on the size of the boat, the costs of a trailer can start at $1,500 and go up from there. Like a car, a pontoon can come with many different accessories.  These can include ladders, tables, canopy tops, BBQ grills, satellite radio and more. For those that want to store or cover their boat while not in use, a cover is highly recommended.  A boat cover can cost $250 or more. Cleaning supplies such as pontoon cleaner, aluminum polish, clear coats, and more will be needed annually.  Factor in a few hundred for supplies. When purchasing a pontoon boat new, you may have to paying shipping and freight fees.  Depending on where the boat is being delivered from, the costs can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Boats that are going to be used for fishing will need additional accessories such as a live well, adjustable seats, fishing pole holders, and more. Restoring a pontoon boat is a great option for those who would like to save money and are capable of this project. Our 22 foot model (above) accomodates up to 10 people and our 20 foot model carries up to 8 adults. Be sure to verify your DOT number to see if the information on file matches these requirements. The best time for under-deck lighting is the Fourth of July (in the United States) or other times when you’re watching fireworks on the boat at night. Installing marine-grade LED lighting is incredibly simple–even for a guy like me who is not handy at all!
There are a variety of options for adding a barbecue to your pontoon or tritoon even if you didn’t buy it with a barbecue station.
Haven’t quite figured out your marine knots for docking the boat securely, or you want a much quicker way to connect at the dock? I like the bungee dock line from Airhead, because it also has foam pieces on it that prevent it from rubbing up on the boat and causing any chafing on the toons.
Probably the most likely place for your pontoon to be damaged is at the dock as people moving around and waves pushing the boat pushes it up against the dock.

A great preventative measure is to purchase rubber bumpers for the four corners of your boat.
When purchasing, be aware that there are two versions of these bumpers: one for more square cornered boats and one for more rounded cornered boats. You might as well accept the fact that if you boat in the evenings, you’ll eventually stay out a little too late and find yourself making your way back to the dock in the darkness. Last week I was boating with my brother-in-law, who accidentally forgot to take is expensive cell phone out of his pocket when he waded into the water to launch the boat. This cell phone case is unique because it allows you to use the phone normally through the plastic not worry about getting it wet. A comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear riding the boat, in the water launching at the dock, hiking around on shore, or even riding the tube makes for a much more comfortable day at the lake. Sometimes towing people on a tube can get a little dull, so pulling out a full diving board is a fun way to get the party started again and get the kids’ imagination pumping.
A fire pit in the pontoon definitely sets your boat apart with something incredibly unique. I have a 2015 22' G3 Suncatcher V22RF Pontoon Boat that I use to tow the kids around the lake and fish for trout, bass, and kokanee. During the last few years Sacs Marine expended dramatically and is now one of the largest directory of boats and yachts for sale. With ever-growing appetite for Inflatable Boats, we offer a large selection of all major brands that truly stand behind quality and craftsmanship. Best part of Poontoon boat is that you can use it for pleasure boating or simply for fishing. Right off Highway 64 in Apex, Crosswinds marina  is a full service facility for boat enthuiats. Services include wet storage, dry storage on trailers, pontoon and fishing boat rentals, public launch ramps, tackle shop, and an independent marine repair shop.
Easy paddling, low cost and a shallow draft make kayaking a great way to get close to natrure on the lake.
Frog Hollow rents kayaks and canoes, runs guided expeditions, camps and overnight adventures. Another way to enjoy Jordan Lake without owning a boat is Striper-Sniper Adventures.They offer guided fishing expeditions on the lake. This entry was posted in Route 64 Journal and tagged Boating, Chatham County, jordan lake, outdoors, Recreation on July 8, 2010 by Julie.

I see that these are both guided tours, are there any that will just rent a pontoon boat to you? Had to break down and offer the pontoons, since I had sooooo many people calling about them. The boats have dry storage, a great stereo with iPod auxillary input and the most comfortable seats.
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With over 85.000 listings and hundreds being added daily there is something for everyone even if you are a highly demanding customer. At first we only promoted sailboats for sale in Slovenia and Croatia, but started to expand into other parts of the world in late 2010 with additional categories of boats being added to the list. The selection is offered by owner in countries like Italy, Greece, Turkey, Mallorca, Ibiza, Croatia and US. We’re going to help you select an inflatable boat that fits your needs, special request and inside your budget. They are very comfortable and fast, fitted with all the latest safety equipment and feature large covered areas. They can be very low cost for their capacity, and are cheaper to insure than other types of vessels. Search Sacs Marine directory for pontoon boats, fishing boats , aluminium boats, bass boats, speed boats, silboats and luxury yachts for sale.
In addition to Jordan Lake, they also offer services nearby on the Haw River, the Eno River, the Cape Fear river, the Neuse River, the Deep River and Falls Lake. It doesn’t have to be on Lake Jordan just curious to know what is close to Raleigh that might offer this.
Right now fishing boats account for approximately one third of all registered boats in the USA. Try a few of these folks up above and, while you’re here, ask around at one of the local bait and tackle stores for info on boat rentals and guides. At Lake Norman you can rent a pontoon boat for most of the day to have around 10 people on board and its pretty reasonable.

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