If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Quote by: TeamAsgrow$350 is pretty much entry money for any kayak unless you can find a deal on a used one.
I have a couple of old town rush kayaks that I fish out of, they don't have any storage and are kind of a pain but it can be done. I wouldn't recommend buying an angler model, but I would recommend buying a yak that's available as an angler model since they'll have better mounting locations for rod holders, sonars, anchors, etc. Seats are a huge issue and as a general rule, the more you spend for the yak, the better the seat will be. Hull length, width and design will determine how a yak handles, how stable it is, how straight it tracks, and how easy it is to paddle.

I love fishing from kayaks and since I've started doing it my big boat doesn't get out much. It really depends on the specific model you're looking at but as a general rule, I'd say they are more stable than a lot of SINKs due to the fact that the SOTs were really designed for fishing. Quote by: gn83tmQuote by: Century+Outdoorstheres some decent kayaks at Gander Mountain in cedar rapids!
Does everything I need it to, has a built in folding seat, good construction and the tracking isn't too bad. Keep in mind that you can always add things like rod holders, cup holders, nets to strap things to the top of it, etc. I would do some research and try to find a used one on Craigslist or in some classified ads.

Pick something that is good enough for you and keep in mind that you can always upgrade down the road. My buddy has a $200 dollar one that he got from a sporting goods store and it works just fine for him.

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