This patented vibratory stress relief and weld conditioning equipment and process far more nucleation centers than conventional welding.  This results in the uniform formation of many smaller grains in a given weld volume. Hike Metal utilizes this patented process on all aluminum welded work boats regardless of size. High-strength, Low Alloy, Weathering steel plate is used in the fabrication of the pontoons.
Specially designed marine grade 76 mm (3 inch) wide extruded 6061-TC aluminum alloy cleats with 2 HDMP wear pads are capable of supporting the pontoons and excavator upper. Three strands of specially designed, heavy duty, 127 mm (5 inch) pitch marsh buggy track chains are installed on each pontoon.
Engineering Class 78 mm (3.067 inch) pitch, high strength, heavy-duty, offset side bar drive is used to transfer power from the sealed, two stage planetary final drive gear boxes to the driven sprockets on the track chain drive sprockets.
Power for the pontoon tracks is provided by the Cat 324D excavator upper's diesel engine and main hydraulic pumps through a Cat hydraulic swivel. Beavertail Motors at Black Duck Outfitters: Maryland Duck Hunting Guide for Sea Ducks, Canvasbacks, Diver Ducks, Canada Goose hunts, Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Bidding has ended on this item. BPS 6000 Most Powerful Mud Motor Twin Mikuni Carbs on Mag 45 (high performance motor with Mud Buddy 6 month engine warranty (click for details) Includes tune twin Duck Boat mud outboard engines employ a unique design The mud motor is surprisingly simple.
Excel Boats – Shallow Water Edition Turns like a bass boat and goes places only a mud boat dares. Your buddy for mud motors mounted on Four RIvers layout boats, Momarsh Boats, the Otter Outdoors Stealth, or other boats Attention Duck Hunters! Swamp Stomper Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear « Florida Mudmotors Our goal here at Florida Mudmotors is to provide you with comprehensive service, before and after the sale.

Hunter's source for custom duck blinds, mud motors, duck boats, excel boats,alweld boats, mud buddy, Gator-Tail and Yamaha Outboards Motors.
This vessel has been designed to carry out Pilotage services up to 30 nautical miles offshore at the mouth of the St.
Classed to Lloyds Register under Ice Class 1D notation, the vessel will encounter the worst ice that is experienced in the region being up to 1 meter of rafted ice over an average of 1500 hours per year. The vessel will be built predominately as a “day use” vessel for a compliment of up to 10 persons including crew.
After Jacobsen Pilots Services owner Tom Jacobsen had conducted a thorough review of the market and read an article about a new Pilot Boat Hike Metal Products had just built and delivered to Atlantic Canada (see below), Tom was convinced Hike Metal was the custom Pilot boat manufacturer he needed to see.
More often than not, the repairs require dry-docking and replacement of major sections of hull plating and structural members, not to mention the out of service down time. The patented process significantly improves the mechanical properties of the weld which ultimately reduces cracking through the stress relief, produces less distortion and porosity while at the same time reducing panel distortion and providing a more appealing fair hull form. This steel had 5-8 times the atmospheric corrosion resistance and 30% more tensile strength than similar size A36 structural plate steel.
Manufacturing custom designed flanged center carbody makes assembly and disassembly faster and easier. The hardened track chain rollers run in pontoon channels lined with an abrasive resistant wear bar. What you are purchasing is a 32 page instruction manual with a 122 pictures of how we built our own in a step by step MaD Mud Motor Plans Build your own long tail Mud Motor or small boat motor. Thanks to its unique design, a mud motor is capable of navigating a duck boat laden with hunters, dogs and gear through the Mud Duck Boat Company, Inc.

We go out of our way to make Also known as Beavertails, gator tails, mud motors, shallow water outboards, and duck hunter motors. While Tom needed a new vessel for the growing demand for Pilot services in Long Beach, he also wanted a modern vessel, specifically designed for function, good visibility, ergonomics, speed and safety, and custom built to suit their operational requirements out of Long Beach, which is the second largest container vessel port in the U.S. Deck equipment includes a rescue platform recessed into the transom which can retrieve a casualty in the recommended horizontal recovery position.  Also featured on board is a full navigation package primarily consisting of Furuno equipment.
The drive and idler sprockets are flame hardened to match the hardness of the track chain rollers.
It was built for extremely shallow water with no worries in mind when it comes to crossing over long stretches of beach to get to the next pool of water or jumping over a log jam that is in your way. This boat is powered by a very powerful and reliable Johnson 225 outboard jet with roughly 100 hours. The engine and drivetrain area all complete, steering system is complete, auxiliary generator is fullyfunctional, all navigational electronics are in place, properly installed, and in fullworking order. The remaining work is mostly construction of the creaturecomforts, and there is a substantial amount of raw materials on hand for its compleation.

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